I remember it all too well @dory_d

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  • hallucination 4d

    Sand castle
    Under the brightest sun and sky
    My shimmering yellow castle lie
    You shattered it just to see me cry
    And now since no more rules apply
    I assure you that I won't easily die.....

  • hallucination 5d


    How hard do we think is it to give farewell to a loved one? We always prepare ourselves about that in the back of the mind but, reality always struck in the the most unexpected ways....it find its ways to break you down when you're least expecting to cry...

    As humans we generally find ourselves vulnerable when we're at the verge breaking down

    So did I when I was standing in room full of his smell , his reminiscence and his people mourning his timely yet untimely demise

    But animals they do express themselves strongly they're not afraid to be judged, only we do....

    I remember being warned, that it hurts a lot when you lose them... I agreed then, I still do, but may be as the Tennyson said '' 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.''

    Maybe we're born to love and I don't know any lover better than one I got in you, the unconditional love I could've ever asked for

    I only want to cherish all the memories, your white fur, your soft bark, your tender ears , deep eyes and all the love you've ever given......

    So thank you for all the love you've ever given......
    Happy New journey Happy ����


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    remember the drive home
    When the blind hope, turned to crying and screaming, "Why?"
    Flowers pile up in the worst way, no one knows what to say
    About a beautiful boy who died

    Ronan, Taylor Swift

  • hallucination 2w


    I am a pendulum with ever increasing string

  • hallucination 2w

    Hey December guess I'm feeling unmoored
    Can't remember what I used to fight for
    ~evermore, Taylor Swift

    P.s. I don't like winters much...

    #myth ?? Maybe��

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    Cruel December chills
    embrace snowy foothills
    Maledictions by veterans
    Can't be healed by any pills....


  • hallucination 2w

    Should I glare at the clock
    And wait for happily ever after?
    Or do you plan to stay busy forever?


  • hallucination 2w

    Pudica - (here) Mimosa pudica , touch me not plant

    #start #wod #ceesreposts #writersnetwork
    @writersnetwork #wordsnthoughts

    Thanks for ♥️ and EC (3) wn ✨

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    I stand against the wind
    Watching the hustles
    To make a path through me
    And ask my bones to be broken

    I stand against the wind
    To feel like the pudica
    Trying to remain unknown
    Caressing my own fragility

    I stand against the wind
    To let my voice tint
    But still get to the ears
    And assure me serendipity

    I stand against the wind
    To sail through a storm
    Destructive yet waning
    My eternal ambiguity...


  • hallucination 3w

    So when the cosmos calls upon for me
    I wish to stare at your ephemeral ocean
    Think about the grief from catastrophe
    And drown myself in absolute remotion


  • hallucination 4w

    What came with you
    Stayed with me
    Or probably is somewhere
    In the midst of the
    Golden or fawn hues....

    What came with me
    Left with you
    Or probably is still there
    Waiting for me to
    Dive into the old hues...

  • hallucination 5w

    There is

    Is always
    Someone watching you

    Is always
    Someone for you

    Is always
    Light within you

    Is always
    Some hope left...


  • hallucination 5w

    N o longer
    K now about delusions