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  • gunjita 131w

    A Beautiful Soul

    Like a Beautiful song ,a beautiful soul
    My life , just made it glow.

    That time is irreplaceable
    No judgements , It was comfortable

    Someone, who matched my thoughts
    In a glance , it was all !!

    But how can't this be complicated
    Guilty thoughts , felt it stupid

    May god bless me with such beautiful souls
    If not today , I am okay being alone !
    Future roles want this more ,
    Bless me god with such beautiful souls

  • gunjita 132w


    The journey started with that virtual world
    Stranger first , now friend I trust

    Chubby cheeks , jolly smile
    Humour always , sarcasm beside

    Teasing me , his favourite task
    Happy always , makes me laugh

    Busy , free ; Bada , aahan
    Foodies here , he likes Vada

    Innocent he? A naughty guy
    Sings great !! Says flirty lines.

    I know him at same time don't
    Understand him but remain unknown

    Nice guy , speaks well !!
    Future lawyer , many secrets to tell.

  • gunjita 134w


    The Best life , get those vibes
    Days are happy , Nights are bright
    Always positive , my life has changed
    I am happy, I enjoy my days
    Everyone here has some good to offer !
    Just a matter of vision , don't be a coward
    Yes I know the past was sad
    They broke your trust , you felt very bad
    But embrace goodwill , expect less,
    See world differently , you'll be blessed.
    Forget the past , no future worries
    Continue hard work , make it glory
    Life is a journey , we all live in
    Sharing happiness let's enjoy this.

  • gunjita 134w


    Late nights , long drives
    Weekend party's , feeling high
    Short-short dresses , heels this way
    Oh my my!! let's party today
    Dj valey babu please play my song
    Drinks , Snacks , Shakes come along
    Dancing singing all night ,got no body pain
    I feel great tonight , I love this way

  • gunjita 135w

    Bestfriend to say

    So you said , I'm your bestfriend?
    Forever mine, never made me sad?
    Childhood today is a dreamland !
    With fairies angels in bestfriends
    Real is hard, Truth is bitter
    No one here, wants to hear
    Yes - yes sure you're my BFF
    Limited to tag ,not actually their
    I am fool to keep this band
    That makes me feel sad and bad
    You got new peeps , you got someone special
    You don't show me now , you got their attention
    Stupid am I , always comes to my mind
    Fucked up mentally want a shoulder to cry
    No sweety , you can't understand me
    You have changed , you ain't my tea
    Neither bestfriend , nor soulmate
    What a fucked life , with no one to claim

  • gunjita 135w

    Let's see what's next

    Knowing each other, texting daily
    Growing together, we'll take it slowly
    Busy schedules , many tasks to do
    Helping one , let me do that for you
    I been with many this looks same
    Similar vibes comming this way
    Let's see together what comes up next
    Enjoy these days no mental stress

  • gunjita 135w


    Today I know ,its very difficult
    To trust someone, could be a miracle

    Always betrayed, no one held
    All was break , nothing they felt

    They wanted, you were there
    They got bored, made you tear

    No one here , has a pure soul
    Everyone today, is in a hurry to goal

  • gunjita 135w


    When a stranger becomes your friend
    Becomes a stranger who knows your secrets
    From secrets to routine work
    And from friend to a special one

  • gunjita 135w

    अाज कल के लोग

    अर्ज किया है

    आजकल के लोग भी बढे अजीब हैं
    आजकल के लोग भी बढे अजीब हैं
    दिल अैर दिमाग से गरीब
    मगर दिखावे मे सबसे अमीर है़


  • gunjita 135w


    वो कहते हैं , उन्हें हम पसन्द अारे हैं
    वो कहते हैं , उन्हें हम पसन्द अारे हैं
    अभी जन दो हफ्ते ही हुए हैं अौर उनको दिन मे तारे नजऱ अारे हैं