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  • hangmirae2 1w

    If you don't wanna be my friend
    I'm broke and your stupid
    Those 2 words weren't given birth together
    ..© hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 1w

    Why heart?

    I've been with you since when I was in mom's tummy but now you're turning your back on me
    Why heart?

    .....© hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 3w

    When people say I'm broke
    I say"Yahhh I'm soooo broke that I'm in a Free concert of watching you being stupid*
    © hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 3w

    I gaze at you from a far distance
    Then you turn your eyes towards me
    Then I face my Head towards my phone
    You face back on your friends
    Then I turn back to you again
    You face your eyes back at me
    Too late to turn back ,OUE EYES LOCK and destiny says"One lock always has a Key "HANGMIRAE celyne
    © hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 4w

    When jealousy Hits me I try not to pay attention to it, avoid it ,but jealousy is simply just unavoidable-HANGMIRAECELYNE

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    I become so jealous when I see you with a girl
    I become so jealous when I hear a girl saying you're her crush
    I become so jealous when people say "you should be together" " you'll be a perfect match'
    When it's not me they are talking about
    I'm not perfect enough for you so I have no option but to be at one side and just keep being JEALOUS
    © hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 5w

    When people are there for you
    The burden is much lighter ...

    ......© hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 6w

    Eyes are vigilant
    Mouth ready and sharp
    Legs are out to set off and investigate
    Hands are ready to threaten
    Nose ready to analyze
    Tongue tasting victory...

  • hangmirae2 6w

    You know who��

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    For you

    Someone who forgives you when you did The most wrong and ends The conversation in a smile is a heavenly friend
    © hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 6w

    The adventure of life
    Is endless until the day The world disrupts
    © hangmiraeheavens

  • hangmirae2 7w

    Tag☝️ with any of this if you feel on writing on any of this

    Describe on your own version of A MOM

    Owner of writeup:Hang Mi-rae
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    A mom challenge

    A mom who leaves her life just for yours
    A mom who always says she loves you
    A mom who puts you before anything else
    A mom who considers The tone of her correction
    A mum who always tries in the roughest Way to not make you feel hurt
    A mom never fails to be there for you even in the times of 'depression' 'secrets' and boys Orr girls business
    A mom disciplines with Love
    A mom express her Care as if you're the only one in the whole world .....a mom

    © hangmiraeheavens@