Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi

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  • goddess_of_blazingwords 82w


    Take me in your arms, and
    Kiss my lips so passionately
    Place your hands on my chests, caress my breast's, without any regrets
    Look in my eyes and tell me you want this,
    Slowly and gently, I craved you now more than ever
    Strip me off my cloths
    And feed me with the purest pleasure of sexual fantacies,
    Luring me in your bed without wearing any panties
    Slide it in,
    Go beneath my thighs and make me feel like a woman
    Dripping hard, grabbing your dick,
    The silent moans has began
    Appearing naked before his eyes
    Laying on the beds with my legs spread out wide
    What are you waiting for? I whispered
    Let's have sex!
    I'm ready for this!
    He replied romantically,
    How can I not behold the beauty of that which Is set before my eyes
    Atlas I shall taste that sweeter than honey

    Switches off d lights,
    Sniffing my petals,
    Kissing my stem and sending shivers to my roots
    Ah yes, touch my wetness; those sensitive buds down there,
    Explore my core with your tongue and fingers,
    Let my clitoris feel the warmthness of a strong man,
    Adorable in bed
    Breaking the walls I built around me,
    Atlas he thrust his dick in me
    Ploughing gently like a screwdriver, driving a nail.
    Deeply lost in the mystic island of this sexual feeling
    Perspirating and screaming gently
    Ah! Ah! Ah! Don't stop
    The way you fanned my neck with your breath caused my own breathing to hitch
    In rounds we had performed
    Until we were exhausted
    Pulling out his penis
    Those sticky white substances pouring out,
    Yeah we did it.
    He said to me; love is the relationship I want with you,
    A deeper connection between our hearts,
    Let me be your twin flame,
    Your soulmate,
    Let me love you beyond human recognition

    Speaking in a bedroom voice, Queenly I responded with a smile beautiful as his eyes.
    Let our hearts intertwine,
    Seduce my mind, and have my body
    Explore my heart with your words and touch
    Feed my soul with long lasting premium satisfaction
    Be my oasis, my muse, rhythm and blues,
    Love me forever.
    Holding me in his arms, let's fall asleep bodily glued to each other,
    Indeed this was Magical.
    Our fictional sex tale,
    it was only imagined
    (The perfect orgasm)
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 83w

    Who Shouldn't You Allow To Hurt You

    Peace is priceless,
    Happiness is free,
    I shouldn't allow anyone hurt me regardless of whom they are or whatever bond we share.I shouldn't be subjected to whatever bad words they say to me, vehemently speaking without fear of person.
    Letting them debase me? I wouldn't allow that, neither would I let hatred consume my heart, as I rather not soil my sacred space with toxicity. As a person of strength and vigour, I'll stand firm and fearless, never to be moved or disturbed by unreasonable things not worth my time.
    My armour would be never be broken by mere words of negativity. If they throw stones at me, I'll build a bridge and get across all the hurdles, if they intend on draining all my energy thereby leaving me empty, I'd rather create a fountain of peace within my soul instead of conforming to their silly tricks.
    I shouldn't allow anyone to hurt me, neither my friends nor enemies, I'd follow the light in my heart and never loose my originality, protecting my sanity, staying happy, and smiling always. I shall guard all my positive attitudes and energy with power and without faults for I am STRONG and not weak.
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 87w


    When the dark betrays the sky,
    Night must seem so frightening.
    I hear whispers, chuckles and evil laughters,
    A world of horror, death and mysteries,
    Full of uncanny events and myths.
    Whom shall be my companion till I escape this fierce battle of life and death ?
    My eyes flashed at the sight of a reckless light, and in naked darkness I saw……
    Processions of Zombies
    Ten thousand people awakened from the dead,
    Spirits ruling the souls of men in this horrible world filled with thick darkness
    Something horror like the movies of a TV screen.
    War bells toll, red raindrops fall,
    The silence in my heart like a cancer grows,
    Tearing up my veins,
    Going bonkers
    God's of the cloud please cease this rain,
    A voice is heard, screaming aloud
    You're condemned my child.
    No! I prayed in pain,
    Still he hushed again.
    What is left of me ?
    A voice veiled and damned by birth.

