Infinite wisdom can only be gained through Infinite Love ♾❤

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  • halfpint 1w

    More or less words at best, are a bad replication of one's efforts in expressing sentiments of Love.

    - Half Pint

  • halfpint 4w

    Loss of and or a gain of Love will always permeate through the valves of expression, verbose or without a sound, our hearts' inevitably is why everyone becomes a poet!

    - Half Pint

  • halfpint 5w

    Smiles' Strength!
    angels we are
    from time to time
    we fall
    our wings of Grace
    are the smiles
    etched on our face
    in our hearts
    since our first
    mortal day
    interwoven between
    flesh and light
    greater than infinite
    a Love
    a universal dna
    your Soul smiles
    lighting up your way

    - Half Pint

  • halfpint 5w

    Your Passion, Love and Sensuality is beyond immense, for it can never be claimed just by one.
    - Half Pint

  • halfpint 6w

    The Trees & Us aren't here for a long time, but hopefully our stay will be for a good time. Before it's our time to meet our Nature's Maker.
    - Half Pint

  • halfpint 7w

    minds fragmented
    flashes the eyes heart of realization
    if I see what I feel
    or feel what I see
    I would have
    I would have
    tears wrapped in my eyes only to
    drowned within only to
    deep within my life's veins
    a dimness flickers internal
    that keeps my heart pump
    that sparks my soul bump
    that flares my goose bumps
    that keeps my throat full of lumps
    only sound, is my thoughts that thump
    I teeter, I tater in between
    my own making
    of what dreams may come
    © Half Pint

  • halfpint 8w

    The Wheel
    conquest of the industrialists
    a continuum of the withering
    protruding onto and through Humanity
    bewildering an onslot of a numbing insanity
    mechanics of capturing the Sun's light for harvesting
    diluted rays splashing a sense of basking
    harken not, only to gloat in a current of mere vanity
    decrepit becoming the hauls within the Human mind
    minutely succumbing to the overwhelming
    forged by the grind into
    the grandest class of poverty
    Mankind's future decimated into spent ash
    purged by The Wheel of it's own viscosity

    © Half Pint

  • halfpint 10w

    When it's Over Don't Ever Look Back!

  • halfpint 13w

    I tried
    dug deeper
    than my inside
    everything out
    all but beside
    the light
    within us all
    that resides
    that keeps
    us alive
    I tried
    not even
    this light
    could give me
    my will to fight
    touched it with my hands
    seen it with my eyes
    had to let go
    was either my life
    or tell this story
    and stay alive
    maybe not
    best if I died
    my demons
    will ride
    but I tried
    © Half Pint

  • halfpint 14w

    the words I write
    are the feelings I can't recite
    if I stayed silent, I might be alright
    without words my feelings would, flourish unable to hide

    -Half Pint