An advocate for love around the whole wide world ��❤��

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  • gypsy_mae_555 6w

    Luclence, brilliance, rezillance all things the light begets. All things considered gods gifts can not be forsaken, gaing stride and still here, with a fixated vision of love. Gaing momentum moment by moment, to keep growing strong with the love movement. Becoming more of a listening observer, has reinforced the truth towards exposure, removing the blindfold keeps me getting closer, to becoming an authentic warrior for love soilder. Real is rare, and why yes and a matter of fact, I am honored to become a student of the legions, to all promised to each one of us on our paths. The tests of smearing plus persecution reminds me in a split nanosecond, that in this class I will continue to lead with love, and the truth will teach the lessons. So while sheltering my world, I allow the love to flow freely and naturally, allowing to now pass with straight A's and an behemoth ease. Learning all the lessons while setting that sure but steady pace, claiming my place for me to ace, the further examinations with grace. One with Infinite Intelligence, but merely a vessel, a student in the School of Love, with only one true Master. 9-15-2021

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    School of Love

  • gypsy_mae_555 7w

    Free I will be when its all said and done, following my map has always guided me to where I am plus where I belong, trusting only the truth, and learning daily through listening paitenely to the universal love song. For the only way out is in, I know the truth, I feel this from within, the only way to get to it is through it, I recognize who I truly am underneath, my heart is pure love as I set myself free. Clearing out each and everything no longer alligned or aimed with my highest path, will free the space for all destined on my path. Being honest about how I truly feel, will open the way for more love to appear. Protecting my heart faithfully and with the upmost regard. Hoping it knows just how much it means to me, as I follow my heart, my map. #truth #myheArt #mymap

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    My HeArt is My Map

  • gypsy_mae_555 9w

    Let me lead with love and be very clear, I know the truth so there is nothing to fear. I have read very clearly you do not care for me, so I will offer the other cheek as a peace offering. The stories you portray of me are fabricated fables at best. The judgments on me have been placed falsely, no verdict or plea. For I have already been judged although I am not guilty for the rest of eternity. I am offering love on the table for each one of us to eat. I am offering peace for each one of us to see, I am offering kindness to anyone in need, I am offering compassion for each one to keep, I am offering forgiveness to each one of us to feast. I am willing to bridge the division and become one friend in you, would you allow me in your heart to show you I am true? 8-22-2021

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    Lead with Love

  • gypsy_mae_555 11w

    Bring your writing skills to Miraquill, Poetic thrills can give you chills, Join today.

  • gypsy_mae_555 12w

    Father time building foundations, bending that time. Is the nature of time even real? Or are we building this evaluation around the unreal? I personally do not sense time, partially from here, partially from the otherside, is there a place time doesn't exist? Or are we man made living structures like this? More procedures with schedules, punching and hitting the time clock, watching the watches, investing in all of times stocks. Counting the minutes and even the days. Shall we remove the time, let our minds lead the days? Tic tock tic tock, time is slipping away, faster than you know time can turn seconds into days.

  • gypsy_mae_555 14w

    Blind my eyes so I may see, a vision of self, conscious I bleed. Burn my skin so I may feel, the unconscious squel, removing barriers to the unreal. Listening to all the spiritual sources from the otherside, they keep me going north, driving blindside. Tasting the salty but sweet bite of fate, I will create, a great state of mind to awake. The smell of a sun kissed aromatic breeze, causes my senses to alert, my soul I shall free. Try not to under process the synopsis, mirror mind will awaken the hypothesis. #awaken #hypothesis #love 7-22-2021 #555 #2222

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    Blind my eyes so I may see, a vision of self, conscious I bleed. Burn my skin so I may feel, the unconscious squel, removing barriers to the unreal.

  • gypsy_mae_555 14w

    Why would one noctivagant scouting for a moonglade? To be that one person who counteracts the sun with the shade..

  • gypsy_mae_555 27w

    #arspoetica #wod @writersnetwork @sassyiswear #555 #222. @writersnetwork I just love all the challenges! Thanks so much for the love ������

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    Poetry itself will feed the art, like a poem without a beginning or start, poetry can feed the hearts of the empty, pump blood like a rhyme or an envy. Poetry bleeds minds free in the darkness, like a thief in the night, all awakening our oneness, words with crimson vibes, mellow and smooth you can feel the ravenous cries. Poetry can set the voices free, quiet your mind, are you listening to me? Poetry is an art for the free, express yourself openly, metaphorically we speak. Poetry is an expression or art of oneself, showing the inside on the out, make sure to love how you express yourself.

  • gypsy_mae_555 31w

    Sources continuing confirmation this is going to be one exhilarating experiment, that will be all..

  • gypsy_mae_555 33w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @sassyiswear #wod #gogyohka #mirakee @gypsy_mae_555. @writersnetwork I adore all the challenges! Thank you so much for the love ❤❤❤

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    Gogyohka is free verse, Roaming wild and diverse, Mirakee broadening knowledge universe, Inking thoughts of course, Jumping in deep immerse.