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    gentle reminder:

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    You're not weak for feeling unable to cope with something. You're not weak for being overwhelmed. You're not weak for needing extra time. We usually don't show these emotions to others so it's hard to see, but you're not alone in feeling that way. We can do better together.

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    licensed and legal don't always a
    equate to lawful.

  • fractals 83w

    "The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." - Neil deGrasse Tyson.
    Most people find that statement terrifying. The idea that the universe is truly random, that there is no plan, no reason, no logic.
    For me, that's the most beautiful part of this existence. There is no reason for you to exist and yet, you do. You are a statistical improbability in orders of power beyond your own limited comprehension, all the power a deterministic universe could grant you pales in comparison to the obscene luck of your very existence.
    You are not special, but your fleeting cosmological moment to observe this universe that is both terrifying and beautiful is. And, when your time inevitably ends remember one thing - your life was undeniably your own, you are free.