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  • gitanjaliwrites 18w

    A Confrontation

    What I learned was one should never try to turn off their emotional switch and force oneself to not feel anything whatever if they call it as staying normal.
    We know what we feel. We just refrain from accepting. Comforting yourself with words like, "I'm good...frk ni pdta...mjse kya...fuck it..idc..etc" has always been the go to and the easier way to escape sorrow. Few only know where courage lies in not only knowing how you feel but also accepting, confronting and healing it. Also there is no such emotional switch that you can turn off/on when needed. One can always control what he does but he can't control what he wants.
    It's ok to feel sometimes! No,everytime it's ok to feel. No matter how much that hurts. Afterall it's our emotions that make us human.