Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better ��

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  • gnqonqo 51w

    I'm alive... But wait that's just reassurance
    The hollowness inside,
    Leaves a sudden transparency
    My thoughts are clustered in a turmoil
    With my head submerged underwater,
    The world seems less importunate
    My soul yearns for resurrection
    Engrave in my heart your scriptures
    For I represent broken strings of an old guitar
    Days fade away like a daze
    Aren't we all mesmerizing like doves

    Can life get any more bizarre
    Breath me in,
    Let me fill you with blissfulness
    Just like imprisoned spirits we wonder aimlessly
    Refusal to admit how exhaustive we have become
    When the rain pours heavily on dry grass,
    Let it wash all our sins away
    Let's set our hearts out to be the driving force
    Keep me closer my friend

    All will turn to dust
    Woe to all those that lay in dismay without hope
    Keep calm,
    We are moving forward
    Live to feel fulfilled

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  • gnqonqo 72w

    Broken beyond repair
    Unguarded in my own world filled with grief
    Just a single tear can make the world seem so cruel
    Cover me up & keep me secluded
    I have lost myself in the pleasures of darkness
    Being untruthful has become my specialty
    Momma won't you save me
    I can't trust my thoughts tonight

    Kill me slowly as your love is venomous
    Breathing is pointless when everything feels chaotic
    Shield and keep me under your wings
    We all need somebody who knows we're worthy
    All this fake facade renders my soul restless

    I'm not vicious just a little bit fractured
    Control me and cheat me in this game called life
    Fragility shows weakness but I can't help myself
    Submitting slowly but surely to temptation
    Why does it feel so bad yet I crave it
    I am a stranger to myself...

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #thoughts #pain #torture
    #life #reality #pod

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  • gnqonqo 73w


    Confliction of the mind
    Leads to an unpredictable reality
    When hope is no where to be found
    Will I still reside in your heart?
    Shadows appear gloomy in the night
    Nothing is absolute without confirmation
    Solitude brings solace to the lone wolfs

    Rules are meant to be broken
    I'll make it worthwhile falling in & out of love
    Your like forbidden fruit
    Let me explore & uncover all your flaws
    We will be falling dangerously in love
    Do you believe in second chances?
    Cause life without you is wretched

  • gnqonqo 76w


    Out of touch & out of reach
    Breathless & frail with no enlightenment
    To innovate freshly beginnings
    Unprocessed tears suspend desolation
    Empathy often confused for misfortune
    Insignificant & misunderstood souls
    Lack of wisdom leads to horrendous life
    Vacancy of the heart is accompanied
    By insensible emotions

    Why such treachery?
    In dismay death is waiting intolerant
    Delirious with hunger
    No scheme can serve as getaway
    From the clutches of the enemy
    Only time can mend all that is broken

  • gnqonqo 77w

    I just took time today to appreciate my followers.
    You are like a family to me. We take wild rides in exploring each others deepest thoughts. You fascinate me. I honor you for your writing because your works are truly magical and powerful to alter positive change. May the Lord have mercy on you and continue to shower you with blessings. You literally mean the world to me. I find myself frequently talking about you. No matter how odd that seems. I love you from the bottom of my heart.
    #mirakee #mirakeenetwork #mirakeeblog #mirakeefamily #followers #relationships #love

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    The power of love unites a nation
    Love does not have colour
    It flourishes from within like an
    Alluring flower during summer season
    Love conquers all wicked and sinful deeds
    Love does not envy or boast
    How wonderful is the symphony of love
    Harmonious and never destructive

    Let love be your orchestra
    Let it persuade you and mollify your mind
    Without true love the heart
    Becomes filled with pure hatred
    Even the most vile and poisonous need love
    How wonderful is the symphony of love
    Admirable and never toxic

  • gnqonqo 78w


    Your words still pierce my heart like a dagger
    My body lays frail in desolation
    Waiting on you is like
    Wishing upon a shooting star
    Fabricated illusions turn me to a lunatic,
    It must be amnesia
    Your touch is so lethal
    It leaves me with a profound barrenness
    Redemption becomes enhanced karma

    My eyes remain downcast
    Because of the dishonor & afflictions
    That stay embedded in me
    Our loyalty was based on false foundation
    Love is torture when it leaves
    You fractured in despair

  • gnqonqo 78w


    Mama alerted me but I
    Failed to heed her warnings
    My heart ached at the mere
    Conception of loosing you
    I was in pursuit of making you my lover
    Your felicity became my absolute priority
    Voices inside my head begged
    For me to inspect your every motive
    With an open mind but I was still in denial
    Was it fair to leave me infatuated?
    Deliberately knowing that
    I am not the only one...

  • gnqonqo 79w


    My eyes closed on their
    Own accord on your behalf
    Your adverse words I kept rephrasing
    To let it sink in coherently
    That I am insecure & mushy
    Your sexiness is appealing
    In a nonchalant manner
    Even in my slumber
    Your all that my fantasies
    Can display for my amusement

    You say that you value our love but
    Your actions are distinguishable
    My body drives you wild
    I know that your bad for my heart
    Slowly I find myself devoting all my time
    To fulfill all your selfish desires
    I want you to be mine but at what cost?

  • gnqonqo 79w


    I examined my reflection
    On a shattered mirror
    My face resembles yours unfortunately
    Tardily I ran out of breath
    Observing my hands tremble out of rage
    Your love is so alien to me
    How can I effortlessly get over you
    When you grant me a millions reasons
    To want you to remain with me
    Your pitiful memories bring puzzlement
    To my disturbed mind
    You don't deserve me
    Dismiss me so I can be set free
    You got me engrossed in your web of lies
    Now I am suffocating
    Drowning in your illusions
    How can you live with yourself?
    You left with no goodbye
    Perhaps you are happier without me

  • gnqonqo 79w


    Time passes by briskly
    Like an unforeseen havoc wind
    Those dreadful days brought by
    The uncertainty of repetitive motives
    I lay wide awake at night
    With my pillow to soothe
    The heavy pang in my heart
    Uncontrollable tears flow on
    My puffed cheeks like a flood tide
    I yearn for liberation like a
    Mad woman chained with iron fists
    The silence seems so loud
    As it pierces the bittersweet reality
    Of my wearisome life

    Redeem my soul & be my
    Night in shining armor
    When all we've known vanishes out of sight
    Will our memories stay
    Intact within our spectacular cerebrum
    Or is it a chase after the wind
    To live & yet find
    No satisfaction in our toil
    Remove disbelief & infuse me
    With the the spirit of bravery
    Where I will longer be alarmed
    To step into the unknown