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  • galaxymilky 9w

    @queen_butterfly not random . I thought I should tag you for kicking me to scribble something :-D

    /When you don't know what to write but just scribbled all the random stuffs together /

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    Writing out mind is kind of finding peace and letting go of things which wasn't able to be aloud . When added a little pinch of poetic words and artistic beauty the authentic dish of poetry is served .

    Embedding heart's Symphony with poetic clay and moulded in heat , the art is ready . It's easy but can it be this perfect till the world growth aprt and grey in all its means . I often wonder do people get to understand what I meant from soul through the mere synonyms I choose for them .

    Like sun set with the rainy evening and a hot mug of coffee , a quill and a lonely room in the middle of the loud city is something I wish . In the everyday race I miss me , nature and the beauty of the untold stories . Pen with half drained ink and earthy books are a part of the corner table for decades ; untouched , unfinished . I wonder when will I tell again a tale about heart and its smoky past in the present like a florists who tells stories through flowers .

    The moving train is the one I fantasized most when I was that little kid with no troubles . It move past everything . Nothing matters ! It Chase out the love of life , the skyscrapers , and zenith wonders in a blink . Do the existence of moment matters to everything and everyone ? I'm scared of being one such in this busy money maker's world . Let me be a little selfish in this , with my curiosity towards people , places , things and their life .

    I wish I'm that sky above everyone who can watch everything without hurting or middling in anyone's life which they paint in hues . To know about happiness , pain , love and all other beautiful emotions .

    I miss the beauty of seasons I tasted through you
    I miss the poetic world you brought to me.
    I miss the colours of your rainbow
    Darling , I hope to breath again through your poetic hues .
    Dew drops touched ,
    little heat , flattering heart ,
    a blush , a glance ;
    Darling ,
    I miss the cold winters in your arms .


  • galaxymilky 10w

    Let it bloom right ?!

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    falling in love is a second chance
    to rejuvenate and discover another you

  • galaxymilky 25w


    Toady on bosom ,
    Creeped the blood of cycle ;
    A minikin like flower
    was never to bloom with quiddity .

    Passage ; a nerve to suck , to kill
    But not in the life of that Hustler .
    Reeks in the odour of motivation
    His essence - a diluted mix of passion and desire .

    It was the spring for leech on the backbone
    from one , to two  , to infinity : it grow ,
    Like an amaranthine on a dolent psyche
    In the judgement circus !

    Lookout the loop ! ; Pneuma is dead alas .
    The Neverland of drained cells still vivid ,
    To write the story of a heterized exogenous ;
    The mourn of a fungus  .

    Without a drive , end was soon for the soul
    Who was tried to try again
    To live as metanoia in a land of irenic ;
    For being a Refelibata in a latibule .

    The Hustler never cried ,
    Neither there was guilt nor the happiness .
    He moved up the ladders in sprezzature suits
    From day to day to conquer

    Again will the story be a success ?

    Tacenda is the only answer alive .


    When I stood in-between the Hustler and Self for the first time this place helped me to rethink . Thank you for the memories <3

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  • galaxymilky 53w

    Let the lady tragedy stike you and be a beautiful poetry for others ��

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    Tragedies cultivate memories for life time and poetries for forever .
    I bloom , wither , mould and decay within its verse.

  • galaxymilky 68w

    //rainy day.....a coffee mug, white  curtains, window side . Glazing outside the strangeness of everything around when I feel warmth inside //
    radio sings in my ears
    "a leaf fall
      touched me in silence
      pouring beauty of life,
      cosmos took me
      in awe of its existence
      till far and away. "
    It is difficult to drop down the words , when a hurricane is settling inside a messy heart and  soul . It is clear, sunny, transparent, bright and yellow with komorebi of sun , after long lasted heavy downfall days , stainless life brims in.
    "wetty yet lively
    breathe of petrichor
    touched by feverish air. "
    Another jamais vu ?
    Claimed by the silence for another eternal love
    "You and me
    like spring and autumn
    who hugs the summer
    and drenches the winter in rain "
    may be this time , the clock tick back or just sing his melancholy in deep voice for those wished listeners .For that one person and one percent he still sings !
    when walking alone in a busy road make me feel the hollowness in me . There I wish for a hug or a pat or may be someone to walk along with me to say
    walk with me
    stay by my side
    hold my hand
    follow my lead  "
    I wonder if rain got a chance to ask some to be with him when he gets ready to visit us .
    Being alone is something I am used to . I fill my world with things that never talk to me or give me a  word of solace but they heal me . And to loose one of them can dip me in tears .
    But there is always rainbow in me or I hide in it safe and sound . I feel secure there , just like a stray cat that got a home to live .
    Violet ~ Dreams
    Knight who shines in the shades of my bundled failures.
    Indigo ~ Shadow
    Maze runner without directions yet he runs and when night conquer the stage he intimates me.
    Blue ~ Memories
    Pictures, voice records, letters, books, music cologne of thousand sleepless nights with starry sky.
    Green ~ Soul
    Compose and adapt to everything that comes the way ..,like nature acceptance blooms there.
    Yellow ~ Happiness
    Kite that broke the ties and flew with its undying romance for breeze.
    Orange ~ Face
    The best actor in me who shows a great picture of lies in reality
    Red ~ Pain and Love
    Tears that which I held back for someone else and graved wounds of untold words.
    // October is coming to embrace me with post monsoon winds and rain . And here I'm waiting for you to take a piece of your mind //
    ~anagha || ©galaxymilky

    @my_cup_of_poetry for you ��

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  • galaxymilky 70w


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  • galaxymilky 70w

    Lamee (^^)

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    What makes life moving is this longing to fit somewhere I could show all of me ,
    but time is proving everything is a myth
    / peace is in the graveyard where my pen still breathes and paper bleeds /

  • galaxymilky 70w


    Credits :
    This may be good, bad or may just crossed the margin line whatever be it ..let it be ! This theme is inspired from @pen_and_paper's work .

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    A Tughluq's Reverie

    Assiduous polity oath
    The labyrinthine common
    An ostensible tale of life
    And refurbished society
    As the speaker ,
    On behalf of Stars and God.

    With each faith
    They spread the stones of
    Dominance and Power
    And on the board of gambling
    Money , the ladder to heaven
    Create the new saints on earth .

    Shining in white and silver
    With humble smile
    The speaker of God
    Become the new God ,
    And fortuneteller with
    Status and designation.

    On the terrain plain
    The ones with dreams of new hopes
    Followed the new bottled old rules
    With blindfolded hues of new Sunshine
    And shades of prosperity
    Far from ocean of reality
    We ship together to that shore ,
    But never reached :
    As the end is still the endless lies .

    Again I'm getting myself ready to be blind
    For another wealthy society
    Without suicides of farmers ,
    And unemployed youth
    And a society where
    Social equity is upheld
    But beautiful Canvas stays painted
    With a forever note on the side !

  • galaxymilky 84w

    Everything i wrote was the pain that felt but when turning back i miss my days of joy which never had a past .

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    When you do
    the prettiest embroidery
    with pains ,
    weave it on the finest fabric
    of happiness

  • galaxymilky 108w

    Just random ....

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