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  • fromtheworldofnightingale 42w


    Looking around,
    all I see is

    The just world of unjust people
    The big world of small people
    The happy world of unhappy people
    The fair world of unfair people
    The spiritual world of unfaithful people
    The clam world of chaotic people

    Irony never knew the bounds!


  • fromtheworldofnightingale 42w

    Clam water of the river
    Awaits a pabble.

    Sometimes chaos is all you need to survive.


  • fromtheworldofnightingale 72w

    Few pink petals from last night
    Wilting away giving the pink dusk to the sky

    A wish of green vines
    For a few droplets from a morning mist for jasmine to bloom.

    The dawn asked a withered soul which flowers should we bloom tomorrow?

    Am I somehow
    somewhere between these three events?

  • fromtheworldofnightingale 72w

    Silent conversations!

    The things I hear must be the words you speak,
    The things I feel must be uttered emotions of your's

    A peaceful evening gets filled with laughter
    Like the petrichor after the first rain

    something pinched my heart deep inside,
    Presenting a woke up mind from a dream

    You didn't even say anything
    You never uttered a word
    Just your presence next to me is loud
    With Your eyes are laughing

    Oh! how can that be you aren't even here in the room!

  • fromtheworldofnightingale 75w

    Self love
    Self respect

    The chronological order to spirituality!

  • fromtheworldofnightingale 88w

    Life isn't a steep hill to climb
    But a long path,
    Inviting you
    To walk
    To remember,
    To experience
    To cherish

    Sit, relax, breath...
    Take your time
    And know that when you're ready,
    Long roads are beckoning
    For you to take the first step
    To welcome all the possibilities of life!

  • fromtheworldofnightingale 90w


    Let the world be beguiled
    By your smile --
    The only lightning bug
    In the garden of night.


  • fromtheworldofnightingale 98w

    Amateur at life

    You are still learning!
    Still churning
    Still chirping
    Still waiting
    For the perfect moment!
    What if it'll come when I am not there ?

  • fromtheworldofnightingale 100w

    Run run
    Run run run
    Run away!
    As far as possible
    Never stop just keep on running.
    Don't even stop for a moment to grasp a breath.
    Running is the only option left.

    Hide somewhere
    in the tangled coves of a jungle
    in the shadows of those mountains
    Maybe in waves of ocean...
    Make darkness your friend.
    There is no place for me to hide,
    I am the darkness how can I hide away in the shadows?
    I am the entanglement how can I hide in vines?
    I am the storm how can I hide underneath the ocean?
    I am the ghost how do I hide in the shades of night?

    I am is what haunts me!
    Indeed! For she to never catch me, running is the only option left.

    #runaway #haunt #darknessinme #mydarkness #pod #mirakee #poem

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    I am is what haunts me!

    Run run
    Run run run
    Run away!


  • fromtheworldofnightingale 100w

    #howto #pod #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    How to... A love story!

    Innocence in existence,
    Wild nature yet composed soul
    Sparkling eyes like...
    like the sunlight playing on a clear lake,
    With two brown droplets of hope.
    Personality constantly attracting, tantalizing, Inviting...
    in that garden of empathetic dreams.
    It only took one thought in her mind,
    'I can make the world a better place, because people are not intentionally bad'.
    One feeling on his part: 'she is cute.'
    And that my friend...
    How a narcissistic relationship started.