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  • hannaabideen 5w


    Someone came knocking
    At the small front door
    Of my little cottage 'HOPE'.
    Coming down the stairway
    Autumn keep running on my mind
    Perhaps the early arrival of autumn.

    Opening the door made from oak,
    A poor child standing outside
    Proffered a cake with figs and berries.
    I asked for his name.
    With a bright smile with chapped lips
    Plunging hands into pocket, he said 'Bruno'.

    His dark, rich in brown hair matches the season
    Smell of dampness filled our nostrils
    Seemingly nine years of age looking around
    High blue hue clouds suffuse the skies
    Isolated maple leaves away from sight
    Left no scars on the surface soil.

    'Where is your companion ?' I asked searching of.
    'I am lonely, an orphan!
    I have a right to be upset.' he whispered.
    Autumn foliage covered the lanes of Lithuania
    I bought all the cakes and gave him one
    Now better ask him the price of smile!


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  • hannaabideen 9w


    Azadi, I am!
    Dying in the hearts of millions
    Hiding beneath the darkest of all skies

    The days full of white lies
    And a cup of phrases
    Bought nothing other than oppression

    Injured verses of wounded poem
    Lost in the darkest of all hours
    Need no time to bury you all

    Silence is the normal pandemic.
    Loaded guns and sharpened weapons
    Chained the world to keep in fear.

    I wanna paint free birds on my canvas.
    Flying in search of truth
    Will I live tomorrow ?

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  • hannaabideen 10w


    Many a times young Romeo Montague,
    Petrarchan lover in the heart of audience
    Chose poetry over Fighting words

    O Romeo! Orchard garden might have said
    'You are going to steal the jewel I used to stare'.
    And he would not have listened.

    Verona whispered verses of love
    But turned out the downfall of Juliet Capulet
    That hath hidden in the playlist of time

    Petals of red roses fascinated the lover
    Love, love and love..
    Not roses but thorns gifted by the death!

    That was hard to part the young beloved lady
    He longed for her warm lips and swallowed poison
    Wasn't worse poison to reach heaven with her.

    Leaves of evergreen frantoio olive trees
    Witnessed she plunging the dagger to her breast
    Loyalty rose closely to the prince of love!


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  • hannaabideen 17w

    "When has he left you ?" psychiatrist asked.

    The poetess said : "During autumn.."


  • hannaabideen 17w


    She is a poetess,
    A landscape of letters
    With zillions of thoughts.

    She is a poetess,
    A vessel of melancholy
    Pouring a cup of words.

    She is a poetess,
    An unequivocal love
    Carrying definition of beauty.

    She is a poetess,
    A rebellious lady
    Sinking into the depth of purity.

    She is a poetess,
    Treats like a psychiatrist herself
    With extended rollercoaster of emotions.

    When day and night merge,
    She lifts her heavier quill up and
    Spell the broken tales of silent nights.

    She herself is a poetry,
    Like stars fall deep down into oceans
    And swim whole lives as starfishes.

    She herself is a poetry,
    Like a tree stops holding the empty leaves
    But the falling leaves fall for a new phase.

    Neither she is a tiny black sack of sin
    Grown up under the dark brown lady's burden
    But a human rich in melanin.

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  • hannaabideen 19w

    "See a fat boy is coming, c'mon let's serve him.." a boy named Rocky peeped into verandah and informed the whole class Jerry's arrival.
    He started roasting Jerry "Where are you going to be placed ?" Gerald encouraged that comment "We are so curious to see how you adjust in a single seat!!"
    Jerry said them Innocently "I am a newbie here and very glad to meet y'll my dear friends."
    "No, no, no we are not your friends in anyway mate. We cannot be your friend!" Louie said.
    Jerry left the classroom and got in along with his mom and he sat on the first seat as his mom Sarah pointed.

    When whole students of class third were discussing on what they would play after the interval Jerry suggested them to play football.
    A thin boy playing with a compass in his hand said : that's a good idea!
    No one disturbed the suggestion and after the interval when everyone reached playground a boy flirting with a girl babbled "If you fall, we may see you as a football or when you run for the football we may kick you so it's better you not to come Jerry !!" The entire class started clapping to support it. Jerry felt it badly and he stepped out of the playground.

    While returning from school in evening his senior accompanied him. They both waited for a cycle rickshaw for around 15 minutes and finally got one.
    "You are taking more of the seat Jerry, learn to adjust with yours!!"
    Jerry studying in standard third was advised in front of an aunty in his neighborhood by a senior. He felt it very badly and attempted to give a lame smile at his teacher. His neighbor neither smiled back nor responded to it, he who quietly sat on the cycle rickshaw. When they reached their hometown his neighbor got out of the cycle rickshaw at first and said to Jerry's senior pointing to Sam : "Some people do not maintain themselves, obesity maybe either a curse or a challenge."

