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  • gemmah 11w

    @todayis... your gift.. I've been talking about... please accept it.. cause its very little...

    @girlywriter I can't forget you.. THANK YOU too for the tags... means a lot!!

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    Meraki... Meraki means to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself unto work....
    That's exactly what you do....

    The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds. The people that believe in you so much, you start to believe in you too.... like wow!!!!

    I honestly love being around positive people no doubt...cause there's no drama.. good vibes all round...

    What I'm trying to say is THANK YOU for always tagging me... always being available to talk to..(literally youre the only one I talk to here )..
    We are not the closest here but I just needed to do this... people don't tag me like that any more but you doooo!!!

    T- Thoughtful
    O- Outstanding
    D- Determined
    A- Admirable
    Y- You
    I- Impartial
    S- Simple

  • gemmah 51w


    Hey there, How are you?
    This is going to be a very short letter with some questions in it and I just hope that when you receive this, you'll reply me Asap.
    Well I just wanted to know sickness, Are you male or female? Or better still an it.. Are you fat or slim??, tall or short?? Who are you exactly...??
    Yes, we all know that you and health are enemies but seriously who are you?? that you claim the lives of many. In this case, you claimed the life of my wife.. now I'm alone. I need answers sickness I really do.. Greet illness for me and tell your family I ain't scared of them so they can bring on a fight with me.. I'll be here waiting.

    Yours sincerely,
    Feeble Old Mike ;)

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    I'll be here waiting.....


  • gemmah 53w

    So sorry for posting late.. I'll try and be regular.
    I'll be posting two parts today.. enjoy ��


    Meanwhile in the Palace
    Alain, furious with Quincy about the message he had spread summoned him to his chambers
    "I don't quite get your complaint Alain " Quincy said.

    "A wife I want and not a slave. you half delivered the message. A wife I shall pick from a family in the village and not just a maiden to devour. Now curses are being laid upon me, there is riot in the kingdom" Alain yelled.

    "Young man, you should know the tone to speak to a father-like figure like me, King Neville wouldn't have tolerated this "

    "Sorry about that Quincy" Alain relaxed his muscles.

    "I'll see what I can do to correct the error, your grace" he bows then takes his leave

    The message being corrected,
    All the villagers seem subjected,
    All the maidens heart at ease
    "Whom will the King pick?" they chattered merily
    "me of course, am the finest of all the maidens in this kingdom" a maiden in the village said.

    In a small house in a village in the kingdom of Navarre, a humble family lived. The family of Monsieur Pascal Agreste. A close friend to the late King, King Neville.
    " Chenelle my dear" Monsieur Pascal called out to his daughter.

    "Yes father" Chenelle came running down

    "Iva my wife please come"

    Iva questioned, " What is it my love?"

    "Yes father, you've summoned us all. Tell us what the problem is. Is there good news or bad news?"
    Chenelle went on non stop.

    "Alright my chatterbox" he tickles her. " I'll tell you both what's about to happen. Chenelle my dear you see........." He takes a long pause.
    His wife Iva, holds him, rubs his back and says

    "Dear just take it easy"

    "Mother what is it? why are you all keeping silence " the worried girl questioned.

    to be continued
    #love #inspiration #thoughts
    Get all the parts at #Cursedoffroyalty

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  • gemmah 53w

    Okay the third part is out!! and it's going to be long... so you guys will enjoy it without too much gaps... Don't forget to write in the comment section the picture of any member of the royal family you would like to see.. ��✌



    "Never mother not happening"

    "Alain dear, you need to settle and I insist you get married to king Eduardo of Spain's daughter, princess Yazmin" said Queen Devanna to her son.

    "Or else what?" Alain said sternly." I shall do no such. all for what? you and Quincy's selfish interest "

    "ALAIN!!" she said as she stood to her feet.