    A spawn of lucifer, is it all that I am?
    Undoubtedly fear led me into ageless destruction and gnashing of teeth.
    Before I am perished from the earth,
    I shall embrace love and light repenting for my sins.
    My love for the unknown had died
    A drowning shadow I am once more.
    Take a look at this reprobate soul of mine
    Sitting on my tomb awaiting doom,
    These are my last words;
    "Forgive me father for I have sinned, and do not let my fragile soul BURN IN HELL.
    Hope Bomate Nelson

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 89w


    In "Hope" lays a fragrance of peace
    Not cruelly but enough to ease delusion
    Penetrating the minds of mere mortals like us.
    But how do we cope without words like Hope,
    A virtuous desire for future good.
    Hush! Why cast down thy soul?
    And disquiet thy mind?
    When I percieve the serenity you truly desire.
    I'd scribble words,
    Not to showcase my dexterity in poetry battle,
    But I'd write words which says 'Hopelessness could be the Genesis of a man's doom.
    This thing shall I call it divine?
    I cannot explain the realm it takes me in.
    A place where I need not worry,
    Like a sun it strides across my skies,
    Like streams of an ocean,
    This feeling flows like a sea.
    Oh what a marvelous feeling
    I wish to harbor till eternity.
    This feeling of "hope", let it be a shadow that never leaves my perfect abode.
    Perhaps we could walk a a mile together as I whisper these words to your soft ears.
    Life is a gift, priceless not gold nor silver can be compared.
    Save now for we know not what the future holds.
    When there is Life, there is HOPE
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 89w

    I wake with pains in my heart,
    And tears in my eyes,
    Love, I was its victim
    Delighting at it's gracious deceits
    Hope Bomate Nelson
    Bleeding ink

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 89w


    Poetess speaks;
    Some words twisted,
    Some jumbled.
    Words are healers
    Words are killers
    Like swords drawn to pierce the heart.
    Words are beautiful,
    Words are hurting
    Strong enough to trigger a man take his life
    Words can bring smiles,
    And also make the eyes cry
    Gentle as breeze ; solace to the soul.
    Words sharp as knife its cut would make a human bleed.
    Poisonous as the venom of a snake,
    Giving death an invitation.

    The soft wind of the words you uttered to me placated me when I felt broken,
    But some say; Do not love a poet for their sweet words are the deceit of this world like seasons they come and go when its their time.

    Ink may dry,
    Eyes might cry
    People would die
    And memories would fade,
    But words spoken or written would never say Goodbye.
    A word I heard once broke my heart,
    I wish to drench peacefully in this pool of poetic blues and call it home.
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi's ink

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 89w

    My Love for Poetry

    Some call it obsession,
    I say its passion,
    My words, they're my possession,
    My book; they're the inspiration
    Ink stained words I write without fluctuation.
    Others say I have no profession,
    And all I do is write feeble words,
    But I must light my love with poetry,
    And no matter the humiliation,
    I'd always create the impression that in writing I lay my expressions,
    This must also be a perfection.
    My love for poetry, it defines me
    And I dine in it's warmth embrace.
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 90w

    In beds of Solitude I lie,
    A homeless bastard,
    Embracing loneliness,
    Suppressing all the love that I feel,
    This act of mine quite depressing.
    My eyes could no longer conceal my desperation,
    Revealing the attention that I crave.
    Tick Tack!
    You have arrived,
    I found my inner peace Atlas!
    I love you .
    The Dearest One
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi's ink

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 90w

    Shattered dreams of future dying,
    A diamond that rarely shines,
    Lighting up fires of endless desires,
    Brought her closer to the unknown,
    Evolution led a mother's daughter into prostitution,
    Suffering torments of heart,
    In the realms of men, she is damned by birth
    Forgive her Lord, for she is flawed.
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi's ink

  • goddess_of_blazingwords 90w

    Blue Eyes

    Eyes shinning like crystals,
    Rain dropped tears beautiful as pearls,
    Like the blue color of a cloudless sky
    Your beautiful eyes reach into my soul
    Hope Bomate Nelson
    Bambi's ink