FOOTBALL IS MY DRUG AND RONALDO IS THE DEALER... ⚽⚽⚽ @the_sapphire_sparkz my lifeline ��

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  • football_freak 128w


  • football_freak 130w


    Me: ami sure amr 2020 te sob kosto chole jabe r santi te jibon katabo ..
    God be like:ase kaise chalega.

  • football_freak 131w

    Guess whats going to happen next u need high meme knowledge for this...
    Answers in comment below...

  • football_freak 135w

    I want to be in ur arms,
    Where u Hold me tight,
    And never let me go..

  • football_freak 139w

    God of football

    No alcohol
    No smoking
    No drugs
    No tattoos
    Blood donor
    Yes he is also a footballer
    He is
    Cristiano Ronaldo...

  • football_freak 139w

    Felt it while we kissed for the 3rd time.. ����
    1st r 2nd cherei de mone rakhar iccha nei ��
    1st r 2nd akdom faltu chilo ��
    But 3rd onw was love..����
    Dedicated @the_gentle_sapphire

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    There's a moment
    Between a glance and kiss
    Where the world stops
    For the briefest of times
    And the only thing between us
    Is the anticipation
    Of your lips on mine
    A moment
    So intense
    It hangs in the air
    As it pulls us closer
    A moment
    So perfect
    That when it comes to an end
    We realize
    Its only just beginning...
    -Abir Sengupta

  • football_freak 139w


    If football has taught me anything that
    Is that u can overcome anything
    If,and only if, you loved something enough...

  • football_freak 140w

    Secretly In love with You

    I'm right here, I'm confused

    I'm right here, why can you see right through?

    Every day that passes by

    Loving you is something I couldn't deny

    Everything you see is not what it seems

    Every night, you're the one who's in my dreams

    Why was it so hard for you to see

    That when you're near it's hard for me to breathe

    Every single day I patiently wait

    Because all I wanted was for you to stay

    Was it too hard for you to feel

    That I love you more than myself.

    You gave me enough reason to smile each day

    Because my sky was dark until you came

    My world was nothing better than it is now

    Now, that I knew that someone like you exist

    If someday you'll know what everything should be

    Maybe you'll realize how much I want u

    But I'll be here and always waiting

    Because my heart beats for you as long as I'm breathing.