Mirakee is my happy place. And Happiness is my decision.♡| Logolepsy in my blood |

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  • frankie_stein 31w

    You are good enough because you try. Efforts need no validation. There is no competition.
    Yes you cannot keep up most of the time
    But does that really dim your shine?
    Oh how beautiful it is to fall and rise
    There are parts of you that make things bright. Blinded souls can never sight

    Nobody but you water your stem
    The dust beneath you hide well
    Making them believe you can facilely blossom again.
    You flinch at their touch, for they may bleed
    Not understanding the darkness, you've buried deep.
    Oh dear, let them see, what beauty there is in vulnerability.

    Soft colourful corollas dance in the rain
    Notwithstanding the seasons unchanged.
    Drenched in dreams and desires they whirl in the eddies of wind. It's indeed because of the strength that lies within.

    In silence you heal with glorious grace
    Fight nightmares alone in despair.
    Surmising a silver lining wrapped somewhere
    You embrace it all yet again.
    The melodies echo far and wide
    The blurry visions come to light.

    You whisper warmth to all who cometh
    Stepped on, crushed, twisted and turned
    Giving in love is all you've learned.

    But there are days it returns in ways more than one. When the moonbeams make you feel alive and the ocean beckons you to revive. You see passion consuming half your heart. A fresh breath of freedom seems not afar. The sombre sky in admiration or the butterflies getting drunk in your aroma.
    They all behold you and you realise, growth is something you've embraced all while.

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    Flower Child

    You flinch at their touch, for they may bleed
    Not understanding the darkness, you've buried deep.
    Oh dear, let them see, what beauty there is in vulnerability.

  • frankie_stein 76w

    When the leaves on a tree appear to fall
    I wonder is it the tree or my heart.

  • frankie_stein 82w

    Tell them how much you appreciate their existence. How you crave their presence.
    For it shall be gone soon before you realise. And all you will be left with is the memories fading each passing day.

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    Seize the moment before they cease to exist.


  • frankie_stein 83w

    What is it that we want.

    Setting the alarm on at night
    Then morning setting it off
    What is it that we want?

    Punctuality is what we like
    Yet it's procrastination that we do

    Hate is that we spread
    But peace we call for in return
    What is it that we want?

    Want Fame?
    But not ready to risk your name?

    For equality you demand?
    But injustice is what you command.

    Winner you want to be called?

    By being blind to your faults?
    By the destruction you cause?
    Of course, that is what you want.

    Good health you wish for?
    But it's junk that you crave for!
    It's candy that you cry for
    It's only the taste that you care for!

    What is it that we want?

  • frankie_stein 83w

    Time doesn't heal all pain
    We just learn to live with it.


  • frankie_stein 101w

    Drunken mind speaks a sober heart❤️

  • frankie_stein 102w

    Shayad koi khwahish roti rehti hai
    Mere andar baarish hoti rehti hai. ☔️

  • frankie_stein 102w

    Ek shor hai mujh mei
    Jo khamosh bohat hai. 🖤

  • frankie_stein 102w

    Ek ajeeb si jung hai mujh mei
    Koi mujhse hi tang hai mujh mei.

  • frankie_stein 110w

    Consoling me they said: “It’s okay. Your life has not ended.”

    Little did they know, that was the sad part.