Author of - Shelter Of Words

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  • gudulbabu 8w

    Crash and burn.

    Tell me all your lies.
    Make all those promises,
    I will act surprised.
    Hold my hand and ask me to run
    Baby am ready to crash and burn.

  • gudulbabu 49w

    No matter how much you try,
    You can't hide the fire.
    Eventually it will come out.
    If not as blazeing flames,
    Then as proliferating smokes.

  • gudulbabu 59w

    In becharon se inayat kya lena
    Bekaron se hidayat kya lena
    Pyaar karo beshak karo
    In makkaron se izazat kya lena

  • gudulbabu 61w


    You know the whole world tells me to forgive you. to let go and move on.
    And to be honest I would, within a second.
    But i fear, what will i be if i do that.
    You have gone away and has robbed me of all my defenses, you have stollen all my insecurities.
    Perhaps this grudge is what is shielding this wounded heart of mine and am too afraid to let go of it.

  • gudulbabu 83w


  • gudulbabu 86w


    No, not light.
    Am searching for hope In the dark.

    Because i see light,
    And it burns me with every touch

    I want hope,
    That the night will end.

    And if that doesn't bring light,
    Am okay with that too.

    Because just like darkness,
    Light can be blinding.

    I just want hope,
    Hope that it will be okay.

    May be am asking too much.
    After all what i have done to deserve hope.


  • gudulbabu 91w

    Building a paradise

    I hung my sky on some strings
    And studded the stars through glue
    Stitched the moon in a corner
    And floated some clouds too

    I balanced the mountains on some matchsticks
    Stapled here and there some grass
    Built a home out of cardboards
    And put a name plate of ours

  • gudulbabu 94w


    आज सांसों में कुछ खलल सी है,
    बेचैनी भी प्रबल सी है,
    कुछ मलाल है शायद इस जहां से,
    जो पी रखा है हलाहल सी है।


  • gudulbabu 103w


    You promised me light,
    Warmth and respite.
    Bright days, crimson skies
    Flowers and butterflies.

    But bestowed me
    Desication and sunburns.
    Withered in thunder storms.
    Dead butterflies and thorns.

    So rain i offer you
    whatever is left of me.
    Fractured shattered pulverised me.


  • gudulbabu 109w

    Apne hi andar
    apni lashen liye firta hun
    men ek jeeta jagta kabrstan hun

    Roj tere yadon ki sajise-katl men
    shamil hue milta hun
    Men khud ki katl ka gawah hun.

    Tere fareb ko
    Teri bewafai ko panah diye firta hun
    Men ek dah raha khandhar hun.

    Har raat chand sitaron se
    Iss beruhi ruh ka pata puchta hun
    Men khud hi khudse gumshuda hun.