writing my heart out

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  • grief_into_words 18w

    Leaning my head on the darker side,
    Painting the sheets with watery eyes.
    The breeze howling his name in the silence,
    Mistaking the coal for all the diamonds.
    Rain drops on my pane reaching out to me,
    Filling up my heart and emptying the sea.
    And why does it seem like it’s gonna rain forever,
    Drought on my mind, always having the same weather.
    Picturing my running thoughts, embracing the lies,
    Chasing all that matters and crushing those butterflies.
    The screams in my head speak softly to me,
    Letting me drown in it thus drying up the sea.
    It’s all just In your head is what everyone say,
    But we’ll, just keeping it in the head is not a child’s play.

  • grief_into_words 33w

    The Never Ending Longing

    Those brazen stares and barren eyes,
    Those ice cold hands and clear lies.
    Just Want to be seen and felt all along,
    Not just caressed upon like a stray dog.
    Just want to laugh like it’s been years,
    Tired of piling up my sadness and tears.
    Those shattering of heart and excruciating pain,
    Just want to love all over like I’m all sane again.
    Those foolish heart race and sinking of heart,
    All my agony tearing it all apart.
    Putting myself away, forgetting whom I’ve been,
    Just want to be loved just want to be seen.

  • grief_into_words 36w

    Just about anyone

    Here I lie back, filling my cup of agony,
    The demon beside me watching me fall again.
    The falling snow flakes clustering in my balcony,
    My inner self screaming but disguising the pain.
    Wondering if I’ll ever take up that path all over,
    The days passing as if there’s no end to this pain.
    All my mixed up emotions finding luck in a four leaved clover,
    Dried up tears and my inner self stealing my sane.
    Looking through that glass in search of that gleam,

  • grief_into_words 37w

    The Reality

    Holding flowers that needed to be crushed
    Following the path of the everyday crowd
    Twinkling eyes and checks being flushed
    Looking for someone in all the chaos and loud
    But never it happens to seem at all like this
    Because it’s all a game and let’s all drown
    Either you fall or fly till the highest cliff
    Turns out to be content or all the frowns
    But life’s just like you make it till the end
    Hold on, or maybe this isn’t yet the end..

  • grief_into_words 37w

    It’s all in my head

    Lost in my head at 3am
    Stuck with my never ending thoughts
    Time flying at it’s pace and I’ve left with nothing at all
    Loosening my threads to hold on to myself
    Embracing my faults to have it or not
    The warmth losing my body making me cold
    Letting it all happen to get a hold
    Words unsaid and tears dried out
    Pointless thoughts and days of drought
    My screams staying shut and my eyes numb
    Trembling hands wondering what I’ve become
    The curtains dancing with the breeze
    Shining stars, the moon hiding behind trees
    The dusk bringing all the darkness around
    Just wondering why couldn’t you be my dawn.

  • grief_into_words 37w

    A Wanderer

    A brazen land with no destination
    I walk as if to reach the moon
    Dragging my soul and holding my heart
    It’s a long way, I’ve to make it there soon
    Because time’s slipping and eyes blurring out
    The stars walking with me to and the fields of draught
    The chills that I feel all along making it all more worse
    The wounds opening up over and over thinking of all my firsts
    Letting go and holding back again because I just can’t leave
    My inner self and my ego getting hurt all due to my belief
    This didn’t have to be this way, me running through it all alone
    But I guess I would’ve not been this way only if I’d known.

  • grief_into_words 37w


    My hand grasping yours like it’s gonna melt
    Looking eye to eye as if it’s all for revolt
    Anguish in our hearts like it’s gonna burn it all
    The trembling voice and tears falling as crystal
    This is how it was from then to now
    Following paths my heart would never allow
    The raging winds and the dripping roof
    Making it all so null and being so aloof
    Passing days of gloom and blurry nights
    Awaiting the times when it will be all bright
    The flickering lamp and the distant door
    Pulling me into the darkness even more