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  • greeneyedgirl 4d


    When you see the lights
    Hear the sirens
    You can only pray
    They are able to see another day
    You have no idea
    What they will go through
    From the moment it happens
    Some make it out fine
    Some will have pain
    Others will not live another moment
    When you see the lights
    Hear the sirens
    Pull to the side
    It could be you one day

  • greeneyedgirl 4d

    Go time

    Time to go
    Find the flow
    Ready to grow
    Time to mend and sew
    Speedy to make the dough
    Don't you know?
    Only high not low
    Grab the arrow and bow
    Time to paddle and row
    Head to toe
    Time to go

  • greeneyedgirl 1w


    Like a tidal wave
    His love doused her heart
    It's what she has always craved
    From the start

    Down the road they paved
    They never walk apart
    Their names engraved
    Like a work of art

    Both strong and brave
    Also very smart
    They were both made
    For each other all along

    Two souls who were
    Made for each other
    Crossed paths
    And that will never

    Like a tidal wave
    His love doused her heart
    And still does every day

  • greeneyedgirl 2w


    Sometimes she feels
    Like she's being dragged by the heels
    Like a movie through a thousand reels
    She has to play the hand of many deals
    Hoping days don't steal
    Her hope and faith in what is real
    Her heart saddens she wants to appeal
    For life to help her heal

  • greeneyedgirl 3w

    New Year

    Many blessings to you all in this new year!! May your days be bright and your nights be brighter! Keep writing!!

  • greeneyedgirl 4w


    The wind whispers sweet melodies
    Dancing gently over the creek
    Listening to the field of flowers
    Talking to the sun as they speak
    Humming joyous tunes
    As the rain starts to peek
    Down from the clouds
    Ready to pour and seek
    Where it will land
    The unknown so mystique
    Seeds burrowed in the soil
    Longing for the water to touch their cheek
    Before they cannot grow
    And become antique
    Longing for life
    Ready to peak
    Drops fall on her face
    She whispers sweet melodies
    Back into the wind

  • greeneyedgirl 5w

    Twin flame

    Little did we know
    How beautifully we would grow
    That we were meant to be
    And the rest would be history
    We were made for each other
    There could never be another
    That could fit so perfectly like we do
    He had plans for me and you
    We were destined to be together
    Like puzzle pieces forever
    People search their whole lives
    To find what we have
    He's entrusted us with love
    Sent from up above
    Our story is so amazing
    I can't wait to see
    How the rest of it unfolds
    Little did we know

  • greeneyedgirl 5w


    All around me are words
    They grip my tounge
    Bite my lip
    Some can't find a way out
    Words eat at the inside
    Of my soul
    Like your distance
    Killing me softly
    Words you've spoken
    Seep into my brain
    Like a wet sponge
    Am I not what you want
    Use Words to state your thoughts
    So the Words can be
    Transformed to my heart
    Just like from the start
    I can't find the words

  • greeneyedgirl 6w

    Life of a tree

    A weeping willow
    Stood tall
    Even though she knew
    Time would come
    When she would fall
    Her branches were breaking
    Her leaves did not grow back
    She looked back on her life
    Reminiscing on all the beauty
    Several decades to be exact
    She grew from a seed
    Into a baby tree
    Soaked up the sun
    With the flowers and grass
    Had fun
    Watched children make memories
    And people come and go
    All the kids
    Who would sit by her and read
    She provided shade
    As she grew taller and fuller
    Animals and critters
    Made their homes within her
    She had found peace knowing
    The joy she got
    Just from existing
    Soon she would be cut down
    But she would not leave
    With a frown
    But a lifetime of happiness
    For the weeping willow
    Standing tall

  • greeneyedgirl 7w


    The wine filled the glass
    Like blood flooding
    Into her veins
    The first sip brought
    Song notes swaying
    Through her neurons
    The glow from his eyes
    Lit a spark
    Inside her like a wildfire
    His smile
    Made her warm and fuzzy
    His laugh made her smile
    Like the sun rising on the ocean
    Whispers in her ear
    Made her body urn
    For his breathless touch
    The day she gets
    To take his last name
    She will share her happiness
    For a lifetime