Writing is my soul's respiration. Its my passion.

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  • glorry_shubhashree1 16w

    I do not want to love you
    With a heart of fear
    I do not want to love you
    With a mind of doubt
    I do not want to love you
    By any force or pressure
    I do not want to love you
    To get anything from you
    I do not want to love you
    For any selfish motif
    I do not want to love you
    To possess you
    I do not want to love you
    To control you
    I do not want to love you
    In fear of losing you
    I do not want to love you
    To prove my love

    I want to love you
    With all my freedom
    I want to love you
    With all my truth
    I want to love you
    With all my honesty
    I want to love you
    With the wonder and joy of a child
    I want to love you
    As my secret treasure
    I want to love you
    With all my highest devotion
    I want to love you
    With all my purest affection
    I want to love you
    Without any condition
    I want to love you
    With all my sweetest joy
    And purest thought
    And happiest laughter
    I want to love you
    With all my cutest things
    Kindest gestures
    And all the purest pleasures
    I want to love you
    With all my smile and tears

    I love to love you
    Like a sweetest love song
    I love to love you
    Like a blazing flame
    I love to love you
    Like dreaming a lucid dream
    I love to love you
    Like the joyous flow of a stream
    I love to love you
    With the broadness of my horizon
    I love to love you
    With the height of a highest mountain
    I love to love you
    With the depth of the deepest ocean
    I love to love you
    With the overflow of heart
    I love to love you
    With the levity of soul
    I love to love you
    With the gravity of earth
    That pulls us
    I love to love you
    With the law of nature
    I love to love you
    With the miracle of God

    I desire to love you
    Like the germination of a seed
    I desire to love you
    Like the silence of the night
    I love to love you
    With the softness of flowers
    With the colours of rainbow
    With the whiteness of snow
    With the heat of fire

    I desire to love you
    Like the angels love God
    I desire to love you
    Like God loves holiness
    I desire to love you
    For the sake of love

    This is the way
    I always want to love you
    Like this love is the only truth
    I know
    This love is the only beauty
    I have seen
    And you are the only human
    Who exists.


  • glorry_shubhashree1 16w

    The Saga Of Loneliness

    but the thing is my friend
    It's only lately since these things become  true
    You share a piece of me that no  one understands
    I am not terrified by you
    I am one with you

    Loneliness my friend i have leaned on you

    Loneliness my friend i have become one with you


  • glorry_shubhashree1 32w

    I am a dreamer and my dream is you . Every dream that I dream it revolves around you . I have grown up from a little girl to a young woman with this single dream in my heart ,to be your girl ,your woman ,your lady .. whatever you call me be yours one day and to live forever as the evergreen olive tree planted in your live forever as the beauty, charm, light ,glory and heart throb of your house ! To carry your name ,to bear your identity ,to be known and called as yours .To dissolve in you in every sphere in such way that all I become ,all I remain is you ,and we can't be ever apart for an eternity . To be your most loving shelter in the world .My life to be devoted in loving, caring ,nurturing you..and serving you ,my life to begin and end in you . Above all my dreams and desires, dream of you is always my heart's sweetest and most favourite personal desire.


  • glorry_shubhashree1 34w

    Dear God ,

    I submit our  heart and mind both as one in unity as a couple and also as individually. Please mend ,heal and restore every broken ,cracked, bruised ,wounded, hurt spot of our heart and mind. Make our heart new ,clean ,pure , fresh . Send your heavenly rain to rejuvenate us again .

    Dear God protect us from hurting and wounding each other and lead us to the path of healing. Breathe Your life into our dead, dull ,dormant aspects and make us alive again. Pour your peace into our agitations, take away all the resentment and fill us with divine joy .Fix all our chaos into a beautiful symmetry .Remove every strong hold of darkness , confusion, conflict , misunderstanding, every hidden barrier that's hindering and disturbing us ..and trying to break our unity ,harmony and connection , please torch your light into all those areas and supply Your help when we are not able to fix it in our own .Provide Your way , answers, solutions and clarity when we don't find any ..!

