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  • go_win_the_hearts 45m

    Say 'Yes'
    once you sweetheart,
    would flatten
    my fluffy heart on your path
    on all thorns,
    Ala Rasi, I'm sowrn!


  • go_win_the_hearts 20h

    #questions #wod

    []•[]> Songs of a Lover loon <[]•[]

    How do a lover loon, I in solitude
    live an end dismal,
    digesting an undue severance
    from you, Dear you say??

    Don't know whereabouts yours,
    are you alive or not??
    How can I forget the lovely series
    that once kept us unite?
    What to do with the
    vivid evocations of my
    unwritten poems that
    I have been weaving since we met?

    Will somebody say,
    what soothes one more
    to get rid of the pain balmy
    that can't be extinguished even
    a bellyful of strong liquor?

    Who will listen again in disgust
    the love songs I sing,
    late night with all melancholy tunes
    with unarranged words from the past?
    Don't you tease all, "Songs of Mad-
    will die, when he dies?"

    Why are her smiles
    that she drew always in her lips
    while coming to the hill top temple
    each Monday for both the lords; me and him,
    haven't faded away till the day??

    Where do I throw
    her belongings that I possess
    years together
    that mention she were mine
    in all those fine bygone days??
    Won't you dear my kith and kins
    burn all I do have
    in my lonely home for her
    when I die,
    and are my fuels till the day??


    20th April, 2021

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • go_win_the_hearts 2d


    || Poor's Poetries ||

    Poetries are
    our thirsty souls
    are quenched never
    seeing your world beautiful
    rather become more salty floating
    on the ocean of your ruthless calculations!

    Poetries are
    our oil and salt,
    of all common lives,
    become the kerosene of
    an age old lantern hung on the
    crooked walls burns till half-night for Hunger!

    Poetries are
    our Pumpkin leaves
    and other leafy vegetables
    that we prepare before monsoon
    on our thatched roof to serve our folk
    seasoned with garlic and chilly for a bowl of rice!

    Poetries are
    our tattered clothes
    worn only to hide the shame
    that protect us from heat and chill
    but couldn't save from your lewd all eyes
    from the men that wear a mask of gentleness!

    Poetries are
    our forest fire,
    from far horizon
    it escalates in full swing
    turning ash evanescent our dry leaves
    that you say in the dark, 'it's Monkeys' Marriage!'


    [ In some parts of Odisha and Chhatishgarh fire in the forest are described as Monkeys' Marriage (माकड ब्याह / बन्दर का शादी) only to entice small children. ]

    16th April, 2021


    #wod #social_g @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Monkey's Marriage


  • go_win_the_hearts 3d


    •|| Pastoral Poem : a Caravan of Nomad Tribes ||•


    •|[ I ]|•

    P O S T - M O N S O O N

    When the sun gets milder
    their expedition gets dawned
    to the far-off lands
    with stuff that folks need the most on the way!
    A caravan ambles
    with the pets, both humans and beasts,
    leaving older and weak at home,
    for food and fodder
    to high altitudes
    from their dry and barren soil!

    •|[ II ]|•

    W I N T E R

    When the sun gets colder
    their expedition descends little down
    to the Valleys beautiful!
    The caravan spends times
    with pets, both humans and animals
    for reaping and re-sowing
    seeds for their poor bellies!

    •|[ III ]|•

    P R E - M O N S O O N

    When the sun gets cladded by clouds
    their expedition leaves mountains
    and settles at foothills!
    The caravan retreats
    with the pets, both humans and animals.
    Before precipitation reaches,
    they reach domiciles!

    •|[ IV ]|•

    M O N S O O N

    When the sun gets drenched
    their expedition settles at home
    to crop millets and crops rain fed!
    The itinerants toil hard and good
    for the pets, both humans and animals
    and the caravan plans for yet another
    cyclic journey towards the peaks!

    17th April, 2021

    [ Nomadic pastoralism is a form of pastoralism when livestock are herded in order to seek for fresh pastures on which to graze.The Bakkarwals, the Banjara, the Gujjarwal, the Gaddi Shepherds etc are the pastoral communities in India who make a cyclic movement for food and fodder with their cattle population to distant parts from post-monsoon to pre-monsoon seasons. (Source: Google) ]


    #wod #social_g @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    •°//Pastoral Poem//°•


  • go_win_the_hearts 1w


    ��|| G U R U ||��

    You, the lambent star of the north,
    my mentor in the dark, walk I forth
    seeing you, I have grown up ever
    the shades of all you I feel in me, Sir!
    My Guru, my guide
    You teach a pleasant ride!!

