Authored: 3 anthologies. Debut book: Her Heart Beats Too. ( English Teacher)

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  • geraldine_mary 2h

    Times Up !

    Be just in your ways
    Or start counting your days
    You're unjust in your ways
    But karma surely it's justice will lay
    Don't overlook meaningful words
    Rather meaningless words are preferred
    Which way do you judge other's script
    Your idea of words is also a doubt
    Words with errors are also approved
    Inefficiency doesn't this prove?
    My love for words just makes me stay
    Or with such injustice surely I should've been away
    Many worthy ones have made their way
    'Cause there's nothing to say
    This is a place for love of words
    Why then deserving words aren't preferred
    Mend your ways, pull your socks up
    Glad to tell you , ' you're Times Up!'

  • geraldine_mary 21h

    Mere Words

    In my latest spree
    I found the ingredient for poetry
    Elements are much too free
    Result really ought to be lovely
    First ingredient is just love for words
    Especially for those by whom words are preferred
    The clever choice and placement of words
    through which is the magic transferred
    Emotions and words wrapped and painted
    Enabling readers hearts word-love aquainted
    Finding one's own feelings relatable
    Readers find solace in words compatible
    With the gentle flow of words
    Mind and heart soar as a bird
    Poetry is nothing but a therapy
    Of mending hearts poetry itself is a recipe.

  • geraldine_mary 3d

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    Voice of every heart - INK
    Blue blood does save red blood

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    Dear Ink,
    Why do you sink,
    And stop me to think
    When I dont sleep a wink
    And force my thoughts to blink

    My stacked up stories
    Become my worries
    When I dont pour them out
    Why do you my path cloud

    When my emotions are converted into words
    My silent words are heard
    But when you stop me to think
    My emotions and words dont sync

    You're the tongue of my mind
    You drop on paper all that is difficult to find
    Why then do you my pen block
    And enable my heart to be mocked

    You're sweeter than the sweetest wine
    With emotions and words you and me dine
    With your frequent flow I'm fine
    Unconsciously I'm thine

    Do keep flowing smoothly
    Allow my thoughts and words to mingle continually
    Allow me take an ink-sip as wine
    And forever flow in my veins as mine.

  • geraldine_mary 3d

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    Goodbye My Insecurities

    Goodbye my Insecurities
    An obstacle to my life duties
    You traumatize me silently
    And misguided me immensely

    You enable me to doubt
    And without reason shout
    You underestimate my potential
    Proving my doubtful mind successful

    Even one dear to me
    You turn against me
    Blinding my trust
    Leaving relationship to rust

    You always portray others better than me
    And enable myself inferior to be
    Leaving me absolutely hopeless
    Thus hating myself useless

    Goodbye my insecurities
    You just increase my worries
    My good self I'm unable to recognize
    Reality not able to realize

    I'm done away with you
    And for good I woo
    I know best my abilities
    So goodbye my insecurities.

    These may be the words of many and many would be able to relate to this I'm sure. Do drop your comments.

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    I'm done away with you
    And for good I woo
    I know best my abilities
    So goodbye my insecurities.

  • geraldine_mary 4d

    Are poems rusted memories?
    Polished with poetic emotions memories breathe.

  • geraldine_mary 1w

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    Ode To The Multipurpose Persona

    All God's beings seem to be natural
    How come she then turned supernatural
    Most unique is she in every way
    Enhancing her availability day after day

    An iron armour invisible she wears
    To shield and protect forever she swears
    A persona strong and bold
    Treats every being more precious than gold

    Gifted is she will a multipurpose persona
    Every heart in her home claims to be her owner
    Meek as a lamb but more fierce than a tigress
    By The Almighty she's crowned as empress

    She's come into this world
    For various reasons untold
    In every act of her she renders
    To wants of others herself she surrenders

    Her personal being and body
    She surrenders to humanity
    Every part of her acts in mechanism
    She renders herself to give birth to humanism

