I Got A Lot To Say. Hope You"ll Like It Either Today Or Maybe One Day. Instagram: @fka_rathore

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  • fkarathore 5w

    The source is now to sustain in free will, to be in this self zone and create a series of activities for the goodness of what makes one's happy. To keep that reality to just oneself and not letting any outside energy diverge or deflect just the soul in the closed bubble.

  • fkarathore 6w

    Kisse Kahaniya Sab Kahi Zindagi Ke Bhag Daur Mein Abhi Choote Hain,
    Humne Garam Joshi Ki Mizaaj Apno Pe Dikhai, Ab Dil Ke Sage Humse Ruthe Hain.
    Yun Toh Farmaan Aftaab Hote Nahi,
    Yeh Mafiyo Ke Tabut Se Koi Gade Murde Rishte Zinda Karne Waali Baatien Na Kaho, Yeh Jhoothe Hain.

  • fkarathore 14w

    May Be I Am In Traffic,
    I Got My Vision Blurred, My Hearing Senses Compromised, I Am Unable To Hear The Horn, Look At The Sings Correctly,
    And I Am Taking Terrible As Terrific.

    May Be I Am In A Zoo,
    My Recalling Powers Are Condemned, My Consciousness To Realise Reality Is Fading,
    Someone Said To Me That The Snake is a Big Leech,
    And I Taking Their Word As True.

    May Be I Am In A Cart Box,
    I Am Losing My Strength To Open It Up, I Am Incapable To Think Even Outside Of It, I Am Getting So Comfortable In This Misery,
    And I Am Accepting Their Words That From Outside It's Lock.

  • fkarathore 14w

    Sometimes, it's so hard to understand even, let alone accept that we are growing, some of us are in endless jobs and some are endlessly finding jobs.
    Someone's startup is crashing, someone's business is crushing.
    But deep down all wants to escape reality for a weekend, a week or weeks.
    Be in a place with no Social Media showing others progress or downfall, no pics, no chats, no calls.
    Somewhere in the serenity of nature, to live life like an alive creature. Maybe with someone who tags along, just solo one-on-one and aloof and alone.
    Sometimes a detour is the right way to get back on the correct track.

  • fkarathore 17w

    You know there's this instability of soul which occurs not when you are unable to smooth up your soul but watching at your loved ones being in a distress and not accommodating well with the fixture of the harsh reality and compound sadness life's frequently acquiring, on its own, outta nowhere with no notice.
    Now to this unwanted sadness as guests, whether to welcome or to manoeuvre through is a task, we all flunk.
    But to provide support in which to your loved ones during this aftermath, whether to let time run its course and give space or be the Noah and part the sadness to two halves to make the flow of sadness stop, well... How-To Consolidate And Cheer Up, Is A Question I Find Harder Than Myself Being Sad.
    I Don't Wanna Be Over Doing Anything To Annoy & Neither I Can Let Someone Just Be In Their Place, Sulking Alone.
    Love Is In The Dilemma Maybe.

  • fkarathore 19w

    In a blissful morning, it too shall pass,
    I will be completely drained by those I mattered, like yesterday it was.
    The planning has its plotting for supplementing to the wrecking of the world's frightening solidarity, Alas!
    I am trying to "unknow" this hunch of wisdom which is always right, mind versus heart fight, choosing hope over facts that there's still some left, slight, maybe what I think as water is just a reflection of the boundless light of truth, but still, maintaining my false with this crystal glass.

  • fkarathore 20w

    Hey, Listen Up,
    Tear Down Others Minds, I Am US Troops In The Gulf,
    Substance Inside Me So "GREEN", I Got The "GRANDMA" Radiation, Call Me Fudged Hulk.
    Yoh Whip, You Whim, You Carelessly Throw The Dime, You Never Commit To Your Crime, Lord, You Even Flunk The Sulk.
    In The Tiny, Of The Miny, To All The Gryffindorians Who Couldn't Score Hermione, Cause They Weren't Ron And Whiny, You Got Get Out There On The Bunk.
    Cause You Know, In The Show, There"s Not Cross Verse In Life Of Flash & Arrow, Jack Is Not A Pirate Anymore, Got False Convicted Like A Sparrow, Yet You All Wanna Be A Punk.
    Skin, In The Film, Is Exposed & In IRL Too Overdosed, They Chose To Give No Wooden Plank To Rose, But They All Want Her Behind The Closed Door, But Never On The White House Floor, To Do The Free Leader's Chores, It's Easy To Flitch The Line Of Professional & A Whore, But Never Does One Tries To Differentiate Cause They Are Bore, But Believe The Justice Got A Better Hammer Of The Verdict Than The Mighty Thor, Damn All These Thoughts Just When I Not Drunk.

    So, There's An Irritation,
    A Literary Actual Irrigation,
    That In This Half Of The World's Dimension,
    They Stop You When You Question,
    They Can't Handle The Interrogation,
    They Just Want To Follow Their Orders, Otherwise The Society Orders An Emancipation.
    Cause They Don't Wanna Discuss Publically Hygiene In Elaboration,
    Just Try To Rot & Erade In Degrees, Like Nature's Elimination,
    We The New Gen Should Change The Society's Setting & Configuration,
    Let Make It Common To Talk About Women & Their Menstruation.

  • fkarathore 22w

    Zindagi kahi basti hain jaahan, woh teri zulfo ki shuwa hain..
    Maine jo har sajde mein maangi, tu woh duaa hain.
    Teri eshaas matlab, maine mere khuda ko chuaa hain.
    Dil, mehej ek hissa hain, tera toh ab mera yeh rooh bhi hua hain.

  • fkarathore 24w

    At the Top, got no strings with Ramon.
    Let others be in the sea, I got no desire to be anyone's salmon.
    I am a hurricane whenever they hand a microphone.
    My melody brings optimism at prime, my voice is my Megatron.
    I don't wanna one in a billion,
    I don't wanna be the one in the pillion,
    Life of mine is an all-natural brew, I don't fake it with silicon.
    Let your dream destination be Manali, I am on my Trance zone!

  • fkarathore 24w

    The reflection on the mirror,
    Shows that I am still here, through all the troubles and horror.
    Some I wish to erase, had I have been a computer.
    Your teachings aren't welcomed, my experiences are my best tutor.
    I am now on that stage,
    I am reborn from my ash and my rage,
    I am done being in the cage.
    I am here now to collect my deserved wage.