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    A creative mind is a liberated mind.

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    What's next

    The world so complex, many may ask what's next.

    The Bible tells us that soon it'll all be over, in the blink of an eye, and to repent now in full disclosure.

    When Christ was here He made the cry, to come unto Him before you die.

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    Dark skies twinkle bright

    Dark skies adorned with sparkling lights.
    Aluminous stars that twinkle bright.
    Safely guides me through the night.
    I stand amazed at such a wonderful sight.

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    God has put the power in us
    To overcome anything
    In Him we can always trust
    Christ, His only begotten Son is our King.

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    Beware of temptation's slippery floor, if not careful, you could backslide, and find yourself where you once were before!

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    Warrior true and brave lives sacrificed lives saved. Down uncertain roads paved,
    holds firm to principles never cave

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    A little bit of kindness, can help in a BIG way!

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    Random acts of kindness is not hard to do, if the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn't you want it too?

    Kindness is something that binds us.

    Just a small amount of it, can and someone's life be a BIG plus

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    #Keep Him in your heart
    #He'll never depart

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    Without God, there is no love. Did he not send to His Son the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove?
    Does he not sit on His throne above?

    Is not all things possible with Him?
    Isn't life with Christ not so grim?

    Therefore, always keep him in your heart, and from you he'll never depart!

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    Under The Apple tree

    As I sit under the apple tree, I ponder the things that may come be.
    Putting all my Hope and Faith in Christ,
    I am less by the lure of sin enticed.