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  • gouravation 22w


    Donot blame me,
    Donot drain me,
    Donot ruin me with your thought.

    Donot slain me,
    Donot chain me,
    Donot place me in your narrow slot.

    Donot tease me,
    Donot you squeeze me,
    Donot simply include me in your plot.

    Donot tell me,
    Donot nail me,
    Donot fake it with your cloth.

    Donot slice me,
    Donot dice me,
    Donot just act like a gaming soth.

    Just Donot...Donot


  • gouravation 22w


    Donot stop when life turns around,
    Donot stop with wind round and round,
    Donot stop when you hear annoying sound,
    Donot stop chasing passion profound.

    For you are special, as your name,
    For you deserve care in selfish lane,
    For you need fame, as you hustled for the same,
    For you are glowing star, you got Nuclear Flame.


  • gouravation 43w


    I love my head upside down,
    Soul's twisted and turned around,
    I love myself here in this life's beach,
    But life is busy with its teach.

    I sadly winked, looked up high,
    I saw few stars through the floating cloud in the sky,
    Made it easy, Tough it's hard.
    I love this feeling, waiting for someone who has fallen apart, like a shooting Star.
    Now I am always happy and tough not detached.

    I dnt care, it's destruction or a glimpse of flare
    I dnt care, why I am being stared,
    I dnt care, why I am not shared( with the luxury of this selfish world),
    I dnt care, why I am not fed with love and care,

    I dnt care, why my emotions for others are like dust,
    when I think them as gold, but they are not.
    When I think them as sold, thats a must.
    But they dnt trust me, when I say...
    They are impatient and I am patient in my own fucking way.

  • gouravation 66w


    Stories pass by
    M I shy?
    To express,
    My supressed... mix feelings.
    I donot know why...
    Missing riddle and I expect
    Someone to send me prospect
    Obsolate...others hate
    No more debates,
    Kindda friend is my fate
    But yet...all set
    To jump up and fly high
    From one universe to another
    Like a miraculous beam of light.


  • gouravation 85w


    If you feeling low, dnt just lie to me,
    Say unspoken words like Sunshine coz ur my priority.
    Darkness filled inside but m sparkling.
    Feathered touch of yours, I remember smiling.
    Touching my lips with your eyes like solving riddles quitetly.

  • gouravation 85w


    Way of life brings back home
    Broken inner pieces, but i am not alone
    I remember you kissing my eyes cone
    Smuged eyeliners, kissing me number crore.

    Bangles vibrating, simplicity true
    Footsteps, I remember, your soul pure.
    Kiss me more, kiss me now,
    I have a voe, and I do care...it's love in wind,, and I can only stare.

  • gouravation 85w


    Kill me gently,
    Cut me with a fork.
    Take each bite slowly,
    I wanna kiss you deep.

    Sweeten me honey,
    Put some foil on me,
    Keep it preserved,
    Dnt spoil me.

    Think abt me,
    When you walk and in sleep.
    Dnt consume me much,
    I can sweetly weep.

  • gouravation 101w

    Dreams dime dozen

    Ever ending dream
    Heard supressed scream
    Ran/jumped over wooden beam.

    Browny hairs like moonbeam
    Rose faced like my daydream
    Named herself soul agleam.

    Her eyes numb airsteam
    My goosebump bloodstream
    Hold her out, water stream

    Blushes around, eyes beam
    Heard shrilled voice
    Ended my non-eding dream.

  • gouravation 108w


    World so cold.
    Emotions not bold
    I said, hold.
    Soul 100's and 1000's of blindfold.

    Heard scold,
    People blindfold.
    Some beat "the one's" repeat n retold.
    Hey, you no gold !
    Whats thy value? On a sell/sold?

    Remold stood up that bold
    Said please hold,
    Future foretold
    Life's mangled, soul mangold.


  • gouravation 108w


    Zindigi toh hai ek dhaaga, lipta hua...sidha sadha.
    Tootein phir bhi, na aadha
    Ye joodein, bhasa paribhasa...

    Sunata ek kahani,
    Sunle tu raja ya rani
    Meri jubani, unki meherbani...
    RONA na tum gum mein, tu ashu na bahana
    Ye jamana hai suhana, kuch banke hai dikhana,
    Aur nibhana, jo bhi thana,
    Na tod inko, tu hi hai mausam suhana.
    Jeeta jo bhi dil ko, jeete wo jamana,
    Har ek mausam, sar utake ye chalte jana
    Thokega saalam, ye jamana...
    Mausam suhana...toh phir badhte jana.

    Zindigi toh hai ek dhaaga, lipta hua...sidha sadha.
    Tootein phir bhi, na aadha
    Ye joodein, bhasa paribhasa...

    Jin mein aashu na saram
    Unka jeena ek bharam
    Zindgi toh ek sitam...Hai besharam
    Rona dona...jhute batein...fir fariyadein...
    Na nibhatein...khaye ye jhuthe kasmein
    Aur unko sach baatate.
    Humm na tute, humne jode,
    Har ek gum ko, humne tode,
    Khud ka saath, nahi choda...
    Bahane hai hazar, phir bhi gale na marode.

    Zindigi toh hai ek dhaaga, lipta hua...sidha sadha.
    Tootein phir bhi, na aadha
    Ye joodein, bhasa paribhasa...

    Tu bas sona, na tu rona
    Palak sambhal...pakad lena ek kona
    Phir thoda thoda rona dhona
    Na dikhana, bas chipana
    1C hisson mein tu,
    Dil aur dimag ke, khisson mein tu,
    Duniya ke riston mein, tu
    Saccha rehna aur accha kehna.
    Na ghabara, na dar jana
    Ek kone se uth jana aur dikhana
    Ye jamana... tujhe bolega suhana.

    Zindigi toh hai ek dhaaga, lipta hua...sidha sadha.
    Tootein phir bhi, na aadha
    Ye joodein, bhasa paribhasa...