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  • gauraw_king 13w


    Sometimes we lose in the process not due to hardwork involved , but due to small choices we made in the process.

  • gauraw_king 15w

    False Hope

    An expectation from unfaithul is wrecking.


  • gauraw_king 16w


    When you are introvert and shy both at once, the only way you express is by writing.


  • gauraw_king 18w


    Do not steer away from the failure. Find the every reason of the defeat. Next time find no reason of defend, regardless of the outcome, because you lead best.


  • gauraw_king 18w


    Coward and Courage - The polar opposites . Both have the awareness of the conditions. One runs away from the resistance and one runs against the resistance.

  • gauraw_king 19w

    Balanced Prejudice

    Certain thoughts of what we think are biased, it breathes through programming of our mind, we set negative emotion to one event and positive to the other for our own benefit.


    Thought Chain#2

  • gauraw_king 20w

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    You cannot change overnight, but your decision to change is absolutely overnight.

  • gauraw_king 20w


    Your surface appearance can be changed in a moment, although your inner soul needs time to change.


  • gauraw_king 21w


    You will know the value of it, when you will start losing it.


  • gauraw_king 24w


    I'm prisoned by all of my memories.