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    New year

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    By unknown writer

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    Lack of morale and discipline is the most contagious and destructive disease that can ever enter a people.

  • gaaf_mg 68w

    Every thought must be questioned.

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    The essence of relationships is not what we do for each other or what we give to each other. The essence of relationships is how much of ourselves we give to each other.

  • gaaf_mg 69w

    The first step is the hardest..... Take it with faith.

  • gaaf_mg 69w

    Thank you

    THANK YOU JESUS... because complaining is too exhausting.❤️

  • gaaf_mg 70w


    No apologies for keeping it real.

  • gaaf_mg 71w


    Prayer changes everything..

  • gaaf_mg 71w


    Worry is interest paid on trouble before it’s due.

  • gaaf_mg 71w


    The most important thing to persue.