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  • foxymalia 78w

    #darkacademia has been my #vibe for a while. So I decided to #write again. I'm #glad that I'm #writing again. I really hate #writersblock

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    That Dreamer

    I thought he was my friend so, I gave him my full trust. After a few months, I trusted him with all of my social media accounts. That dreamer was my friend. He abused my trust. That “friend” used my accounts to pretend to be me to get rid of people that he hated. He deleted my precious memories, with my family and friends, in my photo albums. He changed things without giving me any notice. He changed all of my friendships without my permission. He ruined my social life in the blink of an eye. I found out what he did when I opened up my phone to talk to my best friend. I was sleeping, happily dreaming that my best friend is safe and well after basic training. I woke up to all of this crying my eyes out. 

    I was shocked. I trusted him and now this. I wanted to scream, yell and do many awful things. I talked to him about why he did all these things. He told me that he wanted what’s best for me. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR ME!”, I yelled at him through the phone. He is not my parents, nor my relatives. He was just a friend. I didn’t like his terrible attitude at all. His arrogance that he showed me, lead to me going into an emotional downward spiral.
    I started to concentrate on myself. I started to self heal from that traumatic experience. I started to read books again and be me. He controlled my thoughts; manipulated my actions and; he made me into a person I didn’t know anymore. I lost who I was as a person. After all that, I needed that self-care. I discovered who I was again. I stopped all of my social media accounts to concentrate on myself.

    I changed all my passwords and blocked that man from my life. I apologized to my best friend since he was affected. My best friend told me, “I told you so”. I was so dumbfounded. I hate it when my best friend is right. I’m happy that he is in my life while I suffered internally. I thought I lost him when I was going through my downward spiral. I, now, only trust my best friend now and keep my distance from people like that dreamer.


  • foxymalia 83w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Exhaustion

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    Life is draining

  • foxymalia 92w

    This is my inspiration:

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    Maybe I do love you,
    Maybe I do want to be with you.

    There were many before you.
    I don't want to take you for granted.

    I say maybe,
    Because I'm such a crybaby...

    I love you ok?
    Please don't let my skies turn grey...


  • foxymalia 93w

    This is for my love whom I cherish and adore. You are the man that I love and you opened the door.

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    My Loving Truth

    Once Upon A Game,
    You and I met.
    To me,
    It was an instant flame.

    I never would've thought,
    You and I would get along.
    Then fasting came,
    Oh boy, those many days...

    After that was through,
    Something came out of the blue.
    My heart started beating,
    Just for you.

    I thought it was my mind,
    For my heart was blind.
    Then the days passed by,
    My eyes started to cry.

    The yearning to see you,
    Grew and grew.
    The laughs and conversations we shared,
    They were beyond compare.

    And now here we are,
    You and I looking up at the stars.
    Although we are in our youth,
    You are my loving truth.

  • foxymalia 112w

    #god is real. Thanks to Him I'm no longer #depressed or #suicidal I feel so much #joy and see #life differently.

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    God is Real

    From depressed and suicidal to joyful,
    No medication and therapy.

    I see true happiness.
    God is real and nothing with change that.


  • foxymalia 113w

    #alllivesmatter when #blacklivesmatter
    The situation here in #America is #devastating but, we need to #takeastand for the #voiceless

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    True Justice

    The saying goes,
    "Eyes are the windows to our soul".

    Look into their eyes.
    They see fear, rage and injustice.

    A system in which they trusted,
    Never trully helped them.

    All lives will matter,
    Only when all lives matter,
    Including black lives lost.

    Justice has no skin tone
    But why are they attacked?...


  • foxymalia 128w

    Sometimes #miracles can happen when you #pray

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    My Prayer

    Every night,
    Before I close my eyes,
    I see a bright star that shines.
    I look at that star,
    Close my eyes,
    And begin a simple prayer.
    Dear Heavenly Father,
    As I go to sleep tonight,
    Please hold him tight.
    Guide him through his day.
    This is what I want to say,
    Strengthen him through the stress,
    Let him not be a mess.
    Make him happy,
    As you always do.
    Please don't put him in harm's way,
    That will keep my sadness at bay.
    Thank you for his life,
    We will continue to strive,
    Together or apart.
    I pray that we will be together in our hearts.
    That's all I ask and no more.


  • foxymalia 128w

    Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. I've been trying to #balance out my #life and college. #mywish is a #poem about the #loveofmylife became a #wishcometrue
    I swear this is a #truestory

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    My Wish

    When I was twelve,
    I wished for someone,
    I wished for love,
    Strength and,

    I wished for someone
    To hold.

    God gave me him.

    Now, he wishes for someone,
    To love,
    To hold,
    To have the strength,
    To have hope and,
    To believe in anything good.

    I wish that God would
    Help him,
    Find him,
    Guide him and,
    Most importantly,
    Love him.


  • foxymalia 130w

    #imissyou and there is nothing more to say. #iwillalwaysloveyou and he will always have a special place in my #heart

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    Missing You

    I want to hold you tight.
    I want to wake up with you by my side.
    I want to smother you in loving kisses.
    I want you home in my arms.

    I miss you.
    I miss your special sparkle,
    In your eyes.
    I miss your arms,
    Squeezing onto me.

    I miss the love of my life.
    I miss my home with him.


  • foxymalia 131w

    I love ��, I really do. I treat him like my #lover even though he considers me as his #worthyfriend
    I want things to #change for the better. #imissyou #iloveyou #forever

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    Loving Best Friends

    We are not just friends.
    We are not lovers either.

    Many people think there is no middle


    There is a middle between us.

    I love him with all my heart.
    He loves me with all his heart.

    We want to be together.
    We want to hold each other again.


    We have to wait for the right time.