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  • gingrey_ 6w

    Hope everyone value self courage to face trials in life. Not all have courage like you.
    In times of trials we only had our selves and no one is around us to rescue, except prayers for courage to ask God's guidance and grace.

    #miraquill #sunday #vibes #courage #hope

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    How much courage I left in my pocket?


  • gingrey_ 10w

    #miraquill #mirakee 08/13/21

    think twice before you end your relationship.

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    A painful goodbye is saying thank you.


  • gingrey_ 20w

    It's a love affair between you and me
    The love which you can't compare to everybody
    I gave it to you unconditionally
    Though I'm always be a third wheel
    But you choose me and love me the way I feel

    We made love here and there
    Missing both when we're not in each other
    Our life goes well without even asking about our partners
    Then made our life privately
    That only you and me knows it definitely.

    How can you tell her about me?
    Especially the love that you gave me
    Without feeling some insecurities
    It's the secrets between you and me
    Only God knows, only God knows

    How deeply purely I'm in love with you.

    #mirakee #love #secrets #pain

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    The Secrets

    How can you tell her about me?

  • gingrey_ 26w

    Don't let anyone touch your king.
    Don't let someone call you a mistress.

    #mirakee #love #own

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    Power of Territory

    Be the QUEEN to your own King.

  • gingrey_ 26w

    boy friend looks handsome, lovely, cute and almost perfect when we girls don't have our mood swing due to our periods.

    do you agree by that?

    #mirakee #love #expression

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    Before I sleep

    I meet mister moon tonight
    His moonlight shimmer so bright
    He looks stunning and lovely and
    I feel my glow when he touch my hair
    With his tender love and care.

  • gingrey_ 26w

    City with beautiful lights sometimes leads us into different personalities due to our environment/society.

    I'm not good in poems or something but I'm trying to describe the beauty of the city that they hides.

    #slowly #cityc

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    The City of Angels
    Where the gods and goddesses live
    There they found someone
    Who's not belong into their creed

    She's beautiful, beautiful like Angels
    But she's an angel without wings
    Her soul is deteriorating and
    Slowly she's dying

    She asked for a little forgiveness
    To stay with the Angels beneath there wings
    But gods and goddesses refuses
    The angel without wings

    Because of pain,
    She's trying to hold back the tears
    And slowly turning into a beast face
    Her beautiful face, her soul. left a demon soul

    She's weak but slowly turning into
    A powerful Demonic Angel without sake
    Slaying all the beautiful soul
    And bring the power of a Demon soul.


  • gingrey_ 26w

    Love has no limit
    Love has no boundaries
    Love is all about you and me

    HAPPY Sunday everyone
    God blessed us all

    #mirakee #love #sunday

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    You & Me

    Started all with a Kiss...
    Just you and me...


  • gingrey_ 28w

    do you feel what I feel?
    do you understand what I'm trying to say?

    i wish to see nightmares in the obituary section soon.


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    Obituary of nightmares

    Is a section that deaths has no solutions. Even bad dreams if you don't like they don't end in this section right? But still I wish nightmares will be in obituaries.

    Ever since I was young. I always heard mom saying, please check obituary section in the news paper. Then as a child I did what she's saying. And start reading those names who are in obituaries. They are all dead people. No lives. No families and even no wakes for them.
    REST in PEACE to those who are in obituaries.

    From that moment I started to think about why nightmares don't have it's own obituaries? I want nightmares to die, be dead and wish someday I read its name in obituary section.

    NIGHTMARES are dead... Rest in Peace


  • gingrey_ 28w

    nothing is more serious when you try to manage your life in this pandemic era. life sometimes good life sometimes its hell
    but I always thank God for the blessings I/ we had
    I/ we are still alive.

    #mirakee #love #self #life #us #fighting

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    R U M

    A rum that taste better than cola
    The choice I made for several years ago
    It's the RUM I always had on the go.

    Rum that witness a chef in it's own wreck
    But when years come rum is running out of time
    Rum held my hands and said we aren't done.

    Time flies so fast
    In the desert here we adjust
    But still we joined together
    and be part of the pandemicI forever.


  • gingrey_ 30w

    I'm different
    Not in the same circle
    As what you think

    #mirakee #love #care

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    Parted lips
    Cracked and dry
    Need some care
    Not to die