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  • golden_metallics 57w


    cursive at five and algebra at nine,
    this child was never a child.
    she kept her grades far better than she kept her promises. she learned the bond of atoms but never the bond of a friend.

    "use everything to your advantage"

    until it becomes a disadvantage; until the anger makes you break. her father taught her to multiply but never how to divide what he gave her; the anger.
    she was never anything more than a score and a grade.

    this prodigy girl grew up to be a monster, for she never learned the art of humanity.

  • golden_metallics 59w


    I am very fond of this girl. Her gentle voice and bubbly laugh are what cheer me up on my darkest days. Her eyes let her see souls and her ears hear the words I fear to speak. She has a certain delicacy to her that I cannot yet understand. She is born from the stars; a child of the cosmos- she is enchanting. She caught my attention immediately, at the very sight of her the universe had told me: "There is more to this one than meets the eye, let her show you."

    I am still on that adventure; I do not love her yet. But love is something that grows.

    (God only knows how much I want ours to)

  • golden_metallics 62w

    Red III

    This is not broken, this is normal. I put on my headphones watching things on the internet to drown out the screaming. Every thrown object a bruise on my heart, every slammed door a piece of it falls. I am good at hiding it by now; the same way I'm good at hiding my battle scars. I am drug in the middle like a garbage bag across the yard. My fathers voice plays on repeat in my head; his hand I cannot unsee. Its time for us to leave. I feel nothing, I will forgive them like I forgave everyone else anyway.

  • golden_metallics 63w

    Red II

    We were the only two sunflowers on the block. Sunflowers; big, awkward, bright. We went hand in hand, us sunflowers, we were bright together without a care in the world. One summer day in the middle of our cul-de-sac, the bright beautiful elegant roses that were so much different than us started growing near you, pulling your roots away from me. They told you I was rotten and you spat in my face to snap my stem, cutting me off from you and the roses.

    Time passes and the roses did to you what you did to me- you came back but it was too late.

    You were the only sunflower on the block.

  • golden_metallics 66w

    Red I

    Connected- we were- by blood,
    Left me- you did- for love.

    I did not have anyone else on my side,
    After all I was only five.
    I remember waiting for your bus at the door,
    When I did not get my way I cried on the floor,
    You always helped me up when I was down,
    You succeeded to make me smile when I frowned.

    You and your lover bonded as one,
    Are you and your new family having fun?
    Selfish I know, you had to go-
    Could you have stayed when it was hard for me though?
    Raise your children like you raised me,
    "Always, always be the best you can be-
    Defend yourself, put up a fight,
    Even when I'm the only one standing by your side."
    After you said that you moved out of state,
    I guess being alone was written in my fate.
    Although sometimes we talk on the phone,
    Never again will we share the same home.

  • golden_metallics 66w

    One of many sad things in this world:

    You have all the right reasons,
    But if you do the wrong things-

    Your intentions no longer matter.

  • golden_metallics 66w

    Not so bad

    Today I was convinced I had lost it all.
    No love, no friends- no place.
    But I was with people- I had people
    So real,
    So raw,
    So imperfect,
    So undoubtedly
    They listen, they help, they're honest; I return the favor.
    I lay there in the middle of the asphalt street-
    Looking up at the clouds,
    In deep thought about this big ass world and how small I am.
    Maybe I didn't need you after all;
    Maybe this is not so bad, ends meet new beginnings right?
    Maybe this was the end of our line.

  • golden_metallics 66w


    Your turn? Yeah, your turn to admit you're not fucking perfect. Everyone's allowed to make mistakes but you huh? Everything is my fault. My fault my fault my fault. I start everything; I over think too much; I break my promises. News flash: you're acting like me. Ironic actually, how heartbreak and lies did the same thing to the both of us. Yet, both are my fault. You know what my problem is? I am not complaining; because I would gladly take any blame laid upon me if it could spare you any more pain.

  • golden_metallics 66w

    The Honest

    If the liar cries wolf a thousand times and nine hundred ninety-nine of those are lies, he is still a liar.
    If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    See similar: if the honest tells the truth nine hundred ninety-nine times, but one of the thousand is a lie, he is also a liar.

  • golden_metallics 66w


    This is wrong- this isn't supposed to happen-
    This isn't real, it can't be real-
    I feel as though everything is a neverending movie playing around me whilst I'm tied up unable to control anything that I do- and anything that results of it.
    Is that a reason or just an excuse?
    I do not know my own self. I do not have a definition. Am I really this bad? Am I a dirty bullshit liar? Maybe I am just the antagonist of your movie- forcing you to learn a lesson. But where is my lesson? I have fought battles and wars and everything I touch with my blood covered fingertips has perished- and I have not learned a thing.
    Except to push people away in the worst possible course of action.