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  • fortae 37w


    What is storm?
    Storm is what we feel inside
    When we see not ourselves
    But one far from the weakened tides
    Storm is what I call my heart
    When it won't stop beating out loud
    Storm is what I think you feel
    But never see rolling out wide
    When you choose to make do with the lies
    Storm is not the clashing of wave tides
    Or wreathing thunderclap
    Storm is what they let outside
    When the can wouldn't contain their cries

  • fortae 74w

    Where To Find Me

    I must have lost the will to write
    And the will to dream too
    I must have hidden myself from the light
    And lost the candles too
    I'm soaked up and engulfed by my lonely nights
    I can't seem to stop thinking about you
    A thousand times have I imagined your lips on my lips
    A thousand more I've felt your arms around my hips
    I must have loved you with all my heart
    And the most part of my brain too
    I think I've left my emotions in the tank to get drained
    And every energy it could ever carry washed away in the rain
    Now I don't kiss because I want to kiss
    And I don't smile because I want to smile
    I've been too blinded by you that I lost myself
    In search of you.
    And now after you, there's just me
    The void and confused me
    The me who doesn't even know myself
    The me who I've left to drown
    Someone please tell me where do I find me?
    Because I'm so desperate to be me again
    I wanna find me so badly I'm scared I never will.
    So someone take me away from this pills
    And tell me where to find me.

  • fortae 82w


    From a daughter to the stranger
    Who showed up only a few years later
    I wanted to ride the swing in your strong arms
    If you stayed here from day one
    I would have cried a little lesser
    If you scolded me for staying out late
    Only problem is you couldn't have
    Because you were never here

    Father, Dad... I would have loved to knot your crooked tie
    If I was in your house when you left for work
    I would have given you a tight hug
    After a long day at work
    If you cared even a little to try to know me

    Father, Dad look at your little girl
    I would have written you the world if you at least tried to connect with me.
    Not only look for us when you need a thing
    I would have placed a loving kiss
    On the top of your cheeks and probably
    Get you a cheesy father's day card

    This is your daughter calling out to you
    I still wanna take ice cream you brought
    Even though I've outgrown it
    I still wanna act like a little baby
    So you twirl me around the room
    Just so on a day like this
    I won't be stranded looking at every other girl
    Posting beautiful pictures of their own dads
    When I have none of yours

    Father, dad... Maybe I was mean to you
    When you tried to reach out
    But what daughter wouldn't put up a front
    With a stranger she barely knew
    Maybe I would have smiled and hugged you
    If you tried again but this time with sincerity in your heart.
    Father, dad... So many things I wanna say to you
    First being HAPPY FATHER'S DAY


  • fortae 85w

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    Fire I choose not to see

  • fortae 89w


    I am the epitome of fault
    Beauty of mistakes
    Theatre of failure
    The ray of disgrace
    And cloud of pain

    I am the imperfect toad
    Limping on one foot before the other
    The cold was always my weather
    I'm the one who plucks the feathers
    And burn them all up without a ladder

    I am the river of distrust
    And flash of anger
    I never follow the rules
    Always challenging every damn thing I've been taught

    I beat the drum of my tears
    Overthrowing all the heirs
    I'm the one who has taken step
    Walked the fire and dived the wind
    I never tried to be perfect
    That could never be me

    I chased my demons
    Stare right into its eye
    I won't size up or ever restructure
    Because the same word that tells you
    I am imperfect
    Also tells me •I'm Perfect•

  • fortae 90w


    I will wet your tongues
    And make you drool
    I might tune your lungs
    To the side of the moon
    Give you the taste of sky so blue
    Then light it up
    Just so it can bloom

    Like a lion in the forest
    I'll let you rule
    But I'll forever be
    The king of your troop
    I will tease you continuously with
    The taste of my love
    And leave you always begging for my warmth
    One touch from me would never be enough
    And forever mine will be all of your attention

    You could break away if you want
    Only problem is, you'll be too lost
    To see it as a choice
    I have engulfed you forever in my arms
    Now there really is nowhere for you to run

    I am what you call Addiction
    The one you turn to every time you are alone
    You let me rule every corner of your mind
    And gave me the power
    To take over all of your heart

