In love with the words and the worlds they show,and in search of beautiful souls��

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  • gopikaameera 24w

    Of word-castles

    I build castles everyday.
    Word by word,
    Phrase by phrase
    I dig dungeons with sighs
    Make pillars out of the imperatives,
    Watch-towers with "maybe"s,
    Candle-lit dining halls with "could-have-been"s.

    The high walls built of decisive statements protect the doubtful "to do or not to"s
    Spacious gardens overflow with alliterative rolls,
    And Caverns measureless to man lie beneath the semi-colon, half concealed.

    And I, the queen, reign the land of signifed dreams.

  • gopikaameera 42w


    Always .
    I am fond of the word Always.
    It's a safe place, and a staircase.
    Yes it's a slanted L, a staircase. between A single promise and a million ways for the proposed plan to fail .
    Aw ayy s
    The first response to Always, from me, is being awed by the surety, such grace.
    And then the recognition, ayy, I have heard this phrase, it now sounds a tad too glazed .
    And then the s. The plural-denoting letter s, of the varied ways of manifesting the phrase- the knowledge, that, the absence isn't erasure all days, that truly, it's no one's mistake. After all, meaning itself is a trace.

  • gopikaameera 47w

    Song of life

    Here for a song,
    We are here for a song.
    Tune is set
    In souls of yore.
    Sing along,
    Do sing along,
    Souls of old
    And newfound doors.
    Sing along,
    Do sing along,
    Yards away is graveyard stone.
    Marchpast song or melodies untold
    Sing along heart, sing along.
    Fill in lines
    Of love lost and found
    Of guiding lights and candles burnt
    So that you might sing your song.
    Sing along,
    Do sing along
    Lines are many,
    Steps who knows
    Sing along,
    Do sing along
    Until in pyre
    Let wind know your song.


  • gopikaameera 51w

    It doesn't surprise me now, when people get indifferent
    I think I finally understand how they got there
    They are telling me how they can be treated too.

  • gopikaameera 54w

    Dearest Once-upon-a time-Road

    It must be easy, to walk down this road
    After all, we are adults now
    Car-driving, work-going, bread-winning adults.
    Perfect masters of adult tone, adult pose, and adult dread of dawn light and traffic plight.

    Yet, we falter.
    Our knees bow.
    We lose the straight pose, and crumble, as the bus leaves at the end of this road.

    Road not taken? No. Road taken every day till the end of days and dawn of night.
    Road taken during times of fight, fright, fathomless rites
    Rites of silence interspersed with anecdote delights, and salt-mango slice.

    It isn't easy, walking down this road.
    This dearest, once-upon-a-tome road.

  • gopikaameera 54w

    Because then,
    Even if you fall,
    You would have tasted the clouds,
    And can relish it's addictive flame.


  • gopikaameera 54w

    Aren't we, all of us, at times titanics at sail?
    Words and thoughts that we keep below the waves
    As gigantic as the killer icebergs and whales

  • gopikaameera 54w

    In Anticipation of a Goodbye

    If there comes a day
    When we no longer talk
    And do not lift eyes
    When side by side we walk,
    Then I hope we will still sing in our souls
    The song that taught us
    Why we belong.

  • gopikaameera 54w

    When everyone else fails me,
    and I fear of going insane,
    You arrive, silence-
    with forgotten pains..
    In you, you carry a zillion flames
    Of enraged love, frail,
    Encased in false names.


  • gopikaameera 103w

    Peace breathing
    Through trails of koval tendril
    Mornings,in backyard, looking at them