will you hold me close till moon and stars hide away?

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  • hamraaz 14w

    happy birthday love @inntezaar

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    Bekhabar si meri baaton par
    Tum Yun muskurati ho
    Jaise saari qaaynat ki rounak
    Tum ek hasi me lutati ho
    Tum hoti agar hoor
    To mujhe hairat na hoti
    Lekin hote hue buss insan tum
    Itne khoobsurat alfaz kahan se laati ho?

    Hote hain taar taar kai
    Gumaan tumhe padhne ke baad
    Umadte hain mere dil-e-tajir mein kai
    Arman tumhe padhne ke baad
    Marte hain tumhare husn-e-likhari par kai
    Insan tumhe padhne ke baad
    Choor choor hue mere zehen me kai
    Ishq ke Paidan tumhe padhne ke baad

    Jab mili main tumse lafzon ke darmiyan
    Jo na hona tha wo bhi ho gaya bayan
    Tum behtareen ho apne aap mein
    Na tumsa na hoga kabhi koi meri jaan

  • hamraaz 19w

    I missed you so much, specially today. I visited my old school after so long and i so wanted to roam in the verandas holding your hand. I wanted to sit in the class on the last bench beside you. I wanted to talk to you standing in front of the school gate waiting for someone to come and pick me up while all of my friends look at us, smiles on our faces and happiness in our eyes.

    And on my way back to home, I wanted to go on a long ride with you. I wanted to kiss you, hiding under the gulmohar tree I see everyday from the overbridge.

    And at last I noticed the phone kept on my bed. Of course I'm tired of seeing you in a rectangular box and talking to you while keeping that rectangular piece near my ear but I missed seeing your lips move as per the word you uttered, I missed seeing your laugh. I missed seeing your stupid haircut, I missed seeing your eyes that shine brighter than the sun. More than all this, I missed your voice. You know your voice soothes my heart. It settles deep down within me.

    I missed every bit of you, specially today.


  • hamraaz 20w

    Yakeeñ se bhi gaye ham, ghumañ se bhi gaye
    Zameeñ chhodi to ab aasmañ se bhi gaye
    Kahañ wo din ki gulsitañ dil me rehte the
    Kahañ ye dil tere wehm-o-gumañ se bhi gaye


  • hamraaz 21w

    things you talk about most of the time

    white coloured sleeves of one of my hoodies,
    21st of every month,
    madhubala's picture kept in the dictionary that abba gave me recently,
    rectangle shaped glasses i used to wear in 4th standard,

    khaled hosseini's a thousand splendid suns,
    red bedsheet in my cousin's bedroom,
    faiz and abbu's poetry,
    humi's wicked smiles and soft cheeks,

    rumi's shers and his love for his friend,
    scratch mark on my thumb,
    blue kurti that i hate but you love,
    ammi's kisses and vanilla flavour ice cream garnished with pistachios,

    my best friend's texts and random phone calls,
    the til mark on my collarbone,
    my cousin's jhumka that i wore only in one ear just to click a picture from one side and send it to you,
    my high-pitch voice


  • hamraaz 25w

    Inspired by @/inntezaar

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    Things / Places / People I belong to :

    1. The visor of the roof of my house when it rains

    2. Grandma's old wooden chair kept in the kitchen

    3. The lisping voice of my youngest sister

    4. The tiny earthen pot that holds my name

    5. The surma in the golden coloured small vial

    6. Ghazals in Abbu's diaries kept on the top shelf of my room

    7. Crescent moon and the pink sky

    8. His hum on calls while I ask him to hold on until I take the last two sips of my coffee

    9. The blue scarf that Ammi gifted me last year

    10. His silence when I speak

    11. My best friend's secret visits at my home

    12. Star that I can see while lying on my bed

    13. The only musical note he knows and uses to sing all the old songs

    14. The til on his hand

    15. The smile on my mother's face

    16. His urdu poems


  • hamraaz 31w

    the intimacy of being tired together. a head on a chest while falling asleep to the thump thump thump of your love's heart. those delirious giggles you get directed at nothing in particular. to be wrapped in a cocoon of blankets on a cold winter's night, bodies as close and intertwined as humanly possible to keep warm. there's nothing i want more to drift off in the arms of the one i love.

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  • hamraaz 32w

    phir nazar meñ phuul mehke dil meñ phir sham.eñ jalīñ
    phir tasavvur ne liyā us bazm meñ jaane kā naam

    dilbarī Thahrā zabān–e–khalq khulvāne kā naam
    ab nahiñ lete parī-rū zulf bikhrāne kā naam
    ~faiz ahmad faiz

  • hamraaz 34w

    Hearts that are united through the medium of sorrow will not be separated by the glory of happiness. Love that is cleansed by tears will remain externally pure and beautiful.

    -The broken wings, Khalil Gibran

  • hamraaz 35w

    She droops over oceans and she jumps over canyons, both jems fall down into a world of opinion...

    8:44 p.m

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    I want to touch your hand and see if your fingers fit into mine while you keep your lips on mine to see how it tastes. I want to touch your face and see your eyes shine bright, while you kiss on my neck and watch me turn red and pink altogether. I want to touch your fingertips and feel the butterflies rushing in my blood, while you hold me a little closer to feel the warmth. I want to look deeper in those eyes of yours that excites me everytime I look at them while you look at my eyes and that pacifies your heart. I want to watch you work all day long as it gives me peace, while you turn around and wink at me setting my heart on fire. I want to count the stars with you, while you search my shadow in the moon....


  • hamraaz 35w

    He writes on her skin every word of adoration and she drops on his heart every sound of elation.
    2:09 a.m

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    Things that I want in love.

    1) Wear vintage dresses

    2) Kiss under the shower, gulmohar tree and in the rain; its
    so magical

    3) Go for a long ride on bike so that my hair clashes with the breeze and touches his cheeks

    4) Handwritten letters

    5) Have coffee together in the same mug

    6) I write poems for him in English while he write poetries for me in Urdu

    7) Visit Hogwarts and roam around holding his hand

    8) Being romantic in a book store

    9) Listen John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane" on loop

    10) Wishing Birthday to each other on a random day when the clock strikes twelve

    11) Share the songs playlist with each other

    12) Listen songs in his not so melodic voice

    13) Be a retro songs lover

    14) Take me to an art gallery and adore me as if I'm an art

    15) Compliment my laughter rather than my smile

    16) Eat momos on my behalf until I get it for me

    17) Say shabba khair instead of good night

    18) Be cheesy and talk cheesy

    19) Give me asters instead of roses

    20) Get a kit-kat cake for me every Friday