soft & nimble fingers expressing thoughts as worded symbols feel the growing callosus until there is no difference between pens & chalices

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  • fragment 53w

    Growing Pains

    How am I supposed to overcome this
    Tragically attributing to selfish indulgence
    Unaware of rash actions rooted in self concern
    It is always too late when I finally learn

    A machete in my hand, creating the path
    Lack of concern for consequence and the aftermath
    Immature proceedings at the root of this nature
    Ignoring the requirement to care for and nurture

    Destroying the good with one fell swoop
    Self sabotaging the same with emotions that dupe
    Imparting on those people that I callously called loved ones
    Frantically searching for excuses as to who I had become then

    Reckless betrayal ensured for anyone considered defiant
    Kidding myself while shouting about self reliance
    Looking back the next day and seeing every wrong move
    Irresponsible disregard - the only words that can allude

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 53w


    I promised myself that I would forget you
    Told you how I could leave it all in the past
    I promised myself that I would not caress you
    Stuck here with you behind a wall of glass

    I promised myself that I would dissuade my heart
    Remove the gold lining that encumbers you
    I promised myself that I would not regret you
    Regarding your eyes with solemn remorse

    I promised you that I would be there forever
    Still, you embraced Death on your own
    I promised you that I would always be happy
    These memories won't allow me to move on

    I promised us both that our lives would be beautiful
    Together, we could do it all
    I promised us both that our souls were bound dutiful
    The only place I see you now is in this photo on the wall

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 53w

    The Song of Dawn

    In the quietest part of the night,
    When you hover between dark and light,
    Wondering if you can float away on dreams,
    Hoping they won't turn into screams;

    Dare I suggest that it is worth the risk,
    To dance with the foggy veil of dawn?
    In the mysterious place between night and day,
    Singing your Soul's perfect song?

    Perhaps your song will change it's tune,
    Regarding all moments with piercing shrieks.
    Or maybe you will whisper an ethereal melody,
    Having found the Sun in the reflection the Moon keeps.

    Assuredly you must go after what you seek,
    Without worry for consequence.
    Be true to yourself and your own marvelous cycles,
    Compose your song with couragous extravagance.

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 53w


    They say
    Burns bright red
    We risk our hearts
    Loneliness that cries and begs to be fed

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 53w


    Drip drop in a pot
    Mop me up
    I'm just a spot

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 53w


    Clarity of sight obstructed
    Remaining still in a sea of extremes

    Manifesting delusion
    Earthly reciprocation

    Blankets the world with a
    Moment of calm enchantment

    Wandering alone
    Nothing can be undone

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 54w

    So, this one is a bit outside of my norm, but I'm sure that doesn't need to be said. At one point in my life I hitchhiked across the United States with punk-like ferocity. The people that maintain this lifestyle are generally known as "traveling kids". The lifestyle can tend to be a bit crass, but I wouldn't exchange those memories for anything.

    I cracked up laughing at the audacity of this poem, so I absolutely had to share it. I doubt it will make much sense to anyone, but it means the world to me. That being said,


    #traveling #hitchhike #crustpunk #gutterpunk #oogle #trainhopping #trainkids #punk #getonatrain

    [ As an additional and rather important note, this formatting is known as a Japanese Lantern poem. The rule of these poems is that there be precisely five verses; each verse adheres to the following syllabic pattern: 1-2-3-4-1. Finally, the last line of each verse must either be a synonym or a word of equivalent meaning to the first line. ]

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    Still Here

    And travels
    Homeless and broke

    Homebum fires

    Sleeping bag stain

    Market carts
    Shooting some smack

    Sunset Line
    Boxcar East Bound

    © Fragment

  • fragment 54w

    Submission for the "Battle Scars Challenge"

    @writersnetwork You have graced my day with your repost; I am completely beside myself. Thank you!

    To anyone else that may be interested in supporting victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, or bullying, including but not limited to racism and homophobia, please see the links below to find an organization that stands out to you. ( Please feel free to comment with any additional services or organizations, may it be International or otherwise. )





    Thank you ~! ��


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    Disenchantment overcame me then,
    Horrified by what had become.
    Time moved along for far too long,
    Before I started singing a different song.
    Easily perceived as scrapes and gashes,
    Finally, I decided to peer beyond;
    Inquisitive and full of hope,
    I courageously opened my wounds again,
    Stepping into an ancient war zone.
    Beneath the surface of each harrowing act,
    A gift had been quietly waiting within.
    How furious it would make them all to know,
    What their actions had inadvertently done.
    Within each wound that had been inflicted upon me,
    The loveliest pearls had patiently grown!
    Never again will I regret,
    Their many painfully thrown stones.

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 54w


    During a profoundly cynical consideration
    Did I realize the need to confess

    Expression of the self;
    A hopeful posion
    Shared reality;
    The Philosopher's jest

    Who am I to claim defeat to this solemn discontent
    Maintain faith and wait

    When this collapses-

    Remember that you provided your consent

    © Katherine Bernhardt

  • fragment 54w


    Exquisitely bound to this;
    A delicate ambrosia
    Deceiving myself and
    Maintaining perfect composure

    Verbal attacks I simply chose to ignore
    Regarding you initially as my
    Perfectly fiendish savior, unabhorred

    Remaining hopeless and
    Piteously despondent in nature
    Choosing without question to submit
    To your exceptionally cruel behavior

    Exposed to something broken
    Probing and inquisitive I was enslaved
    Exposing the reality beneath the surface
    Something feral

    Unprepared for the intensity of such a hateful force
    Domination ensued and
    My body learned of pain
    And torture;
    Only then could I see myself the pseud

    Ropes and chains kept me tethered there
    Vicious echos became all that I could hear
    Desperately pleading with you until my end
    I never stopped begging for recourse
    You taunted me and never withdrew
    Mercy; a cruel joke that you would never extend

    Despite the ghastly spectacle
    That colored the end of my days
    I remained diligent and purposeful
    Succumbing with ease
    Into an early grave

    You expected my heart to bleed
    Instead I upheld a sacrificial decree
    Stubborn and unwilling
    To admit the mistakes made
    I saw the chance for change
    Evoked the last of my courage
    I never screamed again

    With a misguided sense of martyrial dignity and
    Dreaming foolishly of eventual propinquity
    I reminded myself that I chose this fate
    And I faced you with quiet grace

    Subsequently I drowned
    In your narcassitic dystopia;
    Only flesh and bones remained
    Broken down as a victim of your adhedonia
    I feebly called out to you in vain
    Somehow I always knew that my curiosity
    Would render me positively deranged;

    Haphazardly I walked into your dungeon
    A descent that delivered me to a life encaged
    Under the thrall of such a beautiful ambush;
    You easily tricked me and made your claim

    The odious guile of your character
    Destroyed my psyche
    Beyond any comprehensible repair
    Still for you I felt no amount of disdain
    Eviternity; the curse you face
    Compounded by loneliness and shame

    I can still hear your angry roaring
    As you realized what Death had stolen
    With my last breath I smiled
    As your atonement pierced my ears

    My dear Svengali,
    Do not venerate me for my escape.
    Death will never visit you;
    However, to everyone else he dutifully adheres.
    © Katherine Bernhardt