    Eight year old Jerry hardly picked up a pumpkin with his whole hands when his big brother was paying the cash. Jerry looked around and assured if anyone watching him.
    He whispered like in its ears "Will you be a loyal friend to me ?" Suddenly another vegetable seller checking their loads behind the brick wall moved the floral curtain and laughed at him saying: "You can only befriend with a jackfruit not even with a pumpkin my child." Five of the people except the deaf old man who sat in a plastic chair alongside there bursted out into laughter.

    "Mamma something happened today and bravely I acted. Do you know that mamma ?
    You were asking me to stop learning swimming and start working on tennis na..
    I saved a little boy aged 5 drowning in the swimming pool of our school today."
    Jerry sighed.

    "What! What my child!!
    I am dumbstruck. What did you do ?
    Wasn't there any other to save him ?
    What would I do if something happened to you ?" Sarah asked him shockingly.

    "When we gathered in the basket ball court so many students were running towards the swimming pool side. Everybody there was confused even teachers were in a standstill. I suddenly dived into the pool and saved him mamma" he explained.

    What did the teachers do Jerry ? Sarah asked him while grabbing him.
    "There were only two teachers mamma and they were screaming along with other children."

    But how did lower class children came there ?
    "No mamma, it's not. There was a parental meeting of class 1/2 today and that child was the brother of somebody from class 1/2."
    Sarah embraced him with proudness.
    "You did something great you know!!"
    She kissed and hugged her beloved child.
    Tears were trickling down from her eyes.

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  • hannaabideen 19w


    Life is a journey which starts at the moment we born and is stopped when we die, we think.
    But it's not!
    Involuntarily the journey longs to so far darkness we can never return.
    Isn't that the death ?.. yeah the bitter truth!
    Death is not the opposite of life, it's the counterpart of birth.
    Death has always fascinated me more than life ever did. Sometimes I feel like whatever we achieve no matter death will take us and we have to leave all and all here so what if I start a journey to follow death and after sometime I myself feel like it's not the right time to taste the bitterness of death as the genuine me is questing for happiness not an escape from life (sort of) like a coward!

    Is death more beautiful or fruitful than life ?
    If it's not, then why dead ones never return ?
    Did not they think about the mother nature or
    beloved ones or were they put down by any godly presence or evil force ?
    Do dead people need anyone to accompany them ? Do dead people scream beneath the soil ? Are these kinda revenge taken by mother nature ?
    ; Looking outside through the window I felt tons of leaves shed and flowers wilted were gone forever. In reality, plants are actually farming us by giving us oxygen everyday until we all decompose so they can consume us.
    Isn't it keeping us for its own existence ?

    Why death ?..
    Maybe the answer would be another question (in some way) what would happen when
    Who would accompany all of us ?


    What's the purpose of life ?
    Firstly, what's the color of life ? More probably white - pure white!
    From a toddler crying in bed to an old aged person we all grow up (second childhood)..
    Isn't life colorful ?
    Over and again some stick to same colors,black and white again put in us in up's and down's of life.
    Life is making itself colorful and we are playing our roles (sometimes well planned performance and sometimes not at all) like in a drama.
    Since my nine, I was thinking deeply over "Why life?"
    "What factor can make a meaningful life?"
    And yeah now I sorted something outta my observation. I got a right conclusion I mean.
    Life is a fruitful journey. We carry millions of lessons to move on. It has its own sweetness and bitterness. Looking at life in a different perspective can make you fall in love with life again and again. Finding a meaning ourselves make life more meaningful.
    In other words, It's better to make life meaningful rather than merely searching for the purpose of life.
    70% of people are still perplexed over the purpose of life. But why ?
    Multiple passionate purposes lead our journey well.
    By the way, the ultimate purpose of life is "Happiness".
    To be happy and making at least someone or others too happy.

    The only true solution to find the inner lying happiness is looking life from a different perspective.
    For instance,
    If we feel dejected or depressed, do not reject a way or a chance to make oneself happy.
    Worst days or moments we had might brought us powerful lessons!!
    Happiness starts within, unless we recognize our passions.
    In the up's and down's of life happiness plays hide and seek.
    We get depressed easily when negative comments and vibes attempt to swallow us and gradually we make it feel like the worst moments of our lives.
    If we feel like we are outta placed in an atmosphere full of suffocating crowds. No question!
    We should not shrink into any shell.
    We should not be confined to someone's expected but false roles. Break that glass box and get outta it to explore yourselves.
    To be happy..
    Stand for what is right and just love what you do, 'cause you deserve happiness.
    "..Live this short yet beautiful life rather than mere existence".