    I am what you call you addiction
    And I am well alive in your mind
    Because every time you pick up the thought
    You light the bulb and let me shine
    You refuel the engine so I start to work
    Now it is left for you to run
    Kick me to the curbs and save yourself
    But you keep saying
    "Oh I'm not strong enough"


  • fortae 92w


    I wanna soar
    But how will I?
    When all I've got is a boat
    If I can't soar then I'll begin to paddle
    It might take a while
    But what if I swim?
    I jumped out of the boat
    By turning the engine off
    Now I forgot to soar
    And started to walk
    I broke my knee
    Love was never a fault
    Only that you made it one
    He then took my hand
    And taught me to move
    Watched me fly while I started to walk
    The shift I've been longing for
    Was here all along
    Decades ago even this very moment
    When you are nowhere to be found
    I still have it by my side
    No promises made
    No fantasies expected
    Just drowning in His love
    Just Him and me
    Writing the story of ourselves...

  • fortae 93w


    I've been warned, the message has been passed.
    The law has been made.
    Stay home!! It said.
    We've only just started dating.
    He promised to order me an Uber.
    So I don't get in contact.
    I took the ride and went to see him.
    What won't I do for love?
    We should be social distancing.
    Of course I stayed clean, so did he.
    Took precautions, sanitized.
    And then we kissed.
    Don't do it my mind yelled.
    But I can't seem to keep them at bay.
    The emotions I feel are up in a rage.
    Its been over a year we've been away.
    I only wanted to be with my man.
    If only I knew that someone else has been in his bed.
    That I'm just a pawn, and not his only girl.
    A week later he is sick on the bed.
    He caught the flu, now I'm helpless.
    I prayed, fasted and even wept.
    Nothing can change the fact that I was disobedient.
    I broke the law and took a risk.
    Now he's dead, and I'm sick.
    I infected my family, and they are weak.
    Lesson learnt, I'll be dead soon.
    I should have listened.
    Not for me but for my family's sake.
    Stay home, Stay safe.

  • fortae 94w

    Friendship & Love

    People will find it awkward.
    For friends to write to each other
    But when I think of you.
    Its like tick-tock.
    It comes like a flashing thunder.
    The inspiration to spit out some rhymes.

    Then I pick up my pen
    And move to the beat of the drums.
    How can I express my gratitude any better.
    For this friendship that brought me love.
    Joy, Happiness, Laughter, & Peace.
    Just like your name says.
    Thinking of you brings me Peace.

    I might even say a prayer now.
    Go on my knees and sing praises to His name
    I should say thank you to God
    For bringing you my way.

    I know my Peace is in Him.
    I mean I'm so lucky for him to have sent you
    Should I ask for forever friendship
    Or maybe forever love.

    I promise I'll be your best friend forever and
    Always just like you have been to me.
    I will travel the world with you.
    Make lovely memories with you by my side.

    The best give I've got is peace.
    Peace, joy, happiness and love.
    This friendship is for life.
    And this love is till eternity.
    You are my best friend and so am I.

  • fortae 94w

    # hurt # painfulbreakup #healing #badlove #love

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    I wake up every morning
    With a pain in my chest
    How I wish, I could tie it to a nest
    Let it fly, fly like a bird and lay some eggs
    I smile, I eat, I sleep like I'm fine
    But deep down no one knows I'm not.

    At times I feel you see through me
    Like girl what are you hiding
    I hide under my make up.
    I hide under food.
    I hide in my places
    Places I know you can't even see.
    I wanna blame you and say you used me
    Only if I could push that lie off as the truth.
    I still can't stand seeing you around
    But I'll always smile and say what's up
    Anytime you walk my side
    I walk, I move, I talk like I'm fine.

    Only of it wasn't a show
    My smile, my talk, my fluency.
    When will I get over you
    My heart still bleeds a pool.
    Its like I keep going back and forth
    I walk out, then walk right back in.
    I sing, I act, I laugh like I'm fine.

    Maybe I should find a job on LinkedIn
    Something to keep me busy
    To hold me from leaning in
    Leaning to the tears that still wells up in my eyes whenever I think of you.
    Can someone press delete please?
    Wipe my memory and take you out.
    I can't bear this pain no more
    Because no matter what I do,
    We were never meant to be.
    These tears of blood I shed with my pen
    Not just for the world to see
    But to rid my heart of every memory of you.
    Because I'm done acting like I'm fine.