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  • fredaintme 2w


    I have a really rare friend
    We never settled our footprints on the sand
    Little by little i listened to swift
    Your presence is always a gift.

    Do you know what life teaches you,
    By letting you to enjoy with a few
    You face struggles being a teen
    But to me, so much you mean

    My eyes pointed to fan, I gazed,
    Leaning on the wall, reminds me of you,
    For you stood by my side, as i mentioned you the struggles i faced;
    that no one knew

    But still we went, we had no car
    We still went with our foot, we went near the bar.
    "We got drunk" if that is what the thought what you think
    We had the wise parents to warn us "not to drink"

    Good time ends
    And that's when she's sad
    She never messes her mood with the friends
    that she had, (still has)

    I dipped my fingers on the ocean waters
    They aren't solid, but they were strong
    I realised, you're your parent's precious daughter
    I can't compress you in a song.
    Little i know your name is Sam
    This is a big wish, i call it spam

    You really have no clue on how this wonderful little human can change my life. And, one word can define you "wholesome". But still im exploring to find a word, but no word can replace you. ❤. And, you're the rarest hug, where i felt "Hey nothing on this world will hurt you, but my hug will break you bone by bone". Love you sooo mad silly


  • fredaintme 2w

    2022 Dusts off 2021

    How simple is that to pronounce that 2021 has soon got over through words? A little hope states things will be alright, while the other part of mind says what's gonna be the big change?
    But now standing at this first porch of 2022, you might be tempted to look back and recollect a few moments which expired. Not just expired it's like it seems like it's hidden. Some things never change. Like hiding how low we feel, to your buddies. Or biting your food with a pinch of regret. God din't give us the full knowledge of what will happen next! But to satisfy with the current moment.
    Whatever the situation it is, you grow, that's the conclusion. But it's winter, play with the grey skies, reach for a warm beverage and experience minute things. Cheers. Happy new year

  • fredaintme 7w

    Ghosted Avenue

    To fall in love with me is to cherish a spooky place. It maybe amusing to visit once, but you can't survive there


  • fredaintme 9w

    Their notifications lighted your room,
    But now your phone is darker than a tattoo!


  • fredaintme 12w

    The stars they abide
    Or stirs the sorrows that you hide!

  • fredaintme 17w

    Throbbing heart, and ribs of prision

    The weight or amount of times you have
    been robbed of your dreams
    decides the amount of breathing
    It takes for you to calm down.
    The warmer the dream makes you feel, the colder it leaves you.

  • fredaintme 19w

    soon it will be autumn, and i'll have a cup of warm coffee, an old, unread book with crinkled pages, and the leaves would be a beautiful shade. everything would be alright again.

  • fredaintme 19w

    Need a hug where you bury your head in their shoulder, and they're simply holding you tight and holding on to each other's emotion. That hits different when they save you before you explode. 

  • fredaintme 20w

    behind the wheels

    We are running down the blue moon now
    Quarter tank and almost over
    Pretending we're in love, but is isn't enough
    Silence is filling here, when we have no words to speak
    But how did we come this far?
    There's a storm coming here,
    Im reaching your hand
    Don't go away,
    We were together remember? We danced when devils lurk!
    You gave your warm hands in the cold world
    Are we now breaking in this unpromised highway?
    I won't leave you, could you hold on?
    I miss the neon in your eyes
    Your dreams and city lights!


  • fredaintme 23w

    Present with you

    I wanna charm you that things are alright!
    I'm so tired, even in the night
    I fix my priority for you, just stay
    I have works to do, but still i won't walk away
    I can't motivate you, but i can hear,
    Till we see the blue sky with cheer
    I'll be there!
    Take me somewhere,
    Where we find nobody
    I'll be there, I'll take care!
    Cold surrounds our valley, i ain't sure where
    Let's find a place where pretty birds sings
    Will Dandelions bloom like they did past spring?