    #life #journey #death #purpose
    #passion #happiness #darkness

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    Where ends the journey ?

  • hannaabideen 19w

    Autumn gale flew through her mind aimlessly,
    Zarah walked along the quiet and still shallow brook.
    All autumns are not dark rich orange!Some take shades of red, purple and brown.January's fresh breeze embraced red maple with brilliant foliage. Zarah moved her long crimson duppatta avoiding her brownish hair.
    Season turned her autumnal face, which made her dumb watching how dead leaves dancing on the windy day.Hossain accompanied the aesthete.

    He folded my eyes and whispered in my ears secretly "Do you love caterpillars ?"
    Before I respond he took my hands and moved a bit closer looking deeply into my hazel eyes, which he is always been fond of. I lowered my gaze and said "yes I do."
    "How much you love a caterpillar?" He asked.
    I have not been expecting such a question from Hossain as he has never asked me something like that earlier.
    He pointed his finger to a milkweed leaf where there are two caterpillars in their journey, evolving with grace to be handsomely colored butterflies with large scaly wings.
    "It's a good luck to see caterpillars I believe! Are they poisonous ?" I asked.
    "Not sure. Some are, I heard from Ammi." Hossain clarified.
    I looked into his black eyes through the pashmina duppatta while purple fabrics in it attempted to touch my chin.He brushed my straight long hair and touched my fingers and quietly hold my hands.
    We went to the out house near "Ivy" garden.
    He closed the door when I got entered. It was my only favorite place in his home. Broken rays of sunlight was blocked there. Still it's visible sunlight is peeping through a hole in the brick wall. Mixed aromas of aster, ranunculus, gerbera dahlias and so on hit my nose hardly.
    His hands untied my hair.
    "Zarah, love is the language of heart, what's the chemistry between I and you ?" He asked.
    I was a bit elated yet perplexed. Is he about to say what happened in between Zareen and him ? Or wanted to know the depth of my past ?
    "..You are a gem."He gazed at my shoulder.
    Hossain's eyes fell in love with my eyes again.
    I giggled and stepped back intensionally.
    He moved a step ahead whispering "You look drop dead gorgeous today..!!"
    the knocking sound stopped until Hossain opened the door.
    Zoya and Haya was knocking the greenish door I guessed.
    "Oh shit! Everywhere you are..!!"
    Hossain opened the door suddenly and shouted at them.
    Both the little girls ran towards me. Their lips widened with utmost happiness when they saw me.
    I am a new member of their grand family.
    Second wife of their dad Abdullah Hossain.
    They came to share me their candies as they consider me as a true friend, who plays with them almost all the games.
    I saw Hossain left the out house.
    I, Zoya and Haya used to stay there for hours playing with Teddy bears and Barbie dolls.
    I find happiness in my countenance when both these twin adorable kids are around me.
    We started playing Haya's favorite play hide and seek.
    In the middle of our game, my painful thoughts again put me down which arose like a forest fire burnt the whole forest down.
    I asked them to stop playing.
    "Let's stop playing. Your Ammi would not find you at home."
    They never insisted me to stay there anymore.
    I love both of them so much, they indeed respect me and which sometimes even reflected their fear towards Hossain.

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    Autumnal face

  • hannaabideen 20w

    I painted sunset for the first time
    when you left me alone to cry.
    I bloomed like a gulmohar
    Even during summer of my life.

  • hannaabideen 20w


    She flaunted her body and got out of the bed
    Anklets were a rhythm to her long untied hair
    She sipped a hot tea and lowered the glass tumbler.

    She zipped the blue blouse and looked at the mirror
    And applied crimson lipstick on her thin pale lips
    She sighed at the futile dreams and smiles.

    If she is a poet
    She would pour despair
    On a piece of brown paper.

    If she is an artist
    She would sew a lament in verse
    On the blank canvas of the universe.

    She is neither a poet nor an artist
    Attempting to rub hues of dark past,
    Who was seized by a beast to satisfy his lust.

    She flew from the pervasive black ashes
    To step out of nakedness
    Still carries the curses of her villagers.

    They labelled her a prostitute
    Lady silhouette behind the door with mournful eyes
    Concealed tears trickled from the corners of eyes.

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