I'm a 23 year old ���� girl. Who dreams of being a writer someday. All posts are originally written by me��

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  • h_yuki 3w

    My body is in Fire
    From Anger
    My Head is Drowning
    From a sad ending
    My soul hides
    From fearfull Nights

  • h_yuki 4w

    A painful duet.

    Are you listening?
    Can you hear my Cry?
    Or are you insisting.
    I'm not worth your time.

    Head is filling.
    Like water in a tank.
    It's so chilling.
    My tears is what you drink.

    Blood boiling.
    Between you and me.
    Eyes are glazing.
    As no one can be free.

    No time for screams.
    You won't hear them anyway.
    So stop your tears.
    Or he is the only one getting his way.

    Pain creeps up your spine.
    His hand at your neck spot.
    Breaks me in to line.
    As his daughter no his pet.

    We sang together a painful duet.
    His with pleasure.
    And me he left.
    A pure horror.

  • h_yuki 5w

    I need to be stronger
    I need to be a Fighter
    But I feel like Stones fills my emptyness
    And I wil never feel true Happiness

    My body is corrupted
    By the man that should be trusted
    If I want to survive from such monster
    I need to become a lot stronger

    No One Will believe me
    While all I want is show the reality
    I take the difficult Street Once again
    Without knowing what there is to gain

    I Hope for a peacefull feeling
    But At the same time it could be me they're crushing
    I can't depend on my Family
    Since they have all their own story

    And for some weird reason their Stories are Different
    So I trust my lawyer to Defend
    Now I am alone because no One can know
    Because if they know they can use it Against me which is low

    Please save me anyone
    Because I can't Carry this alone
    Give me the strenght to move on
    And push the Darkness back down

    The Dark Blood you got from your parents Will never be erased
    But al we can do is make sure they get punished
    So stop crying
    While there is a War you should be Fighting

    But how can I help it?
    When you are going through this sh*t
    I regret not murdering my parents that Night
    Again if I only were stronger they would've died

    But they didn't
    As their torture continued
    I use to think there was only one monster
    But that is because I
    didn't know my Mother

    Even though I Will only Sue my Father
    It is because I can still use and love my mother

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    Punnish the monster.

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  • h_yuki 48w

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    Picture credit to the right full owner.

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    Jolly parties are ending now. 
    And everybody wishes for a better year and some know. 
    Not everyone but some will know there is no new.
    Us Against nature and politics will never change. 
    Already giving up the Jolly parties for sure. 
    Right now this year is not magically different.
    You will get me in a few days, I guarantee it.

  • h_yuki 50w


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    Be mysterious.
    Even when it is not befitting.
    Watch them fall for your feet.
    In the Woods you lure them in.
    Turn time in your advantage.
    Cunning beauty is what you use.
    Hovering over the enchanted.
    I am of no importance.
    Never changing for anyone.
    Gone in a haze of her scent you forget who you once were.

  • h_yuki 50w

    Look up.

    If I would write to myself I would say that it's okay.
    You are still young and life has it's twisting ways.

    But you'll get there.
    That hole there in your heart will fill up and everything will feel fair.

    But it will be a slow progress so don't give in.
    Just close your eyes and think.

    Keep writing your tears.
    Keep writing your fears.

    Bleed for the ones where there love for you is a given.
    And sweat for the pages of the unwritten.

    So know your okay don't hurry, don't rush.
    Just stand up and look at the star written sky you love so much.

    Picture right to the right full owner.
    #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #poemtomec

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    Look up.

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  • h_yuki 50w


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    Safe and sound.

    The endless seas are my home.
    One not anyone can come along.
    Since we breath water and only some air.
    We have all the oceans for us to share.

    But be careful for it is not safe.
    So maybe hide out in a cave.
    Or maybe that was the trap all along
    And your the one with your back Against the wall.

    Your beauty and voice can't help you now.
    So you take a rock and hit him with a bow.
    You take the momentum and go back home.
    Where the fish dance and mermaid family is where you could get a glimpse of a sea holme.

    Safe and sound you are now.
    And you never go back down.
    Where the water is not safe and light.
    But where blackness is a never ending night.

  • h_yuki 52w


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    My recipe for your well being.

    Use 30 min for showering.

    25 min for skin care in the morning and evening.

    1 hour to prepare a homemade dinner without whining.

    15 min to prepare breakfast and lunch something your liking.

    2 hours switching by day for exercising.

    Spend at least an hour loving your housemates or house pets because they are so caring.

    Use 5 minutes for your teeth brushing.

    And ander 10 minutes for your hair brushing.

    Use another hour to keep up with your reading.

    And the rest of the day is up to you what you find relaxing.

    Or for the unfortunate ones use the rest for working.

  • h_yuki 52w


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    Words of life.

    Life is hard but it is also beautiful.
    And so many words this life on this world has created.
    Do you see the glass half empty or half full?
    Because even when you think the world or life is empty the words of the world can never be outdated.

    They can get lost.
    But never forgotten.
    Because words of life is what I love the most.
    Because of their own voice, their own existence are never boughton.

    So write and create a new world.
    With new creatures and lives.
    Just be bold.
    And stand in the spotlights.

  • h_yuki 53w

    I'll give you a ruby to start our loves rainbow.
    To show you the purity of our passion with glow.

    And when you don't expect it I give you a citrine.
    Which stand for the warmth of the sun and the joy between you and me.

    And when we found our home I will give you a jade.
    Which stands for healing, nourishing and used in feng shui.

    And when you cry I'll give you a sapphire.
    Which stands for royalty and protection.

    And when you get pregnant I'll give you an amethyst.
    Which stands for healing your body and relieving stress.

    When our little girl turns four I'll give you a diamond ring to marry you
    For the purity and strength of our love, because our love is true.

    #rainbowc #writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod
    Picture credit to the right full owner

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    Stone of Love.

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