    In her body she give space to another being
    To sprout and grow and birth guaranteeing
    Her bosom she endows to nurture the offspring
    Her arms to carry to humanity an offering

    The biggest space she offers is in her heart
    All her dear ones of it an integral part
    Her life she happily for others lives
    In her every being in her home thrive

    Her body her persona not less than a machine
    Multipurpose services rendering she always seen
    Within her body and outward too
    Unconditional affection often she woos

    An ode to her isn't just sufficient
    Beyond compare is her persona proficient
    Owe it to her , she's a living machine
    Crown her with precious jewels of love , she's the mighty Queen.

    Pic credit : To the rightful owner

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    An ode to her isn't just sufficient
    Beyond compare is her persona proficient
    Owe it to her , she's a living machine
    Crown her with precious jewels of love, she's the mighty Queen.

  • geraldine_mary 3w



    Her Heart Beats Too
    A book of poems or rather an out pour of emotions
    Every poem speaks the words of a woman
    Playing various roles yet again
    If you're amongst the few hear her say

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  • geraldine_mary 3w


    Superstitious Belief Or Distrust ?

    Her superstition she embraced
    But yet badly it deceived
    She misunderstood the reality
    And faced the true side of humanity

    As a young dame did she tie the knot
    In a beautiful relationship was she caught
    Thought she would have the time of her life
    Playing the role of a wonderful wife

    Wonderful part she did play
    But reality inhumanly slay
    Role of a wife went fine
    But was refused with the boon of a child

    Much sorrow and disappointment did she face
    But determined to run the race
    A little flower did she adopt
    Believing that he would grow up to be her vital part

    A vital part of hers was the boy
    With all the best things he enjoyed
    Grew up to be a young man
    And brought home a beautiful woman

    Mother gave them the best she could
    Her good works were never understood
    She was ready to sacrifice the world for them
    But they didn't understand , of the family tree she was the stem

    The woman wanted the whole of her husband
    Hence played a foul game this story to end
    Told her hubby, have me or your mother
    The son asked mother to make arrangements other

    In the silence of the night she left without a whisper
    But the Almighty may have surely heard her whimper
    She walked on the dark road unknown of the destination
    Reached an aged home , felt it was her creation

    Found many wrinked smiles like hers
    Felt this was the right place for her
    Was asked by many why she reached there
    Said she , her old age was too heavy to bear

    But deep down in her heart she kept hoping
    Someday she'll see her dear one coming
    She kept waiting for her son
    Till finally one day heaven she won.

    Pic credit: To the rightful owner

    In todays world belief and trust may be termed as superstition to suit their convenience.
    ( Bitter Truth)

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    But deep down in her heart
    she kept hoping
    Someday she'll see
    her dear one coming
    She kept waiting for her son
    Till finally one day
    heaven she won.

  • geraldine_mary 3w

    A world without books
    Would be a world without love,
    And without poetry even above
    If books weren't in existence
    Where would poets drop their imagination
    If it weren't for books
    Where would human for contentment look
    People have found one's pain in between pages
    One has found solace in books since ages
    To caress one's sorrow
    The consolation of books one borrows
    To express emotions concealed
    Words are dropped into books to emotions reveal
    Broken hearts do poetic turn
    When on books emotions run
    No Knowledge would be gained
    If books weren't ever framed
    Religious Knowledge would never be borne
    If in Religious Books Religious facts be known
    Hence a world of books is surely a world of gold
    'Cause in books love, Knowledge, information unfold

  • geraldine_mary 3w

    I am me
    I enabled to fail thee
    You toiled but failed
    But yet you didn't get derailed
    ' Cause I filled your nerves with courage and determination
    To come stronger in every adverse situation.

    I am me
    I enabled to succeed thee
    I bound your shattered pieces of heart
    And motivated you from start
    Though you had less belief in yourself
    Yet it was me who placed the value of you in thyself .