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  • georgian_amit 53w

    Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life; dream of it; think of it; live on that idea. Let the brain, the body, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone.


    After going through these lines
    Spins my mind , neverbefore ever
    Make me think , I never thought ever,
    Puts me on fire, that never lit ever.,,,
    Touches my heart, nevermore or ever,,
    Deployed me, at never-never land,,,
    Trained me , in the fever of toughness,,,
    And finally this thought ,
    Catch me out, A. Man with Gunner...
    A. Man With Green Face..
    A. Man talks with sounds speed.
    Seals, mavericks, para.!!!

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  • georgian_amit 60w

    New smiling faces and cheers
    Heavy hearts entangled with no bear
    Where courage was high in air
    Having no roots but still with no fear,
    Where learning comes sleeping in class,
    Where wisdom comes strolling in midnight's,
    Where affinity comes by bcmcbsdk
    All good thing started to come in our life,
    Joy was all that we always pretend,
    Even find it in blowing leaves ,
    March is beautiful indeed,
    Tragedies and separation all it going to do,
    Now end seem so near,
    Losing our friends , is fear.
    Heart will shrink and
    Our emotions will soar,
    I hate that day...

    It crumples my eyes
    When I scroll my gallary,
    Those days that were full of memories ,
    Having our infinite stories ...


  • georgian_amit 77w


    Its a cavalcade of your smiles and laughs,
    it is a realm of yours, where you fall under the gravitation and experience gravity in your quixotic dreams,
    it's a palace where your mind draws pellucid sketches of your life.

  • georgian_amit 85w


    Flashes of your smiles , crawls in my head
    Ripples of your dimples, forms in my dreams
    Twig of your voice, vibrates around me...

  • georgian_amit 87w

    A knight errant

    Never give in,
    Never give in
    Never, Never, Never,
    Never give in great or small, large or petty,
    Except to convictions of honor and good sense.
    The race is not always to the swift
    nor the battle to the strong,
    But the way to bet.
    The bet to Live a Life Less Ordinary.

  • georgian_amit 90w


    SHe told me, "she is leaving."
    I asked, Why?
    Either Quit Me or Your Passion,she said.

    I thought of quitting my passion, in fear of loosing her.

    I went to her and, saw her hanging out with another boy.

    I reached out there and told her. , "I Quit"

    SHe happily hugged me and whispered, you are going to be my Mr.

    I smiled and went back to my home.
    Met her after 5 years "Mr or Master ,"
    SHe asked
    "flying officer ,"
    I replied.

  • georgian_amit 90w


    I can't believe that gravitation is also part of our dream because when we fall asleep we land into our Dreamland and there we experience gravitation..

  • georgian_amit 90w

    Bottle of blame

    Bottles Of Blame No, you don't seem to shame, for all the bottles of blame, that are slipping down your throat, without any kind of hope .

  • georgian_amit 90w

    Passion for perfection

    Burning flames of my adventurous
    Turned into ashes with the incessant rain of time.
    Now the feeble glowof my embers of hopeKeeps me warm along A solitary pilgrimage.

  • georgian_amit 93w


    They laugh at me
    because I am different
    and I laugh at them
    because they are all same.