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  • fidsansari 21w

    One day may be will meet again

    There is a boy in my mind
    someone like him is hard to find,
    Coz this boy is only in my dreams
    and now I know what it means.
    That day I was on my way to my point
    and I saw him on the road side,
    I can’t believe my eyes
    I really saw him or my destiny lied?
    I saw him, it brightened my eyes
    It felt like I won’t have more cry.
    Suddenly I stop by and got off from my ride.
    My Heart skipped a beat
    I was standing away from him
    only a few feet.
    I thought of walking up to him
    and exchanging a few words
    but something inside stopped me
    from taking a step forward.
    In just a few seconds he vanished from the rush
    I don’t understand it was just a dream or illusion
    but felt bad of loosing my first crush.
    If it was reality… then
    One day may be will meet again.

  • fidsansari 22w

    Death is just a beginning

    One day my soul will be free,
    I will accomplish a state of mind
    With no fear no hitch.
    When the end of life will will start
    a new journey begins but its not death.
    The burning house and the mind won’t scare
    there is no doubt to be clear,
    The race right now against the time
    is worthless against the journey,
    that’s how I realize
    Death is just a beginning.