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  • grimmmlyssa 194w

    Angelic Warrior

    Angelic warrior, with swords of fire,
    Archangel Michael has been known for awhile,
    Brother to me, and my Father too,
    Thank you, Saint Michael, for all that you do!
    Deep down in the Darkness, where there's no Light,
    In moments, you saved me, like the Dawn after Night,
    Some say, you are Jesus, the Son of our Father,
    The One and the Only, this makes me smile,
    Some say, you're the Reaper, who leads sad, lost souls,
    No wonder I don't fear crossing Death's road,
    How lovely it is to know simply this,
    If it's true that you'll journey with me, in life and in death,
    Then I know that I'm safe from the worst it can get,
    Dear Brother, oh Michael! I'm so proud of you,
    There's no one in the world, who hasn't heard of you!
    But you are not proud, just a servant like me!
    You bowed down to Adam, with no kind of rage,
    Beautiful and loyal, your Love remains true,
    For this very reason, I bow down to you!
    Embrace me, dear Brother, your Love calms and heals,
    Once I meet you in Heaven, it will be so surreal,
    In the meantime, while I'm living,
    Please give me the strength, in the moments I need it, Your Love, and your Kiss,
    Thank you once more, for all that you do!
    Saint Michael, Dear Angel , in Death I greet you
    -Grim Lyssa

  • grimmmlyssa 195w

    5 years ago,
    Call me what you will.
    But don't call me a bad person,
    You don't know me like that,
    Only God does,
    Mind Your Own Business
    As the saying goes,
    Should definitely be practiced more often.
    I still, definitely feel this way,
    But even better about it, because I know God is real now, so at least I'm not a fool, afterall.
    Gullible? Not Anymore.
    Most of my actions are based on pleasure, or rather,
    Fun, because, That's how life should be,
    I have fun, because,
    It makes me happy,
    No THING BAD could come from BEING HAPPY
    and not harmning others,
    for any reason... because
    That's just ignorant,
    And makes me sad,
    someone would even consider hurting an innocent bystander, for no reason at all.
    that's all there is to me
    #Grim #GrimLyssa #Reaper #God #Jesus #Lord #Christ #Father #Lucifer #Devil #Demon #Angel #Grim #Beast #Serpent #Snake #Light #DARK #ThisIsMe #King #Queen #Darkness #Night #Light #Day #Moon #Sun #Religion #Christianity #Muslim #Jewish #Atheist #Nonbeliever #Sinner

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    This Is Me

    I wish I could be like her,
    Watching her, from the street curb,
    How she moves,
    And what she says,
    Gets in my head for days and days,
    She's so beautiful, it's plain to see,
    And I am not,
    It will never be,
    But just as I admire her most,
    Jealousy becomes my host,
    I stalk her around, like I was a ghost,
    You can not find me, so follow the signs,
    Where I live is inside of her mind,
    Pulling all the wires and taking her down,
    Looked in the mirror,
    And you'll never believe what I found,
    She is Me,
    I am Her,
    This mystery, is quite absurd,
    Do I really look like that?
    If they knew how I thought,
    They would hold me back,
    Back against the cell you see,
    This word called life is not for me,
    I can pretend,
    And laugh,
    All day long,
    But in the end,
    I'll be framed wrong,
    So whether God is real,
    Or not,
    If he is,
    Well I've already earned my spot,
    Right into that fiery place,
    Standing right before Hell's Gates/
    But Lucifer is not kind,
    He strips me down,
    And blisters mine,
    My body, that is,
    Before he throws me down,
    Down into a pit of black,
    But no screams you'll hear from me,
    For I've decided,
    The fate of my misery,
    I'll sit there,
    For eternity,
    When the Angels will come for me,
    But they never have,
    And they never will,
    For this,
    I say God isn't real,
    He's just someone,
    Forced inside your brain,
    But the Devil inside,
    They couldn't contain,
    Judge me not,
    By the clothes I wear,
    Or the things I say,
    Or the color of my hair,
    By now you should be well aware,
    That life can suck,
    It isn't fair,
    For whether you believe in God,
    Or not,
    We all go hand in hand, in the melting pot,
    So judge me now,
    By my good deeds,
    If I help you?
    Will you help me?
    I need no religion to see,
    The only way to live happily is to,
    Find inner peace,
    Treat People,

    Grim Lyssa
    February 6, 2013

  • grimmmlyssa 196w

    I've never been in love with a man I haven't met,
    In my dream, you were there, laying in that bed.
    How many times shall I go over this in my head?
    Your love took me by surprise, In fact it stole my breath,
    Were you there? You had to be, we were in New Orleans,
    To you I'm just a nobody, a woman now who's starvin,
    Never before this day, did I think of you this way,
    I want to be professional, but my desires grow and stay,
    I know deep inside, we'd make the perfect team,
    Just tell me if I obsess, or do you feel the same?
    Sometimes it feels like you're right here, when I'm alone,
    Stalking you, ok I did, I wish you'd take me home,
    Selfish is how I feel, when I think of you,
    I asked the Lord to bring me love, I only think of you,
    Oh baby, daddy, king so fine, my heart is yours to take,
    Yes it's true, I think inside of the sweet love we'll make,
    Dominate me, show me how a real man handles curves,
    I swear that every inch of me, I want you to observe,
    Lick me, bite me, kiss me, inviting you between my thighs,
    Sticky wet, touch your chest, Baby I'm so down to ride.
    I'm not like the others, I'm good at making love despite my age,
    Afterall, I am the snake, let me in, rolling my hips,
    I match your every thrust.
    Some would think I've had practice, but I'm a natural,
    Look at me, my dear king, your eyes they speak to me,
    I know I'm just a slave, I'd like to be your queen.
    I'll give you all the space you need, I too most value this,
    Teach me, I'm want to learn the knowledge on your mind,
    If you ask me, to be the Bonnie to your Clyde,
    I won't even hesitate, I'm always on your side.