    "Am not finished mother. Yes a wife I must pick but not of royal blood. A maiden from the nearby village here in the kingdom of Navarre. "

    "WHAT in heaven's name do you mean by that?? are you out of you mind?? you mean a commoner worth enough to be bought a slave? more slaves you shall have Alain but am talking about a wife here not an unlucky being" Devanna said with disgust.

    "Mother!! enough how can you say that..! slaves will I need no more. Countless of them we have! what I need... sorry what I want is a wife from the nearby village here in Navarre" Alain said angrily.

    "So my feeble ears heard right" She crept back into her chair.

    "ill take my leave right away.. tell Jacques to arrange for me more case files" he kisses his mother's right cheek. "See you.. mother"

    The trumpets are sound as horses rode by with messengers upon their backs announcing,
    "A maiden, a maiden for the King will be chosen tomorrow! prepare!! prepare!!"

    Curses, assumptions, wailing and muttering filled the air amongst the villagers and young girls as the messengers rode past.

    "I knew it. He is as cold-blooded like his father, not once did I have a doubt that this unruly act of using maidens will stop" a villager said.

    "it's been three years long.. why now.. why!!" a young maiden with the possible chance of being chosen said with tears already gushing out.

    "Curses I lay on you King Alain" cried out a mother. she continued " Oh Lord please let my only daughter escape the fingers of the royal one.

    "That idiot of a King, I knew he will definitely follow the steps of his unfaithful father" a man gave account.

    "Like father like son" one said "Now I really believe that statement is true".

    All these statements filled the village.
    Fear and anxiety filled the girls.
    Pain filled the parents on the thought of losing their girl child.. and the possibility that they were soon to die??

    to be continued

    Get all the parts at #Cursedoffroyalty
    By the way.. the picture down below is that of King Alain.. ��

    #inspiration #thoughts

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  • gemmah 54w

    Soo this is the second part.. you can comment in the comments section on whose picture among the royal family you would like to see... sorry if you find this part boring.. it's just a conversation between two people.. enjoy ��✌


    "Quincy !! ahh my faithful royal adviser, we need to talk" said the Queen mother who adorns the name Devanna

    "Yes yes.. I too my Queen have been wanting to do same. Anything the matter my Queen ?" replied the tall dark skinned man who for a man, is more cautious of his appearance than anything else.

    "It's my son"

    "What happened " Quincy asked curiously.

    "The time has come for him to be father. A wife, he must choose "

    "Well you see my Queen.., a wife I know of" he smirks

    "And who could that lucky soul be?"

    "Princess Yazmin of Spain"

    "Why?" asked Devanna curiously

    "Hahaha.." laughed Quincy "Economic gain of course.... no kingdom would bring down their ego for another kingdom unless they have a price tag to it my Queen" a wide smile took over Quincy's face..

    "True true very true.. "

    "King Eduardo of Spain has been asking for our best equipment on his new project... we can't give them for free.. soo his daughter would serve as a collateral to us... think about this my Queen think. Alain gets married, Spain gets their project done ..."

    "I'm convinced. I shall take my leave now, good day, Quincy." she leaves..

    "Good day my Queen" he bows..


    #inspiration #thoughts
    I'll post the next chapter later today. the picture down below is that of Monsieur Quincy and the Queen mother, Devanna during their discussion ����
    Get all the parts at #Cursedoffroyalty


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  • gemmah 54w

    Okay guys... here is my new story. First time I'm writing a story that deals with Royalty. Hope its interesting. and a brief introduction about it is that it is about a village girl who was bethroted to the King of France.
    I got inspiration to write this story from Webtoon and a book I read some years back titled "Esmeralda"��✌


    Emerged as King on the demise of his father,
    not less than two years has he climbed the ladder
    going by the rules of the ancient past,
    on no account should a crime commited by a commoner (villagers) be overlooked
    The commoners were highly discriminated in the kingdom of France
    but yet equity ! preached the royal kingdom.

