-22⚘ - The rose that grew from a crack in the concrete⚘

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  • hadassah_p 7w

    Me, Myself and I

    Me, Myself and I
    We're always fighting
    Why do we keep on fighting?
    When we're all in the same body

    'I' wants to be somebody with a vision
    'Me' wants to be heard
    'Myself' would like to be in a little bubble with their thoughts
    Can you believe it's one body and we're all fighting?

    Me, Myself and I
    Sometimes I want to be 'Me'
    There are times I'd like to be 'Myself'
    There are also moments I would like to be 'I'
    Even then, I wouldn't change a thing about who I am

  • hadassah_p 10w

    I shouldn't have falling for  you
    You showed me all that you were
    Both your good and bad,still I fell for you
    Promise we made, broken it became
    Crazy of me to think I could be the one you changed for

    I shouldn't have falling for you
    Afraid of commitment, afraid to be the main
    It pains me to know I fell and this was all one sided
    Going through this all over again
    I may have gained a friend but should have kept my feelings at bay

    Would it strain our friendship?
    As long as i don't say and you're not able to read my mind
    I belive I'll be safe

    Shouldn't have caved to your sweet talks and gestures
    Shouldn't have gone with my mind or my heart
    For they do stupid things when they are ready
    Like falling for you
    How could you ever like someone like me?

  • hadassah_p 14w

    I apologized even when I haven't done anything
    Many wondered,why?
    Looking at the mirror and seeing how broken I've became
    Can you see it too?
    I did no harm, yet, I got all the blame
    Backbone, I lacked
    Couldn't even stand up for myself
    My inner conscience screaming for the longest of awhile
    "Stand up for yourself!"
    Over and over and over
    I heard her, yet, I ignored her
    Eyes became so drained, I didn't even have tears left to cry
    Dent on my pillow showed the energy I lacked
    Finally, cracked and began to write
    For writing was my way of escaping reality
    'I Am Ug-'
    No,No positive only
    Seconds,Minutes,Hours have passed
    The pages stayed blank
    Looking around for something positive to write about myself
    Can you believe I had to look?
    Then I heard Him. I heard the voice saying,
    "I created you in my image....therefore you are beautiful"
    "I send my only begotten son to die for you.... you are loved"
    "I have never forsaken or left you... you're never alone "
    "I gave you wisdom and understanding.....you are intelligent"
    "You are stronger than you know, for I am your strength"
    The pages begun to fill and I realized negative thoughts really do have an impact on the way I live
    Positive thoughts made a difference in my life
    But God, He made it better than ever because without him, I was nothing

  • hadassah_p 17w

    She's a woman kind at heart
    But can be vicious like a lioness protecting her cubs
    A story continuously written everyday she's living
    Filled with numerous of emotions of what she's been through
    Pages upon pages, Chapters upon Chapters
    But our chapter she holds dearly to her heart
    For in that chapter she met someone she calls 'Sunshine'
    An Angel trying to whisper in her ear
    But still, the world was able to hear what was being said
    She's a fighter, A believer and a Conqueror
    She's seen many in her days but still deep within she remains pure
    A heart that gives, Ears that listens,Fingers with the touch of Gold
    Bold when needed, A friend when needed
    Sister by chance, sister by choice
    Heaven knew she was needed deeply down below
    Lucky are those that have crossed paths with her
    She has and is a vibe can compare
    Bare in mind of her constant Why's
    For she cares deeply more than she should
    Would I trade her?
    Not even if I was given the chance to
    Dedicated to Ja

  • hadassah_p 26w

    Lusting After Her

    The body God sculptured
    Every inch made with perfection
    The desire to know each and every part
    Her hair, he wished to run his hands through it
    Would it be as soft as he dreamt it would feel?

    Many people in the world but right now
    It was feeling as if it's only them
    As he watch her, the beautiful golden brown eyes
    Darkens to fit the very mood
    The once slow beating of his heart now beats rapidly
    If he was a Dom would she bow

    The things he'd do to her body, he can only dream
    Hearing her laughter, he wondered how she'd sound beneath him
    Have her crying for mercy for a release
    Making sure to please her every need

    He's been dreaming of her for months
    In many different scenarios
    Both exploring each other
    Morning, noon and night, never getting tired

    Rose, is what he calls her
    For her scent reminds him of the flower
    Oh, how he wishes to be engulf in it
    Dreams do come through
    But first he must ask her her name