    Do not let us lean onto our own understanding and help us to trust You with all our heart. Lord ,I acknowledge You as our healer, our way maker ,our miracle worker, our light, our way .Lord ,our help is in Your name, the Maker of Heaven and Earth . You outstretched the sky ,You call the stars by their name ,You know the number of our hairs on our head . You know our beginning and end .You know our structure and form .You built us in our mother's womb. Our every day is written in Your book .Our every walk is in front of You .You know our coming in and going out .You recognise us from far . Before a word is on our mouth it is already known to You. No way ,no walk, no thought, no talk of man is hidden from You. It is better to trust on You than to trust on our own flesh ,own strength, own intellect . Ours can be good ,but You are always the best . Your answers are better than our prayers .Your ways are higher than our ways ,Your thoughts are greater than our thoughts.

    Oh Father God ,I submit our united heart ,soul ,life into Your hand ,I submit all our circumstances in Your care and I trust You that You are completely able .My trust is not in vain . Make us more humble ,more calm, more wise, more understanding, more loving ,more caring ,more submitting and more trusting . Let Your presence remove every darkness from our life and Your light flood into our life ,love and relationship.

    In Jesus name I pray .Amen !

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    Prayer No. - 2 /For the One I Love

    Prayer for Love and Relationship

    ( My Prayers for Healing and Restoration )


  • glorry_shubhashree1 34w

    How could it be possible
    How could man not see Your finger prints
    In each atom, in every molecule
    Of this beautiful , perfect and majestic Universe !
    .They have sure gone after their own invention
    Man has become foolish in his own wisdom
    Even when the whole Creation cries out Your glory
    To man, idea of God is just silly and folly .
    How could it be possible
    How could man not see Your brilliance
    In the Sun, moon ,stars
    ,in the thousand galaxies spread across the sky like a canopy
    In the laws that rule this world in such balance and harmony
    ( It's true instead of turning his heart and face towards You
    Man has always turned his back to You )
    I wish Lord, man could see his own folly
    I wish this veil could fall before his eyes
    Sure it will be one day
    When every knee will bow ,every tonge will confess one day
    Your are Lord, You are God .


  • glorry_shubhashree1 34w

    Many years ago I had read some valuable article with deep insight.. where it was written about the importance of being broken in our Father God's hand, if we want to be fruitful for God and be used by Him greatly and powerfully we must let Him break us. Cause until we are not broken, until we are not dead to ourselves we can't be much fruitful He can't use us that powerful way when we harden ourselves and don't want to be broken. But it's a necessary process which we actually want to skip completely or get rid of. Jesus fed more than 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish..and yet 12 baskets got left over. We know this incident very well since childhood. But we miss one important point here, the process how He does it. When those fish and bread were given to Him, He blesses them, uplifts and surrender them to Father God, then He breaks them and starts giving those blessed, broken pieces of fish and bread.. and we know the story what happens next, more than 5000 people ate full and 12 baskets left over food remained. That's what He does with us. When we give ourselves to Him, He blesses us and let us to be broken, and in that brokenness, in that process He does most important works within us, He uses us mightily for His purpose

    We often fail to understand the purpose of pain, pause, waiting, the presence of suffering and hardships. We just want everything in our life to go smooth and well, all merry, all happy. When the real tests come as giants in our way and block our way, we stumble there.
    Cause we are so obsessed with only blessings, success, happiness, prosperity and staying ahead or having name, fame or stay in equal with all around. But we fail to understand that just like our hand prints are unique and we are all different from each other, so does our role, purpose for our life and God's plan, timetable is different and unique for each of us. It's a foolishness to compare ourselves with others. We all have unique challenges, tasks and difficulties which are specific and unique to each of us. In the pause, in the waiting, in the wilderness God breaks us, moulds us, prepares us, equips us, trains us, refines us, improves us, corrects us, improves us, transforms us into that shape, image and character which He has designed and planned for us, in the image, in the likeness of Jesus. In the wilderness, in the pause we start to understand the real meaning and depth of His each words which we were just overlooking previously. Yes it is then His living words start speaking life to us.

