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  • g_r_a_c_e_d 29w

    Should i stay or should i leave is a question ive been asking myself for months.Aggh when did leaving a person who is my home even become an option? I liked you more than i liked myself and often put your needs before mine,i didnt mind doing it but little did i know that i was slowly killing myself on the inside!i miss you and i cant help but wonder if you miss me too,i can't help but wonder if youre trying to be better..You were my escape from reality but aye look at me facing reality now,youre nolonger even my reality youre just a beautiful but painful memory.I hoped you were the one gosh i prayed God would make you the one but I just dont know at this point what will become of us..I wish you well tho and i hope you find true happiness,a happiness you were not ready to give me.

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 45w

    In this new month be better,decide to grow in all areas of your life,decide to mature spritually , read and practice Gods word more.Decide to let God heal you and let his love grow in you,decide to be joyful and dont forget to smile and laugh.Decide to love yourself more.Lets July

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  • g_r_a_c_e_d 46w

    The therapist;only needed when times are bad but forgotten in the good times.
    The therapist doesnt expect anything from you,they just want to help.
    The therapist knows where they stand in someones life and doesnt expect a friendship or relationship.
    The therapist has a very big heart.

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 48w

    Sometimes letting go of someone doesnt mean youve given up on them,It just means youve given them freedom to blossom and become the best they can be and if they come back its because they want to not cause you forced them.

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 49w

    We all lowkey want someone to hear us even without using words,to be understood without always explaining ourselves,someone who prays for us ,loves us unconditionally not because of what we have to offer but because of who we are,someone who sees a future with us , someone who doesnt keep us a secret but cant stop telling people how blessed they are to have us,someone we can grow with spiritually , mentally, emotionally and financially and a genuine friend in the good and bad times.

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 51w

    There is no where where its written in the Bible that love is pain!

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 51w

    Its heart breaking seeing someone you care about hurting and you cant do anything about it.But dont forget to pray for them God Heals!

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 54w

    My choice

    Love is a choice,constantly choosing the same person and striving to be better together,to grow together,know and develop a deeper relationship with God together.If im being honest love is more than a feeling,physical attraction,its more than the butterflies in your tummy..Love is about being selfless,being kind,patient seeing the best in someone,forgiving their wrongs and being there for eachother.Love is more than gifts or fancy dates its about wanting to know what makes them them,what drives them ,their needs,dreams its about knowing what no one else knows..Its about being vulnerable and letting your walls down..Hes my choice,he is everything i need and no he isnt perfect but guess what hes perfect for me and i would choose him over and over again because hes my blessing ,my beautiful gift from God. my personal person, my bestfriend,my support system,the person whos always there to listen,the love of my life and future father to our kids..I will always love him because after God his my first love and i wouldnt trade him for anything.And he is all i want because hes enough!

  • g_r_a_c_e_d 54w

    Gods gaht you thats enough reason for you to walk with your head held up high