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  • foreverseptember 5d

    First Birdsong

    This is the first birdsong,
    The beginning of the day,
    How sweet to feel so much alive,
    The devout kneel, and pray,
    I'm barely conscious as I sit,
    Amongst the sprawling scene,
    Of town houses that juxtapose,
    The trees and fields of green,
    My ears are drawn to listen in,
    On the chirping chorus rise,
    Like a symphony of nature,
    Free to all who take the time,
    To unwrap themselves from suburbia,
    And just be still, and learn,
    That ambition isn't everything,
    When mother nature gets her turn.

  • foreverseptember 1w


    Washboards, between floors,
    Scrubbing out the stains,
    Laundry day, all work no play,
    Let's hope it doesn't rain,
    Washing lines, saving time,
    Hanging high across the streets,
    Apartment lots, it never stops,
    Trying to make ends meet,
    Diapers filled, losing the will,
    To ride this merry-go-round,
    Always room for more, who's keeping score,
    In the poorer end of town,
    Skies of blue, but we're rinsing through,
    The ringer is our life,
    Kids with thread bare clothes, wiping their nose,
    On the rags of a tired housewife.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    The Adventures - Broken Land (1988).

    If I had the flow of the adventures,
    That broken land I'd try to heal,
    For how those words burned deep inside me,
    No other song could make me feel,
    Frozen to my very core,
    Yet, so alive with wings to fly,
    How that melody speaks to me,
    It's the last I'd hear before I'd die,
    Oh, so long ago now flourished,
    Hardly heard on any frequency,
    But I'd repeat that song forever,
    For it means so much to me,
    Timeless in It's message spoken,
    Today it is as pure as then,
    No volume is too loud to listen,
    To heaven in that song again.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    Falling Stars

    With the stars, we fall,
    Burning through the atmosphere,
    Lighting up those darkened halls,
    Epitomes of latent fear,
    How cruel this cold astronomy,
    With telescopic views denied,
    Yet, here we are as asteroids,
    There's no place left that you can hide,
    See your skies become as cinders,
    In a blink, all life is gone,
    Billions of years of evolution,
    Lost, as it was all along,
    Out beyond the solar system,
    Waiting in the eternal gloom,
    Comes a calling card, a warning,
    The end will be here all too soon.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    Trust Less

    Believe in nothing,
    And disappointment will cease,
    There's no greater journey,
    No blissful release,
    Energy gets wasted,
    When invested in lies,
    Conserve all your passion,
    For what's before your eyes,
    Expect no favours,
    You won't be far wrong,
    They'll be no regrets,
    For you, when life's done,
    Health becomes squandered,
    By chasing a lure,
    That was neither there to begin with,
    Nor a permanent cure.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    Calligraphy Copperplate

    Graphite markers,
    Calligraphy copperplate,
    Curves versus lines,
    In battle to magistrate,
    Over promise, and deed,
    Solemn gravity binds,
    In a cold power struggle,
    Between conscience and mind,
    Dark ink in the well,
    Bleeds up through the nib,
    To be used as fate's gambit,
    To sign off all you'd bid,
    As life ups the ante,
    Each chip lost, becomes fire,
    That consumes a lost soul,
    To keep gambling higher.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    Suicide Watch

    Perhaps I can walk away,
    To become forgotten in the mist,
    A ghost upon the morning,
    A life never to exist,
    How sweet forever seems,
    In the warmth of darkest clothes,
    A nobody made beautiful,
    By eternity's repose,
    In bottles, or sharp edges,
    The fate of all shall bring,
    A rope to hang my dirty laundry,
    But I'll no longer feel a thing,
    How kind the offer to agree,
    To be disappeared, without a trace,
    A name expunged from life,
    And all of time and space.

  • foreverseptember 1w


    We don't get to go back,
    To make right our wrongs,
    Confessions of the heart,
    Are the basis of sad songs,
    They recognise the futile,
    Efforts made to change,
    Things that have been set in stone,
    Where they shall always remain,
    We are eclipsed by time,
    That shadow reaches out to all,
    No matter how beautiful your life,
    Every piece of it will fall,
    Impressions on a soul,
    They're the only things we leave,
    It's a shame we can't be humble,
    Whilst we still live and breathe.

  • foreverseptember 1w


    Don't conceive a certain bliss,
    Without considering repercussions,
    Perfection is a state of mind,
    Open always to discussion,
    Utopia is no physical place,
    It's just accepting who we are,
    But when you preach elitism,
    Then you've already gone too far,
    Don't submit to one size fits all,
    One answer, and one creed,
    There's individuality in everything,
    Labels are never what we need,
    Placing others into boxes,
    Is a way to breed a violent state,
    Difference shouldn't be denied,
    Or laced with shame, or hate.

  • foreverseptember 1w

    We Yield

    As in that hour,
    We all must face,
    The final hurdle,
    To our race,
    Victory is bitter,
    When life is so sweet,
    When tomorrow's no longer,
    At your feet,
    Should we bare witness,
    To our deepest fears?
    Pray to be forgiven,
    For our wayward years?
    Dark indeed,
    Such a weight to feel,
    Before eternal night,
    We yield.