Writing is not just a talent, it is also a skill. You may know how to write, but that doesn't mean you are a writer.

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  • godswillekwughaonu 1d

    The lost win

    The strong prey was captured by the little giant
    In the peak of the war that killed just a million

    He was a known wrestler but met a firm fall
    And that marked the beginning of the end of his dynasty

    He once claimed to be a legend, being unbeatable
    But this time we've unmasked his face as a toothless tiger

    He could have remained humble and made a silent noise
    Than have his years of hard work reduce him to a laughing stock

    Why claim to be invincible, when you lost your title by a minor blow?
    For all these years, he has been living in a false reality

    What is the essence of being called 'Powerful' when your power is less?
    It's no open secret that he has lost his demeanor, valor and honour


  • godswillekwughaonu 1d

    Be a man!

    What makes you a man is not the muscles that you flex
    What makes you a man is not the drumstick between your legs

    What makes you a man is not your ability to withhold tears from your eyes
    What makes you a man is not your ability to marry and dismiss wives as you deem wise

    What makes you a man is not your status as the father of a child
    What makes you a man is not your ego and tendency to act wild

    You are a man only if you have a healthy mind...I call that conscience
    You are a man only if you are patient...I call that perseverance

    You are a man only if you exhibit a high degree of self-control...I call that maturity
    You are a man if you stop giving excuses...I call that responsibility

    You are a man only if you listen more and talk less
    You are a man only if you act to protect not to repress

    So, be a man by keeping to your principles and good moral values...I call this Integrity
    Be a man by making promises and keeping to them...I call this dependability

    As a man, you should learn to love and tolerate by being an ardent practitioner of forgiveness
    Be a man by knowing what you want and taking action...I call this decisiveness

    As a man, you must be a firm believer of equity and equality
    Be a man by being open to change...I call this adaptability


  • godswillekwughaonu 4w

    I hope one day...

    I hope one day I will win an award
    I didn't study in Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge
    And may not have known much about poetry
    So I request that you focus more on creativity, and less on vocabulary

    I may not know much about rhyme schemes
    That is not why my works should be disregarded
    Don't expect me to be like the others
    Who write about jurgles and burgles, rushes and blushes

    I won't write to impress you
    I only ask for you to be a little considerate
    It's hard living in my kind of world
    Where we fight everyday for all that's ours

    This is my wish and only request
    That my efforts will be noticed
    And that you will give me what is originally mine
    Yeah, I hope one day...


  • godswillekwughaonu 4w

    The child we never had

    From my youth they had known me for my valor
    I mean the people whom I governed
    As a monarch, I enjoyed wealth and grandeur
    Because of my strength which I possessed

    Due to my position, I was the center of attraction
    I faced different challenges but always prevailed
    Though I lived in opulence, that was no distraction
    I carried my duties diligently, being ne'er deterred

    It was time for marriage, and I held a banquet
    I was not satisfied, and organised a carnival
    Just to find the one that can make my heart beat
    Eventually I found one who was lovely and jovial

    We had 3 handsome lads and 2 pretty damsels
    But there was a child we never had
    I mean the child who could take my place
    As all my children were soft, none was hard

    I had always been a soldier who liked fighting
    But the princes preferred dancing and gaming
    Unlike the queen, the princesses hated horse riding
    They preferred cat walking, drawing and singing

    As a king, this is my only regret,
    The child we could have had but never had
    Perhaps this is part of fate,
    We got all we wanted, but not what we needed

    I could choose my spouse, but not my child
    Is there a punishment as cruel as this?
    You may want good kids but see them run wild
    Vanity upon vanity, everything...vanities


  • godswillekwughaonu 5w

    The things we did wrong

    The things we did wrong
    ...were the people we never hated, but didn't love
    The things we did wrong
    ...were the lifestyles we secretly admired but openly condemned
    The things we did wrong
    ...were the lies we portrayed as truth and the truth we enshrouded with lies
    The things we did wrong
    ...were the lives we could have lived but instead lived others' lives
    The things we did wrong
    ...were the many things we could have done but failed to do
    The things we did wrong
    ...were the decisions we shouldn't have made but went on to make

  • godswillekwughaonu 8w

    My Obsession

    I have been placed under observation,
    Just for my obsession
    I have endured several persecution,
    Due to my obsession

    I had undergone religious indoctrination,
    Just for my obsession
    I have been taken for rehabilitation
    Due to my obsession

    I almost suffered ostracization
    Just for my obsession
    I had even faced prosecution
    Due to my obsession

    They said I was a victim of demon possession
    Just for my obsession
    They said I should repent or face damnation
    Due to my obsession


  • godswillekwughaonu 11w

    I am not naughty

    I am not naughty,
    Neither am I nutty.

    I am not naughty,
    Neither am I slutty.

    I am not naughty,
    Neither am I flirty.

    I am not naughty,
    Neither am I haughty.

  • godswillekwughaonu 11w

    The President

    People accused him of insensitivity.
    They criticised and spoke ill of him.
    He didn't speak, neither did he react.
    However, nobody knew that he was deaf.

    He was once known as a gallant man.
    He was very active in his campaigns.
    He promised change in his manifesto.
    However, nobody knew that he was deaf.

  • godswillekwughaonu 33w

    The Africa they see

    The Africa they see,
    Is a country full of fleas.
    The Africa they see,
    Is a place of idiosyncrasies.

    They paint her as a desert,
    Where her children die of thirst.
    To them it's a place for cheap labour,
    Where they can come to curry favour.

    Look at the painting on their walls,
    They depict us as still in chains.
    Have you listened to their slogan,
    They see almost everyone as a hooligan.

    Why do they label us 'black',
    As if it's an indelible mark?
    What makes them think we are inferior?,
    And feel that we'll all die from malaria?

    What exactly is their plan?,
    To think that the devil is a black man?
    Why do they associate us with darkness?,
    And represent us with everything fettish?

    To them we are the descendants,
    Of the cursed lineage of Noah.
    Everyday they make us live in fear,
    To believe that we should be servants.

    One of my friends once told me,
    About how Africa is depicted on their teevee.
    They show scenes of terror,
    Which make children scream in horror.

    They conceal our achievements,
    And reveal our weak points.
    We become an object of ridicule,
    When in reality, we are incredible.

    We shouldn't be referred to as clueless,
    When in fact, we lay the golden eggs.
    We shouldn't be a topic for discussion,
    In every conversation that mentions corruption.

    Africa should not be used as a dumping ground,
    Their own interpretation of the Doha Round.
    This has always been their ploy,
    To use us as a decoy.

    They know we have grand ambition,
    So they attempt to cause division.
    Through the use of willing mercenaries,
    They carry out their nefarious activities.

    They exploit our resources,
    And promise to develop our communities.
    They manipulate our leaders,
    While converting them to cheer leaders.

    They tell their children,
    'Terrible things always happen in Africa.'
    And their children pose the question,
    'Are civilised people in Africa?'

    I choose to challenge the norm,
    To live as a freeborn despite the discrimination
    To them, Africa is a place of plagues and diseases
    For in their mind, that is the Africa they see


  • godswillekwughaonu 48w


    In this life,
    You either
    Or you will
    be gone.