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  • fish_n_chips 22w


    मुझे बातें नहीं मुहब्बत चाहिए थी तुम्हारी,

    मगर अफ़सोस मुझे ये कहना पड़ रहा है |

    Ali zaryoun

  • fish_n_chips 23w


    ये जो आए हैं देहलीज पे पुराने ख्याल बेवखत,

    इन्हे पानी पुछें के आज फिर रवाना कर दें।


  • fish_n_chips 24w


    कितना ही अपनापन होता है बातों के जाल में,
    तनख्वाह पूछ लेते हैं लोग पहले सवाल में !!


  • fish_n_chips 25w


    नई तकलीफें, कुछ नुस्खे, और नए लोग बता ऐ जिंदगी,

    बीती गलतियों को कबूलने का, कोई योग बता ऐ ज़िंदगी ❄️


  • fish_n_chips 86w


    Qaza dheere dheere se yoon aa rahi hai,
    sar-ae-raah vo roob-a-roo aa rahi hai..

    Badhi aa rahi hai vo kooje ko mere,
    ki khoyi hui aa-baroo aa rahi hai..

    Bohot paas aate jaa rahe ho mere,
    ke mujhe ab judaai ki boo aa rahi hai..

    Sun zindagi ab mere raste badal de,
    ke har raaste se tu hi tu aa rahi hai..

    Sabhi kar rahe hain yahan qayamat ki baten,
    aane do mai kya karu aa rahi hai..

  • fish_n_chips 87w

    We humans have a habit of taking everything for granted
    When we lose something only then we realise what is lost.
    This time on qurantine, please be available for those who really cares about you when you're not around them. It breaks the heart when you can't appreciate them.��
    2020 has not been easy for any of us.
    Try to make this work. ����

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    Meri samajh se pare hain ye aaj kal ki baten,

    Khudgarz aur vyathit hain ye aaj kal ki baten..


  • fish_n_chips 87w

    'Do you believe in luck?' Someone asked me today.
    'Yes, I do.', I replied.
    'How do you still find a way to talk to her?'
    'I don't'
    'And how far can you think this will go?'
    'I don't know. I just don't want it to end.'
    'So you think that will help you?'
    'Sometimes you just need the memories.'
    'And what if it's painful and it's not leading you anywhere?'
    'I don't want to take part in the same race that everyone is going through. Is that the way how life works?'
    'And it just gonna end soon. Don't you think you should just move your head to the people who still loves you?'
    'And how does that help me?'
    'You'll atleast have a way to the positivity.'
    'And what you think why I am like this?'
    'Coz you're still in your past. People come n go and you can't stop them even if you try your best.'
    'And if the person still thinks about me ?'
    'Cmon, don't be delusional, If they wanted to be with you, they could.'
    'I am childish and delusional coz she made me to think that way.'
    'But now she's gone.'
    'She's gone coz I let her, not coz I wanted to.'
    'Do you still have feelings?'
    'There are some thoughts you can't avoid, and some feelings you can't deny.' ��

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  • fish_n_chips 88w

    One thing is realization. ��
    You can not make a person to fall for you but you can always trust your instincts and realize that nothing is permanent. ��

    These lines are dedicated to those who are still waiting to be a part of that one person they want to. ❤️

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    Vo aaina, vo shaks, vo jazbaat aur vo dhoop,

    Sab kuch samajh ayega tu tasavvur utha Kar dekh..


  • fish_n_chips 89w

    This is when you step outside of your room and look at the full moon in the midnight and realize that the person whom you used to call at 2 AM is not the same person anymore. ��

    When the moon reminds you of who you actually are and what wrong you've done to get these things in return. ��

    And the answer will be lost.
    Lost like most of us who just pretends of being someone's favourite. ��

    We spent most of our lives keeping others happy while we forget that we have a life too. And when we actually realize this, the world will be too shallow to recognize the dream that you had and the person whom you loved. ❤️

    Happy reading everyone.��
    Open for all the correction in the poem. ��

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    Ek baat batlao tum mujhko
    Har baat pr socha karte ho?

    Jitne bhi gaye alfaaz magar
    Jazbaat pr socha karte ho??

    Hain yahan nahi vo afsane,
    Jo kaam tumhara kar jaye..

    Ab tumne jo banaye Hain unn
    Halaat pr socha karte ho??

    Smjhaute ki khatir jb tumne,
    Haath kinare chora tha,

    Aj iss kali rat me fir uss
    Mulaqaat pr socha karte ho??

    Ek baat batlao tum mujhko
    Har baat pr socha karte ho?


  • fish_n_chips 89w

    Ye jo tum nazre jhukaye baithe ho,

    Khush ho, ki bus jataaye baithe ho..