    You, the ambient light of wisdom
    unrolled all over tiny kingdom
    Love, endearment your demeanour
    You cherish a genial atmosphere
    My Guru, my guide
    You are are soothing a tide!!

    You, the repository of all knows
    never suppress my whats and hows
    I facsimile your graceful all art
    and things that make me smart
    My Guru, my guide
    would love to be ever your side!!

    You, the preacher of truth always
    'Die for Truth', you apprise
    Berate us when we speak wrong
    and school us to better our tongue
    My Guru, my guide
    Someday I'll be your cause of pride!!

    15 April, 2021

    #wod #social_g

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the ❤️ and sweet repost����


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  • go_win_the_hearts 1w


    Pluck I few Sour-Sweet words
    from my Garth of heart
    Grind them fine
    using my stone slab of mind
    Adding salt, spices
    and acrid metaphors
    Serve I
    Chutney of verses for you everyday!


  • go_win_the_hearts 1w

    I bring a smile always for you
    You give me bitter tear
    Don't you gift anything else
    is it fair oh, Dear!!


  • go_win_the_hearts 1w

    तु और तेरी बहाना बनाना!

    एक तु कभी आती नहीं
    दुसरी कभी जाती नहीं!

    रोज़ मुलाकात हैती है किस्मत से
    पर मुलाकात होती नहीं!

    तु और तेरी बातें बनाना!

    तुझे बातें मिठी आती नहीं
    तेरी बातें दिल को भाती नहीं!

    रोज़ करती तु बातें हजार
    कुछ भी मन बहलाती नहीं!

    तु और तेरी इश्क लड़ाना!
    तुझे इश्क आती नहीं
    तेरी इश्क हमें सुहाती नहीं!

    रोज़ आंखें छू जाती तुझको
    पर, तु दिल को कभी छूती नहीं!

    //गर इश्क करना है तो बोल,
    डर डर के इश्क की जाती नहीं!//


    @hindinama @hindiwriters

    चित्र सौजन्य : प्रिंटरेस्ट।

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  • go_win_the_hearts 1w


    I bid you adieu!
    (Few lines from a soldier's last thought...)

    Couldn't get you
    the golden bangles,
    you wished last time!
    Couldn't be
    there near your ailing bed
    couldn't pay your due
    of a handful solace
    in the evening of your life.
    Good Bye Maa, I'll reborn next time
    from your womb,
    to effectuate all your wishes!

    Couldn't find your
    Prince of dreams,
    who would come riding horse a white,
    would accord you sweet a life!
    My dear loony gal,
    I'm quite bereft to bear
    your auspicious palanquin!
    Adios Sis, I'll see you in next life,
    when you come with the residual Rakhis.

    Couldn't bring your Rum,
    but added bundles of burden
    to bear your senile shoulders ever!
    Forgive this unworthy soul
    who couldn't be there
    when you're retired!
    Farewell Pa, will long for your
    friendly words in the heaven
    and again request Lord
    to be your worthy son,
    when I born!

    What to say, you Sweetheart
    in your Belly, grows my best part!
    A journey of little more a year
    the warmth of your hugs feel I dear!
    Bye-bye Butterfly, my queen of hope
    no more tear, no more sob
    Teach my Son to serve My Land,
    for whom I'm meeting my proudest end!

    10th April, 2021

    [I express my heartfelt condolences for the 22 soldiers who were killed in Chhattisgarh Maoists attack.
    This post of today is a tribute to the great martyrs who embraced death for the nation's cause. I have captured the feelings for their fellow beings whilst they would have thought of them for the last time before their cruel death in my poetry today.
    May their heavenly souls rest in peace. All my love and respect is there with the deceased heroes of our nation and with their family. God gives them strength to the bereaved families.]

    #wod #social_g @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Images credit to the rightful owners.

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    I bid you adieu!


  • go_win_the_hearts 1w

    #rhetoric #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    Did you see Words
    burn last night?
    A poetry of pain is found
    this morning from the heap of ash.