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  • halvis_nirne 4w

    I want to lay on the shore of your eyes,
    And let you know,
    That I hold an ocean for you.
    Yearning for you wave after wave,
    Till I just engulf you,
    And make you a part of the ocean.

  • halvis_nirne 5w

    I wish we had a library of songs,
    Just for us to us.
    Where we could pick each others heart,
    And get on the favourite verse,
    Or just the plain tune.
    We could sink in each other's eyes,
    And emerge in thoughts,
    Dancing to the softest melodies,
    Or mess on the wildest songs...

  • halvis_nirne 6w

    She put my mind into flames,
    Now everything about her is poetry,
    What could I say about her,
    Words will get clumsy,
    She slips into my head,
    The way she slipped into my arms,
    Putting everything into chaos,
    and making everything calm.

  • halvis_nirne 6w

    When night falls,
    I look up to the sky,
    Watch the clouds drifting,
    Feel the breeze, the cold breeze of September.

    The stars do find me,
    They do hide behind the clouds,
    And look at me,
    They tell me many different things,
    But all I could see is the blinking.

    Lying below the stars,
    I just wish them to rain upon me.
    So that, I could touch them as if they were fireflies.
    Or feel me above the clouds, up in the space.

    The night never asked me to sleep,
    The stars never asked me to chase them,
    But the breeze made me feel,
    It's calming to lay with them...

  • halvis_nirne 8w

    I woke up to a sweet melody,
    It wasn't a bird chirping, nor a song.
    It was humming, a beautiful humming.
    The sun was creeping through the curtain
    So I raise my hand and made him disappear,

    My lower body wasn't awake yet,
    So, I turned around my head like an owl.
    To find,
    The source of the humming.
    Unless my eyes fell back on the curtain.
    I saw a petite shadow creeping from the side of the curtain,
    Now the humming got a hint of giggle and smile and yet it sounded beautiful.
    As I was trying to figure out who that could be?
    I stretched my body and got myself up,
    gained all my sense and squatting my eyes led me to a glimpse of the face.
    A face that is very familiar to my eyes.
    My sleepy face put on a broad smile,
    When I realised,
    It was my sunshine, who's humming.


  • halvis_nirne 9w

    I believed in the sun, the moon, the words that came out of you and the stars. And I believe all of them to be true, I believed them to be there forever, and that's when I turned out to be a tragicomic fool.

  • halvis_nirne 12w

    Under the shade of your eyes
    I would recite poetry and broken songs,
    I would read fables and passages,
    Just so that you could know
    There are things that I relate to you,
    And just with you.
    Even if they are fictious,magical, incomplete or real.
    I would share and hold them special with you.


  • halvis_nirne 12w

    I planted a tree outside,
    Not for the fruit, nor for the shade
    But to learn...
    Learn to grow...
    When the ground is hard, and sky is harsh,
    When the wind is fearce, and water is scarce

    To grow not just above but deep inside..
    To spread the branches at my own pace..
    To know that I can withstand anything,
    Even when cut down, to still sprout wings...

  • halvis_nirne 13w

    In this chaos, I just laid back, waiting, that it will settle, that it will end, but it didn't, and I didn't want to be in it.

    So I rushed in, rushed in with all my might, got my sabzi from sabziwala, and got out of it.

    Finally peace ✌️

    Ooh shit.... I forgot to get coriander and curry leaves.... Fcuk it...


  • halvis_nirne 14w

    Sweatpant buddy - 3


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    It's that time of the month,
    Now I have to deal with her,
    And her other four versions,
    She acts all cool during cramps,
    But do cuss on the inside.
    She needs ice-cream, hot chocolate,
    Warm sweatpants and a comfy blanket.
    Don't worry, I will get them all.
    But most importantly sanitary pads and tampons.
    She wants to watch her favourite movie,
    And have some butter popcorn.
    She wants all the love and care,
    And the very next moment "bitch, who cares!"
    She fights like a warrior,
    But hates getting pain and tired.
    A part of her wants to stay put on the couch,
    While another to take a hot shower.
    She mocks me saying
    "Tell me do you bleed? " (superman JL)
    And then, we both burst out in laughter.

    She is my sweatpant buddy
    With a bloated belly,
    Trying to be comfy in her sweatpants
    While I join with her in my own sweatpants.