    Yes it is in the fire of affliction He purifies us. In our brokenness we develop a humility and gentleness, a character that is too precious in His eyes. When we are at the bottom of life we learn to depend on Him and learn what is total and complete surrender. When all our roads are blocked and all hope is gone, we learn to trust Him. In our lowest we learn to depend on His strength. Yes He allows us sometimes to experience the lowest of time, He empties us completely, so that we can trust only Him and open our heart, our doors for Him alone and we can give ourselves to Him, entrust our life completely in His hand only. When we think that nobody cares, nobody thinks about us, nobody loves us, nobody sees us. When we think that we are completely left alone and we even wonder about His existence, we question if even God cares about us, does He looks us, does He understand.. Does He hear our prayer, our cry? Does He see our pain? Forget about human beings, does even God understand us..? In our darkest times we all might go through such situations, such questions, such loneliness, such hopelessness..! And what we do at such times are really which matter a lot which defines us what we are made of, what our true heart is. Most times people fail there at this point and lose their track. And this is the crucial time which the Heaven, angels and God witness what really we are! Job lost everything yet He didn't reject God, he still put his love and trust in God, he remained loyal even in the most painful time. Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, sold as a slave to foreigners and lived so many years as a slave, again he got accused with serious false witness and was prisoned for so many years , got punished for crimes not done. Moses lived 40 years in the desert . Abraham being called the friend of God, by God Himself, he waited so many years to see His promised child.

    ©Glorry Shubhashree ��

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    The purpose of our pain and suffering


  • glorry_shubhashree1 34w

    A conversation with God

    I don't know what to pray
    Keep me alive or take me away
    None of this is  in my hand
    Give me grace if  You keep me
    Give me strength to smile till the end
    And to make everyone smile
    If you really take me away

    Never did I covet for long life
    Never did I complain for short
    Only love is all I ever sought
    Love is what I am always full of
    And love I always give away

    Have been mistreated and misunderstood
    most of my life
    Have suffered and been punished
    often for crimes I never knew
    I know this life is never fair
    People with good heart
    suffer the worst ,a reality of life

    Through this suffering you are crushing
    my confidence on life ,my faith on human
    It's true Lord ,that I have no one apart from You
    In heaven or on earth ,I know no one except You

    I really don't know what to pray ,Lord
    Keep me or take me away
    Just stay with me by my side
    Whatever it is You do
    Just keep me in You
    Just stay by my side and hold me
    Just stay with me
    Please Lord,  just stay
    You are all that I need
    Please never be away

    If You are with me
    I can go through everything

    I don't know what to say
    Give me life to live long
    Cause life is more scary than death
    So painful ,so painful ,so painful ,Lord
    And if I choose to return to You so soon ,
    it's like giving up on You
    Not trusting You .

    I always trust You ,You know that
    I always listen to You You know that
    Even when everything is against me
    I really don't know why do You take me
    through such tough roads
    Whatever it is ,give me strength
    to bear through this

    I don't know how much fires and thorns
    I have to walk through
    If it is Your will for me to burn and bleed always
    I trust You, I trust You
    I trust You that You will bind me up and heal too

    If it is Your will to break me and crush me
    Then do so ,I am Your clay
    Mould me , build me ,shape me
    Whatever way You like
    Keep me, take me ,throw me ,break me ,burn me
    Whatever You please
    If my pain and suffering have greater purpose to serve
    I trust You, You won't lead me through it in vain

    You have tested me in the furnace of afflictions
    Not once but many a times
    It's not a new thing for me
    Whether I mess up with life
    Or life mess up with me
    Please just stand for me
    It's the only thing I always ask
    I always ask from You Lord .
    Just stand for me , that's enough for me .
    Only Your favor ,Your support is all that I need.
    No matter if every human on earth testifies against me

    I don't know Lord what's victory is for world
    For me ,it's when You stand for me
    When You defend, protect and lift up
    Never do I seek the favor of men
    Neither their power, knowledge, wealth
    Nothing else I seek ,I seek nothing of men
    But I seek everything of You
    All that is You ,Lord , I seek You .
    I need You. I need You.