A fine dumpyard of my emotions and imaginations, filled with threads from my cluttered thoughts��

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  • flamesfrommind 2w


    Fears from the dawn of past,
    Some long lost battles await,
    Scared she is afraid to face again,
    And get through the replayed consequences once again,
    To feel again and dig again,
    Into the canal of leaking emotions,
    Through the racks of the shelf,
    Filled with bottles with pain labelled potions,
    She doesn't let anything erode the steel out there and get to the cream within,
    It's easy to not feel,
    Shutting emotions out of life's reel,
    And not realise the hollow and once broken,
    She is scared to feel again,
    But feeling is human,
    And one day when the content reaches upto the brim,
    May be then she will be a broken tap,
    Flooding many,
    Till then perhaps look out for the deserted soul she has contained in,
    Acting out humanity as if she cares,
    If anyone ceases to test her?
    Nobody does dare.

  • flamesfrommind 16w

    Delicately Carved

    "Look at the Helen of Troy, her beauty now so intricate,
    Such finely drawn eyes over the carving so delicate", they uttered.
    "The 21 surgeries had an effect too animate", another pronounced.

    Under that outer perfect piece of art lies a little girl.
    Though the sculpture looks like a grown-up lady, her soul deep beneath is young.
    She had lost her childhood to many responsibilities on her still uncut shoulders,
    Some that included fulfilling her own wishes of what she desired to become,
    Through the chills of winter nights which made leaves of trees to whirl,
    She made it straight onto the chair letting her midnight oil burn,
    Blued the sheets with ink from her pen like sword,
    Committed to her duty she earned her degrees to make them hear her word,
    That was what she yearned for, to make her voice loud,
    In the still unchanged world maybe just for a little amount?

    Dominance; a word not so new, ringed in her ears,
    Each time the demons would have a stroll in her life to awaken her fears.
    Shaken by her own existence she still chose to be the shield,
    To not let the eyes so evil destroy her sister's sleep.
    She lost her peaceful nights to the nightmares,
    Saw herself walking barefooted, over heated pins within meadows on fire,
    Constantly heading towards her aim leaving a bloody trail,
    Just to make her command loud and clear,
    In a society which was harsher than her darkest mare.
    They thought of her as the iron and placed it over flames,
    To mould and carve it, they felt was a good game.
    Through the red, blue and colours in between,
    The fire burnt her soul,
    Till it emitted the purest white sheen.

    Once as she walked through the meadows in her dreams,
    Liquified fire took over her shiny skin,
    And she fell over the heated pins that were laid beneath her feet.
    It was the acid that snatched her entity,
    Melting her dermis it got control over her identity.
    She was broken into pieces,
    But was left to gather herself part by part only by herself.
    Vowed to tear the laws and sew them back into newer versions,
    To churn rights out of the blinded notions.

    Yes, she now has turned into the "Helen of Troy",
    Breaking the edges of scalpels which tore her,
    She has become the finest with her courage,
    And has made her roar heard,
    The fine eyes that they describe,
    Have the shine of a polished weapon,
    She has learnt to pull the trigger to command upon,
    The rose petal-like lips which have a colour so red,
    Have the edges of a blade,
    Such that her spoken words, within each heart are sure to engrave.

    Commenting on the outer shell, still, they ask her to hide,
    Pulling the veil they ask her to hold tight.
    That is her special day to celebrate,
    When they take into talks, her self-made powerful face,
    They still choose to consider it, to define her ace,
    The 21 surgeries that "Delicately Carved" her couldn't make her at all, delicate.


  • flamesfrommind 18w

    We desire certain things more than anything else and value them as priceless. What the whole universe does is to make u believe u were forever complete enough before and now too without that very thing with u. All u belong to is to ur self.. U r enough. Forget ur desires.. Return it to the universe coz then ur the winner.. Winning urself over and over again.

  • flamesfrommind 21w

    Tele-consultation a boon or bane?

    It's just a click away,
    A professional support is on the way!
    To look after the earthlings,
    Who in the apocalypse caused,
    Are failing from living,
    And losing hope with diminishing ease,
    In inflating the lungs with a satisfying gush of need,
    Gasping for air to peacefully breathe.
    O2 is the only means,
    Attaining the peak of exigency now falling short,
    Has united every insomniac part,
    Of the world as one,
    To fight the deadly cause,
    Losing sleep to the catastrophe,
    Which an assassination drive,
    By the virus on mankind.

    Saving from drifting apart,
    From the surrounding anxiety,
    Arising from death and worsening health,
    With withering wealth and widening poverty.
    Making note of symptoms and signs,
    Whether it is the virus or assuring to be benign,
    Reassuring ways to solve the mind,
    If prevention wasn't fruitful enough,
    There's at least cure on time!
    No waiting lists and lines,
    Not for trains or buses,
    But for beds or just a medical advice,
    Sit there and relax,
    Before you count the number of breaths.
    It's just a click away,
    And a professional support is on the way,
    Through the screen,
    And through the thick and thin,
    To have your back.