    King Alain, the son of the former king, had no business with those cold-blooded rules that governed the commoners.
    he himself was put-off by them. he presided over crimes and matters fairly.
    But the commoners were ignorant of his kindness they feared he will be worse than his late father, the previous King.
    because of that, a crime they dared not commit.
    "All hail the cold-blooded King " were the chants of all those faces which had fake grins.

    It was known by all the people of France
    that the former king, King Neville was not at all faithful to his wife.
    maidens from the village were selected on weekly basis.
    And never has there been a maiden who spends two nights in his abode.
    A night with him in his chambers,
    the next night is with your ancestors.
    Commoners cried out for justice
    But deaf the Kings' ears were to all those cries.

    Presently in the Royal Kingdom of Navarre, for over three years since the demise of King Neville, no maiden has been selected.. until NOW!

    to be continued

    Okay sooo that's just the first part so so sorry if it's too long you dont have to read it if you don't want to..
    Get all the parts at #Cursedoffroyalty


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  • gemmah 55w


    Yeah this may be temporary.. just wanted to celebrate this..
    I know it looks small to celebrate but this means a lot to me....
    THANK YOU!! to all my followers ����

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    Thank you!!

  • gemmah 58w



    Do you ever wonder???
    What it's like to be rejected,
    Many have been.
    Have you??

    Do you ever wonder???
    What it's like to be praised for your good works
    Many have not.
    Have you??

    Do you ever wonder???
    What it's like to be loved
    Some have been, some have not.
    Some used to while some never will.

    This questions and statements is what Hazel usually ask's her friends, cause all she does is to wonder about all these things she had never experienced. The only thing familiar to her was rejection and deception.


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  • gemmah 61w



    It's funny how people you think are nice,
    Turn out to be as cold as ice
    Sharing problems they say is half solved
    But with these people, your problems become a hundredfold more.

    Sometimes it's good to just forget the bad memories we keep
    What am I saying,
    Not sometimes!! Just let it go..
    What are we keeping them for really
    It just brings unnecessary weight upon your shoulders...
    And how heavy that will feel, especially like I said when you have a hundredfold of them.

    Soooo am not gonna drag this any further cause I dont know how to sweet talk, i'm not a poet
    But I'm just gonna draw out the bottom line and that is.....
    Be happy with yourself first
    The time your using to feel sad about the past and go through all sorts of emotions,
    Look on the bright side
    Try a new activity, a game or try cooking a dish you have never cooked or tried before
    "Variety Is The Spice Of Life" Right?

    P.S NO personal things attached. It's just #random so if it helps in any way then good for you���� #inspiration #thoughts

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    - gemmah

  • gemmah 68w


    A famous model she is,
    Her every steps down the red carpet,
    Sends goosebombs down our neck.

    Her intelligence and boldness,
    Is one of her most endearing qualities
    So elegant in all her gestures,
    Efficient in her work.

    The new face of the latest vogue magazine
    mummuring and whispering are what follows her as she passes by
    "She is perfect" says one
    "God took his time to make her" says another.

    But that doesn't mean she did not have haters
    She often complains to her managers about the unfair muckraking which makes rumors to spread like wildfire.

    She isn't all perfect like people say she is.
    She suffered from a terrible lung illness and she knew she would die soon
    All she had was her husband and child.

    "After my last show, i'll resign.. definitely. I need to rest and spend time with family" she agreed with herself.

    Her last show was over the top,
    She wore a simple but beautiful blue dress
    With no accessories on her...
    As she walked down the red carpet,
    Time seemed to seize
    Heads turned to look at what had made everything else feel like a nonentity.

    Camera lights were flashing here and there
    "Madam Marie, over here"
    "Look here.. we'll take you the best shot"
    Photographers kept on pulling her attention left and right.
    She smiled and gave a striken pose... the best
    That no one had ever seen.... #thoughts #thoughts

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    She smiled and gave a striken pose... the best that no one had ever seen