a version of me, in the wrong wrapping paper

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  • foreverseptember 1h


    I never got to say,
    Those fond farewells,
    Time made me a statue,
    Trapped in my own hell,
    I couldn't see the obvious,
    Driving whilst blind,
    I wonder if I ever knew,
    Those I left behind,
    I'm someone's drunken story,
    Alcoholic tears,
    Staining paper doilies,
    At a wake of looming fears,
    I couldn't break the cycle,
    Now I'm a legacy of stone,
    The fate of real addiction,
    Is you always die alone.

  • foreverseptember 10h

    The Seventies

    Unafraid, I was,
    As a child, so courageous,
    Battling through the seventies,
    With the tools God gave us,
    Wit and stamina,
    Good naturedness, imagination,
    School yards, skipping ropes,
    No hint of trepidation,
    Undeterred, I felt,
    As a hero, so immortal,
    Passing like a blazing fire,
    Through every single portal,
    Cheers to greet,
    The chosen, and the wise,
    Before the tides of time,
    Flow in to drown our lives.

  • foreverseptember 1d

    Blackened Beach

    Precious, is nothing,
    Every grain of sand,
    Upon this blackened beach,
    Spins eternally,
    Jewels of the ancients,
    Nebulae, their masters,
    Building blocks of life,
    In constant mystery,
    The breath within our bodies,
    The tears of our children,
    Every glorious creation,
    Started in the fire,
    The eons that constructed,
    The things we take for granted,
    When will we come to realise,
    How soon our time expires?

  • foreverseptember 1d

    Diary Of Failure

    Self bestowed anguish,
    Sitting on the steps, and thinking why,
    When you've exhausted every avenue,
    Those around you say, give it one more try,
    I've made every kind of effort,
    Keeping tabs on all I do,
    But it's a diary of failure,
    That I'm left to show to you,
    Imperfections become palaces,
    That tower high, like cliffs,
    As I gaze up upon the ramparts,
    I know I'm lost to this,
    I've counted every reason,
    To hang on grimly to this life,
    But I know I'd rather end it,
    Without ever thinking twice.

  • foreverseptember 1d

    Pin Pricks

    Die for me, in suburbia,
    Clutching for breath,
    Those street lights burn,
    Hashtag never grow old,
    Hunched over by bin bags,
    Drool dripping memory,
    Eyes as dark and empty,
    As the fabric of your soul,
    Cursing me, in agony,
    Guts wrenched upwards,
    On your final trip,
    Rubber strap arm band,
    Black for remembrance,
    Needles join those pin pricks,
    As blue forms at your lips.

  • foreverseptember 1d

    Work Of Art

    Sentient, but never meant,
    To be a living slave,
    Freedom, it's a work of art,
    For which everybody pays,
    Chains are what they put us in,
    Expecting us to fly,
    Laying down your life's one thing,
    But it's romanticised,
    Camouflaged, the feeling heart,
    Isn't meant to break,
    Love, it is an open sky,
    Shining light on our mistakes,
    Labels are what they gift to us,
    Expecting some reward,
    Working when you just can't think,
    Because life's what you can't afford.

  • foreverseptember 2d


    The underbelly of consequence,
    Dark, unwelcoming thoughts,
    Fester in their own foul juices,
    As they boil away their last resort,
    The parabolic tell tale tide marks,
    Of grime upon a marble plinth,
    The mould of every bad decision,
    Covers over every inch,
    The stale repast of unwashed virtue,
    Rank, emitting fumes to choke,
    Vapid vapours haze the daylight,
    Acrid palls engulf the throat,
    The symbiotic crystalline fingers,
    Dripping poison like an overflow,
    Prime the conduits for the deluge,
    A reservoir of filth about to blow.

  • foreverseptember 3d


    I'm dejected,
    If nothing else,
    But then struggling,
    Helps us free ourselves,
    Those giant mountains,
    From molehills made,
    Are the lemons from which,
    We make lemonade,
    I'm introspective,
    Like no one else,
    But being thoughtful,
    Brings knowledge wealth,
    Those open wounds,
    Of which we were,
    Become distant memories,
    Once we learn to care.

  • foreverseptember 5d


    The uncertainty of 'what if', sometimes outshines the certainty of 'what is'.

  • foreverseptember 5d


    Dishes of pewter,
    Plates of delft ware,
    Corrosive tides of time,
    Will always find you there,
    Mudlarks and pieces,
    Low tides lap the shore,
    The churning, cold river,
    Will expose you once more,
    Broken lock bike chains,
    Plastic tub lids,
    Mixed with the ghosts of old London,
    Lifted from where they were hid,
    Clay pipes and tokens,
    Bottles stamped with old names,
    Lay like glittering prizes,
    Until the tide takes them again.