    A future bright and less contaminating,
    Goes to the world of digital medicine,
    As an onscreen service provider,
    With least physical contact,
    And no transmission of germs,
    Accompanying the yellow, black and white,
    Growth of networking blight.
    It is an hour to act,
    Wisely enough to save our being.
    Job security to healthcare providers,
    Has to have an increment of that in folds,
    To protect the noble profession aged and old.
    Defending beneficence and fighting against covid-19,
    Along with you offering both shoulders to lean,
    Life in the body is what they vow to hold,
    In scores together each day,
    Standing for you with a covered smile,
    A little grim but sacrificially bold.

  • flamesfrommind 23w

    A Harmonious Night

    I listen to the rain till I fall asleep,
    The aimless music has a million tunes,
    The dripping, trickling and showering water every time feels so differently new,
    As the ends of two clouds meet and clutter,
    There is the crackling of a mild thunder,
    That brings a slight shiver down the spine,
    Like the favourite song that you listen,
    When it touches your soul and mind.

    The relentless drizzling rain ensures,
    The perpetual nature of the endless tune,
    The water softly striking the shades,
    And the rain drops crawling to the tips of leaves that flow,
    Falling onto the ground making ways,
    Through the crevices to the abstract hollow.

    Under the pearly twilight,
    The crickets sing to add cacophony,
    To the much preserved water laden symphony,
    And rain like a forlorn spirit consumes the night,
    As my eyelids fall over my eyes seeking bliss,
    From the harmonious imagery that is created,
    Tuning with my soul and mind.

    - Debasmita Pal

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    A Harmonious Night

  • flamesfrommind 25w

    They say trust the vibe, person and then the time. But then the time that you trusted wasn't trustworthy.

  • flamesfrommind 27w

    There are times when you begin to feel you act as a burden to people who are close to you or you find close to yourself. You don't want to hurt them even the slightest and being a human it isn't a humanly job to extract a single block from an almost falling jenga without resulting in its fall and you end up hurting. Its the worst feeling in the world you get. You just want to extract yourself from their lives so they can live better and don't feel a constant burden which you feel you may have acted like. It's not on purpose it's certain situations which make you turn into such a mess within your own mind. And the extraction of yourself which you planned for their good or rather for satisfying your own clumsy mind doesn't really work out as you get tied to the vicious cycle of losing self.

  • flamesfrommind 29w

    The Pall Known To All

    Realised ever the nature of the abstract,
    Or the subconscious state,
    It won't let you forget or reach the exit gate,
    Following the one-way path you leave a trail,
    Through your wandering companion called your brain,
    To long lost lands of broken thoughts sewing into a tiny tale,
    Of your life till now you get a biography made,
    Of yourself with the boundaries restricted by a pall,
    And not of the being outside known to all,
    Which you wrapped around the abstractness that filled the sack,
    Which made the pall taut but didn't reveal the lost soul in pack,
    You didn't realise how you just discovered it's hiding place,
    During the continuity of the Gerald in your head,
    And dragged the lost pieces out again to be found,
    Believing that there wouldn't be more trials or thrusts to land them down onto the ground,
    Still fought the battle under the pall,
    And the undaunted fight remained unknown to all,
    A battle within self through dusk and dawn.

    -Debasmita Pal

  • flamesfrommind 43w

    Will you accept me?

    Do you know...I have begun to care for you more than myself,
    I feel if you are happy that makes me much happier,
    Do you know I miss you if I don't text you for even one day,
    But for the sake of your mental peace I prefer not texting each day,
    But by the end of the day my mind is exhausted in this merry go round turning in me,
    Whether to leave or to text one last time,
    And I do...
    Continuing it for a millionth last time,
    I have controlled myself so much,
    But I think I am rolling into this without my fault,
    Once you hold my hand and call me up,
    I fly,
    But as soon as you leave I lay still,
    With just the current of air driving me,
    For this time I won't fall,
    The current of self love flows in me,
    But with all my heart and mind,
    I feel I've tilted my pointer towards you...
    Will you give a chance and accept me?
    I promise I won't do things that burden you,
    I just want to be a source where you lay your inner self,
    Just the one to do small miracles like an elf...
    In your life and to myself...
    Will you...
    Accept me?


  • flamesfrommind 44w


    Ever imagined yourself to be the tree in between?
    To play and rest under just your shade.
    If leaves grow on one side the other side is watered,
    If both sides even then one side will dry off to clutter,
    Oiling will clog the pores of the other side and not allow breath inside,
    Clogging the mind will not allow to figure out the wrong and the right,
    Uprooted from that side then,
    You are ready to fall on to the opposite side.
    Holding tight they will not allow you to fall to that very side,
    If it doesn't work a rope is tied,
    To your trunk and is held tight,
    Amounts to be a brain war at your side,
    And a tug of war played on theirs,
    Oh! Let it be kept aside.