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  • hadixxaatu 13w

    No tears

    Is there a tomorrow for us
    In a country where
    The youth have sold
    Their today for nothing
    But the naira sign
    Where nepotism have taken
    Its roots in our hearts
    And tribalism flood our brains
    In a country where one life is still
    Consider better than the other
    And what do you mean
    By our hands are tied
    Our hands are up cheering
    To the same people
    Who put our heads on stakes
    Butchered our women
    And send our children to bed
    With crumps of bread
    In a country where the
    Preach for democracy
    Send a bullet through the head
    Where religion is an agent of war
    And every religious sermon ends
    With talks on religion politics
    Where tribalism has taken
    Cloaks of saints
    And men justifying their greed
    As reasons to survive
    In a country where education
    Is dark pit of ignorance
    And the youth crawl on
    Knees and hands to be
    Handed leftovers
    In a country where the search
    For Jobs have become
    A competition of do or die
    In a country where the home
    A place of refuge
    Has become a place of fear
    Where daytime is hunted by
    Nightmare of sounds of gunshots
    And the night a time for
    rest has become
    An enemy that darken our threshold
    In a country
    Where the knight that promise
    To serve and protects
    has become the beast
    That kills!
    Is there?a tomorrow
    Where you and I hold
    Hands together not with greed
    But love.
    Where we are friends forever
    Not just one night stands
    Where the lubally that lures
    Me to sleep is the song of my nation.
    Where little children go to bed
    With smiles on their faces and no fear of
    Been made orphans
    Where dreams are full of hope
    And the leaders of tomorrow
    Are shape for tomorrow.
    Is there a tomorrow for you and I?

  • hadixxaatu 15w


    A four letter word
    That says much
    But often means nothing

    I said to myself
    Must there really be a reason
    For love
    For reasons to love
    Is an excuse not to love

    And my heart said yes
    But the voice in my head
    Just kept pushing

    Why love for no reason?
    For the fear to lose
    Is reason to love
    But then why say the word at all

  • hadixxaatu 16w


    Dear Mama
    Through your love
    I believe and trust
    Through your tears
    I found hope
    Through your prayers
    I found faith
    Through your smiles
    I found reasons to live

    Dear papa
    Through your love
    I found bravery
    Through your laughter
    I found peace
    Through your worries
    I found determination

    Dear sister
    Through your love
    I found selflessness
    Through your trust
    I found confident
    Through your smiles
    I found friendship
    Through your believe
    I found courage
    Through your bravery
    I found happiness

    Dear big brother
    Through your love
    I found bravery
    Through your words
    I saw the world
    Through your actions
    I found forgiveness
    Through your mistakes
    I found faith

    Dear kid bro
    Through your love
    I found confidence
    Through your trust
    I believe and strive
    Through your determination
    I found my true self

  • hadixxaatu 18w


  • hadixxaatu 21w

    I wish to marry a poet

    I wish to marry a poet
    So when he declare
    His undying love to me
    He will use such magical words
    That even the greatest romantics
    Will weep for wonders of the words

    I wish to marry a poet
    So when he describes my beauty
    To the world
    He will make such metaphoric
    Contraction with nature
    That even the moon and stars
    Would be jealous

    But mother hates the poet
    She said his words are as sweet
    As honey to the heart as
    his actions are like thousands stings
    Of the bees to the heart
    She said he is the devil
    And his words were temptations
    Of hell.

  • hadixxaatu 21w

    Letter to my broken heart

    I know you hurt
    But be strong
    In time you'll heal

    I know its seem so hopeless
    And dark
    But you're an entity that suck up
    Life ugliness and even with your numerous Scars you still
    Beat them with a smile
    How strange you must feel
    Lonely and scared
    Foolish and drowned
    I know but you too strong to
    Hold your breath for them
    Shake them off and win the
    Universe at it own useless games
    Looked into their eyes and say
    I came,I saw, I conquered

  • hadixxaatu 23w

    The jahiliyya woman

    Papa! Papa!
    She screamed
    Her voice
    carried away by the desert wind
    But rains of stones
    Kept falling.
    Papa! Papa!
    She could see him
    Far above the pit
    searching for more rocks
    among the desert sand
    And they kept falling
    Falling on her
    Papa must end this disgusting
    Little being which would
    Bring him nothing but
    Ridicule from his clan
    She kept screaming
    But papa! Did not stop
    Papa kept throwing the rocks
    Down at her until her last breath
    Papa watched from above
    As her soul left her body
    And sighed with relieve as he got
    Rid of his disgrace

  • hadixxaatu 24w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Nuance

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    I wish to be nuance

  • hadixxaatu 24w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short write-up on Intense

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    Never have I hurt so deep

  • hadixxaatu 24w

    I know a place where all wishes come true
    –love story –