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  • grovner 181w

    Reminds me of Petrarch, the Italian poet and a copy of his verses I have.

    #pomp #love #fruit #pompous #poem #oldenglish #middleenglish #lustre #repetition #Toronto #if #then #conclusions #badromance

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    Pomp Love

    The predicate and the pomp perturb
    The simple mind that presses undisturbed
    In folly, that all a stage, meticulously loves
    In foible, everything absurd.

    The toiler and lawler
    The lawyer and judge
    The persimmon and apple
    Active and passive:

    Any noun who has yet not known
    The pomp of loves obtrusion
    Can devise the celebrations
    Of predicate intrusion

    But ah! Pompous loves lustre
    Has no man so strongly fervour

  • grovner 181w

    Summer Wept

    The sheen of night pummels the daylight,
    In Summer’s kiss when August has well wept
    The glimmer of hope for regress to abode
    And new fright for progress throws:

    All this heat bent on a love’s miscalculation,
    Where we live in summer’s hot peach passion
    And when coldness arrived years prior
    Scratched the owl with each talon.

    Hath you forgotten continuity’s cost, by who it had spent?
    The chalice of earths single devour that lends,
    In suicide, I spent. By heaven! August is too hot
    For such silly friends, September quickens here not.

    A progress against stigma relieves even when none made;
    Regresses the steps, but not the life that Summer’s skies wept!