a version of me, in the wrong wrapping paper

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  • foreverseptember 6h


    Industrious heart,
    How do you thrive?
    I'm more than willing to,
    Retire from this life,
    But still you beat,
    As if a point, you'll prove,
    That even when the joy has gone,
    Your stance remains aloof,
    I'm a flickering blip,
    Upon a dark grey screen,
    If dust is what we all become,
    Then what does this all mean?
    Still, you'll never be,
    Until you've nothing left,
    So, for now I'm kept removed,
    From the serenity of death.

  • foreverseptember 1d

    No roots for the brethren,
    Cast outs must fly,
    To remain where you're planted,
    Means you're doomed to die,
    Wanderers find immortality,
    In the stories that they share,
    Repeated with embellishments,
    But the meaning's always there,
    Seeing new horizons,
    Brings fire to the soul,
    It's like forever being born,
    Into a world with much to know,
    Step out from the shadows,
    That you placed yourself within,
    Be the one whose footsteps,
    Guide tomorrow's kith and kin.

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    No Roots


  • foreverseptember 2d

    Sinister Blue

    Sinister blue,
    Tinged with amber,
    Bitter sweet cocktail,
    What happened to you?
    They took your last straw,
    Pain, intoxicating,
    Shouting through anger,
    I can't take this no more!
    A life beyond death,
    But it's never the same,
    The sun seems so empty,
    What warmth is there left?
    They took their last breath,
    Tears, alcohol burning,
    Screaming on the inside,
    Self destruct buttons pressed!

  • foreverseptember 3d

    Honeysuckle Children

    You don't have to believe,
    In phantom flowers,
    Only smell the scent,
    Of their memories,
    Honeysuckle children,
    Bold, and so bright,
    You were autumn before spring,
    Such harvests shouldn't be,
    You don't have to know,
    Each, and every name,
    Just feel the touch,
    Of their circumstance,
    Time never passes,
    In the heart of an angel,
    But those motionless wings,
    Were never given the chance.

  • foreverseptember 3d

    Go With The Flow

    Deep joy flickers,
    The candle of truth,
    Reflected reasons,
    With indelible proof,
    We own one moment,
    But it turns to sand,
    Like water we flow,
    Through time's cold hands,
    That realisation,
    Sets your heart free,
    Nothing's worth the pain,
    Of worrying constantly,
    This river has currents,
    Whether fast, or quite slow,
    But the easiest option,
    Is to go with the flow.

  • foreverseptember 3d

    Inner Volcano

    Unwordly skies,
    Through tinted lenses,
    How can this day,
    Be my nadir?
    I'm still a fire,
    Like an inner volcano,
    That's been dormant,
    Far too many years,
    Don't you dare to judge me,
    I'm more than phrases,
    Beyond the words,
    That you can see,
    But still I'm fragile,
    I'm just a show of thunder,
    To cover up,
    My insecurity.

  • foreverseptember 3d


    Perfect assumption,
    You fail me gladly,
    Over my inward sense,
    Why do I listen,
    To your promise,
    When I'm let down,
    By your pretense?
    I wake with faculties,
    All in order,
    But so soon,
    I'm taken by surprise,
    By my disposition,
    To ridiculous thinking,
    Like chaos decided,
    To rule my life.

  • foreverseptember 3d


    Strewn in marble,
    Dark fissures blend,
    Stretching out into forever,
    Mottled mosaics, without end,
    Layers of thought in stasis,
    Formed by eons, to remain at rest,
    Frozen for eternity,
    Millions of crystals, manifest,
    Light, or evening shadows scatter,
    Resolute, those markings stay,
    Unaffected by the passage,
    Between the hands of night and day,
    Walked upon by countless pilgrims,
    They are worn, but strong no less,
    They'll remain, as I'm forgotten,
    By the weight of time, compressed.

  • foreverseptember 5d

    River Of Dreams

    Who we were once,
    Remarkable remnants,
    Of those we had lost,
    Those dark descendants,
    From earlier times,
    When confidence ruled,
    Writing out lines,
    In the classroom at school,
    Uniformity sings,
    In bold, brave crescendos,
    Before tomorrow could bring,
    A pause to the tempos,
    Of so light refrains,
    Burbling like a soft stream,
    Now just a dry bed remains,
    Of our river of dreams.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    Au Revoir Demanche

    Where do I go now,
    Sweet cinnamon?
    Am I as drained,
    And only a froth?
    A jus made of promises,
    Condensed religion,
    Piqueism in pews,
    The ecstasy of God,
    Who made me this,
    My paramour?
    Was it my youth,
    Or did age paint me grey?
    A faith made of ambience,
    Candlemass suppers,
    Liviticus rises,
    As I kneel down to pray.