  • hadassah_p 30w

    The Wrong Groom

    Walking down the isle
    In the arms of her father
    Was supposed to be the happiest day of her life

    The day she's supposed to be joyous
    The day that's supposed to be hers
    But all she could think of was him
    No, not the man standing at the altar waiting on his bride

    But the man that never had her second guessing her worth
    The man that made her feel beautiful both inside and outside
    The man that cherished her
    Showed her love for what it was
    The man who she could be herself around
    The man who didn't pretend to be someone he's not
    No, it wasn't the man standing at the altar

    Walking down the isle
    In the arms of her father
    Looking at all the faces filled with glee
    All coming from near and far
    To share this special day with her

    Is she making the right decision?
    She is, when it comes to pleasing her family
    But what about her happiness?
    For once she's going to choose herself first
    Determined, she walked down the isle

    Looking at all the faces with glee
    Watching her mother's teary eyes of happiness
    Looking to the left at her dad
    Seeing the approval on his face for the first time

    Finally standing in front of Mr.Groom
    Standing in front both their family, friends and Pastor
    Partor,"Do you take this lovely Bride to be your lawfully wedded wife?
    With ease Mr.Groom said, "I do."

    Once again the Pastor ask, "Do you take Mr.Groom to be your lawfully wedded husband?"
    Her inner voice screaming, "I don't!"
    For the first time, she's going to stand up for herself
    For the first time, she's going to choose her happiness over others
    For the first time, she's going to do what she wants
    But instead she heard herself saying with a quavering voice, "I do."

  • hadassah_p 31w

    Caring about you♡

    Hey I need your attention
    I need to ask you a question
    I can see the uneasiness in your face
    Wondering if maybe we needed space
    Please don't overthink this case
    I can see your thinking the worse
    Sorry I didn't mean to cause any tension
    I just needed to ask you a question
    Maybe even make a confession
    I don't think I should prolong this any further
    My question to you is.....
    How are you doing?

  • hadassah_p 31w

    Cat & Mouse

    We imagine things we could never have
    Just like I imagined you and I
    Glancing your way every now and then
    Only to see you're already watching
    Was it real or was it all in my head?

    We imagine things we could never have
    Just like I imagined you and I
    The greetings with the shoulder squeeze
    The smile, I'd only hope was for me
    Am I thinking too much into it?

    The little bickering and giggles
    Stolen glances and unheard thoughts
    Daydreaming you were mines
    Trying to read between your lines

    But I just can't help but think
    We could have been something
    Could we or was I blind to reality?

    We imagine things we could never have
    Just like I imagined you and I
    Talking about the future
    Wondering if I'd be a part of it

    Replaying scenarios from before
    Hoping I didn't make fool
    Oh my was I drooling?
    Sigh, why so fine?
    Dang, will you be mine?
    If only that question could be said out loud

    We imagine things we could never have
    Just like you imagined US
    Too afraid of rejection
    So we played this game of cat and mouse
    If only we'd stop playing
    Maybe then will we have our happily ever after

  • hadassah_p 31w

    The Dead POV

    The church bells are ringing
    The choir is singing
    Gathered around, are people mourning
    Dressed in dark clothing
    Laying, sleeping peacefully in the coffin is my body
    In a soulless body, my thoughts are endless
    While my body remains insert; without life
    Rest still haven't found me
    Family, Friends and even acquaintances
    All talking greatly about the life I lived
    They really believed I was happy
    Was I or was I not?
    Tears being shed, flowers being thrown upon my body
    Love ones holding one another for comfort
    Words of love are being said upon my dead body
    Couldn't they have shown me
    This kind of love when I was alive?
    Oh no, mama's speaking and can't even hold back her tears
    Fighting this soulless body to comfort her
    Trapped in another dimension
    Oh gosh, Gina's mentioning embarrassing stories
    Trying to lighten up the atmosphere
    Laughing out loud
    I forgot I was dead for a moment there
    Here goes Felicia being dramatic as always
    Girl, even in death I can't stand you
    Needing to ask mama a question but I can't even
    They said when you die you'd meet the Grim reaper
    Does that mean I didn't have a soul when I was alive?
    I only met a Man in all white clothing
    He's saying it's time to come home
    At least I'm not going alone
    Mama, please don't cry I'm at a better place now
    My past, my present, and my future are no more
    But at least I will be remembered for all the good deeds I've done

  • hadassah_p 73w

    Haha, I wish. I so wish