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  • gaurisarswat 24w

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा
    खुले आसमां के नीचे, जी उठता था दिल सबका
    #environment #crisis #livingincrisis #saveenvironment #savesurroundings
    #miraquil #writer@mirakee #writingforgreenry

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    जब महकती थी फिज़ा

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा
    नीला था समंदर, महकती थी फिज़ा
    घुटन जब हुआ करती थी सिर्फ़ बंद कमरों में
    खुले आसमां के नीचे, जी उठता था दिल सबका

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा

    पेड़ जब कटने लगे, चिड़ियों के घर उजड़ने लगे
    धुंध बनगई वो हवाएं,
    जहाँ खिला करती थी फ़िज़ाएँ

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा

    नदियों का पानी, जो रहता था नीला
    मछलियाँ जब दिखती थी पानी में साफ़
    पंडरों का पानी जब मिलने लगा नदियों में
    भूल गयी मछलियाँ रहना अपने घरों में

    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा

    इंसान है परेशान,
    जब काटना पड़ रहा है उसे अपना ही खलियान
    जब बोया था बबूल, काँटे आने साथ
    शायद अनजान था तब,
    कि यही काँटे लेलेंगे उसके अपनों की जान

    अब याद करता है, दिल दुखाता है
    मन ही मन रोता है, जब खुद से ये कहता है
    जब चहकती थीं चिड़ियाँ, खुली थी हवा
    खुले आसमां के नीचे, जी उठता था दिल सबका।


  • gaurisarswat 28w

    तेरे जिस्म को चीरना चाहता हूँ ऐ ज़िंदगी
    जानना चाहता हूँ किससे है तेरी बेरुखी
    कौन तेरी मोहब्बत है ज़िंदगी

    सुना है बेरुख़ी तो बहुत समेटी है तूने अपने अंदर
    जानना चाहता हूँ किससे तेरी मोहब्बत है, ऐ ज़िंदगी

    क्या साँसें हैं तेरी मोहब्बत,
    जिन्हें पाने के लिए तू हर जतन कर जाती है
    या मौत को मानूँ तेरा प्यार,
    जिसे पाकर तू ख़ुद को भूल जाती है

    खो चुका हूँ खुद को इस कशमकश में,
    कि कौन है तेरी मोहब्बत
    और किससे है तेरी बेरूखी
    आज मुझे बता दे,
    आज बता दे ऐ ज़िंदगी


  • gaurisarswat 30w

    Alignment becomes a need when you're surrounded by messes

    #alignment #need #miracles #miraclehappens #scatteredlife #pointless #thoughts

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    Realigning my nights
    As they only know
    How scattered I am
    As they only can
    Gather the pieces
    Of how I used to be


  • gaurisarswat 32w

    A Poetry to the love for poetry

    Poetry, a healer
    Gives you peace in the vicious circle of yours
    Poetry, a friend
    Always there when no one is at your end
    Poetry is the hand
    That will hold you when you fall
    That will praise you in your shortfalls
    Poetry, a guide
    Who will drive you on the right side
    Poetry for the path of serenity
    Rhythm for the music of hidden peace
    Verses for the words untold
    Though different names it hold
    But unvaried equanimity it is bringing forth


  • gaurisarswat 33w

    Dejected soul

    It came again today,
    like it was never gone
    Glum thoughts are hitting me
    like, My brain is their home

    I'm feeling the same today,
    Weaving a darkness all over the place
    Revealing the fretfulness and perturbation
    Scattered me, converging at trepidation

    It has come today,
    like it was on hunt
    This uneasy shake
    Is leaving me shunt

    Shunted by my dejections,
    I've lost my ambition..


  • gaurisarswat 34w

    Let yourself speak, pour it all out to see how you shine after being conserved for long
    #loveyourself #feelfree #pouritout #artisticpen #pennypen #long.lost.light #lightwithin #staypoetic #freedomofthoughts #loveall

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    There's something about some things,
    You can't do anything about
    Sometimes I feel, what to write
    I get all blank
    So, I advise myself,
    Think poetic,
    To write poetic
    But then, it all seems pointless
    So, I just let my pen bleed
    Until it heals


  • gaurisarswat 35w

    A part of life through my eyes. Posting Part-2 tomorrow morning. Putting it all in front of you, kindly make time to read it full. I'll be glad :) Do tell in comments how you liking it so that I'll be excited for next part too.
    #mystory #yolo #brokenheart #lackinglove #diseasesforlife #blessed #humanlifeisblessing #writingmythoughts #igwriter #loveall

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    YOLO is a big word.

    Sometimes we don't care about things we have..or we just take them for granted, but somewhere we forget that what's been taken for granted by us today, may take us for granted one day too.
    In my case, it's my bronchitis. I really took my life for granted, like did all the fun I could, got this mindset that you got one life only or you live once only...YOLO, even got my nerves a cut for my ex as far then I used to think he is the only one, lmao. But last year I realised that everything is not easy, or you can't have this yolo thing throughout your life.
    I realised this when I found myself unable to breathe properly.
    Guys, I really used to believe that what's in life I mean..people are weird, they just want your bad and I, from the starting was surrounded by such peeps only and it took literally years to get to know who wants my good.
    So the day when I wasn't breathing properly.. it's not just breath, my heart was pumped up, hands were shivering and my breath was stuck I could neither exhale nor inhale properly..I wasn't crying but my eyes got watery I was throwing my hands here n there in order to get that one breath and save myself from whatever was going on. (To be continued...)


  • gaurisarswat 37w

    Dice- An effort

    Life is how you rule it
    It can't play with you
    unless you surrender your dice

    Your dice of the assurance
    That what do you want from the game going on
    Dice of the peace
    That you want from the game going on

    Don't worry if it feels lonely there
    And you're finding nobody by your side
    You're only halfway through
    Who knows what's waiting on the other side
    So throw your dice
    And be the game changer of your life


  • gaurisarswat 38w

    The Wry

    I don't know what it is
    I don't know what it'll be
    But, what I do know is
    That I love every bit of it

    I love the time we had together
    I love the fun we had together
    I love how I miss you
    I love how you loved me

    Doesn't matter you're here or not
    Doesn't matter I'll see you again
    But I know you would not like,
    To see me in pain

    That's when I decided that I'll not cry
    That's where I decided that I'll not wry
    Because I know, that you'll be with me
    From the far, far above sky

    I want to write more
    I want to speak more
    But, what my heart is feeling right now
    Can't be expressed in words anymore

    I want to talk to you
    I want to know how are you?
    But I guess, it's so late for me
    To realise my love for you
    To realise, I'll never hear from you
    To realise, that now,
    I can only miss you...


  • gaurisarswat 38w

    To Hindi lovers��
    Hi there! I'm new on mirakee community. Hope you guys like my posts. If yes, don't forget to follow, like and comment

    #love #poetry #poetsociety #hindi #language #happiness #togetherness #bond #fragrance #hindicommunity #hindiwriters #heartypoems #igwriter #poeticthoughts #poetcommunity #writingnetwork @writingnetwork @hindiwriters @hindiurduwriters

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    चादर की सिलवटों में महक है उसकी
    मेरी हँसी में, खुशी में चहक है उसकी
    उसकी साँसों से मेरे दिल का यूँ ठहर जाना
    मेरा दिल कहता है..वो मोहब्बत है मेरी