I loved here, but once in a while you are to leave and move on. To those who cared, I am in a better place, thank you and Bye. Always here but absent.

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  • felix__anima 11w

    Below is 'Bref double ' poem rules for which are,
    •4 stanzas: 3 quatrains and 1 couplet
    •3 rhymes: A and B rhymes appear twice in the first 3 stanzas and once each in the couplet. C rhyme is the final line in each of the quatrains
    •Entire poem is isosyllabic

    info source-google


    Stars glowed as honeyed lullabies
    when everyone except me slept
    dry branches swayed delicately
    along my guitar's symphony.

    Clouds formed some familiar figures
    reminding me of lost home's sight
    unpleasant events were windswept
    beneath sky in serenity.

    Crescent smiled up from the caelum
    on petrfying dark lilac nights
    when zephyr blowed the dryest leaves
    and the clouds poured an elegy.

    Shadows stayed, holding me close tight
    when you were gone, celestials wept.


    ps. The title belamour which means beloved does not refer to the one who left, who is referred at the end of this poem but refers to the ones who stayed, which are stars, clouds, moon, shadows and nature.

    pps. I am not a pro but just curiously trying different poetic forms.
    corrections are welcomed :)


    Thank you wn and wb ���� ��


    Not my best, but thank you for the POD :')))) @mirakee

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  • felix__anima 11w


  • felix__anima 11w

    Following is 'Ae Freislighe' Poetic form with guidelines:
    •Quatrain stanzas (4-line stanzas)
    •7 syllables per line
    •Lines 1 and 3 rhyme together, but they rhyme as three syllables
    •Lines 2 and 4 rhyme together as two syllables
    •The final syllable, word, or line of the entire poem should be the same as the entire poem begins (the poetic term for this is dunadh)

    source- google
    picture credits to rightful owner


    [Greek astron, star]

    When darkness is adequate
    and the airspace has nothing
    they shimmer and dominate
    until day after morning.

    Few of them are separate
    or at times occur in groups
    but in sky they aggregate
    even when clouded by troops.

    At dawn they break alliance
    at night they are not afar
    a short laconic dalliance
    of astrophile and stars.

    Heart is filled with amazement
    an event not so mundane
    that feeling is persistent
    to contemplate them again.

    May the day pass blindingly
    and colours of day vanish
    stars paint an imagery
    as constellations lavish.

    A group of old memories
    though themselves scattered
    a peek back in centuries
    a dark sky with stars splattered.


    ps. I don't know if I attempted this poetic form correctly, but it was fun (._.) . Apologies for errors and syllable correction are welcomed.

    #stars #wod

    Thank you �� @writersnetwork (6)

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  • felix__anima 11w

    Taking baby steps to write again (._.)

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  • felix__anima 12w

    An Unusual Bird
    (a misfit)

    I ain't a wayfarer
    I carry wings on my back,
    not of a kind you'd see around
    I am an unusual bird.

    I am an elysian creation of god
    painted in sanguine pearl white,
    with my head held high
    I wear a blond crystal crown.

    I am a misfit
    in a croud with groups of alikes,
    few remain in their lost essence
    few leave a lacuna behind.

    I practice alone,
    at times I break my bones,
    I stitch my own wounds
    I heal to be better than the one you've known.

    Sluggishly I raise my hands
    as If I were casting spells,
    Sketching figures in clouds
    spread wide in cerulean sky.

    Gathering lost courage
    and moving a step ahead,
    widely stretching my wings
    covered in feathers big and small

    I fly I fly
    I fly high in sky
    far away from chaos
    fluttering my wings I fly.

    Touching the sky far beyond
    fluttering my wings I fly
    I am an unusual bird
    I fly high in sky.


    Idk If this makes much sense, scribbling after a long time (._.)

    picture credits to the rightful owner #picturec @writersbay #writersbay

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  • felix__anima 14w

    Maybe all we need is a wave of happiness
    when we were busy nitpicking everything that went wrong.

  • felix__anima 14w

    I am going away so I barely mind posting this xD

    Happy new year to you lovely people :))
    inspiration - @vivenne ��

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    I wish to sing again
    like a melodious nightingale
    who sings you lullabies
    to wake you up from sleep.
    I wish to paint again
    like the great picaso
    who paints us together
    though physically far apart.
    I wish to believe in love
    like a tiny little girl
    who waits for her prince
    riding a white horse.
    I wish to be a child
    who loves colour pink
    I wish to be someone
    I could recognise as me.
    I wish to walk ahead
    without being threatened in sleep
    seeing you spill colour black
    even in my day dreams.

    You are a scary demon
    in my vibgyor world
    a thief of innocence
    in my territory build with love.

  • felix__anima 16w

    Every night under the bleeding sky
    in shadows of few broken promises
    I blot pale sheets with rhyming poetries
    oozing as lose metaphors from old scars.

  • felix__anima 16w

    Bl(L)ack and(of) White(sight)

    Painted in black
    with a hint of old greys
    patches of new blues
    and spark of unconditional glitters.
    I sway here and there
    in my flowy white skirt
    fluttering around
    like a newly born bird.
    With a bouquet in hand
    and a smile bloomed on face
    dangling thread earings
    and perfectly tied up hair.
    A rose so lucky
    finds its way to the twisted bun
    while few were used as cologne
    leaving behind their essence.
    Dark blue nights
    trapped amidst head talks
    counting numbers to sleep
    and jumping over obstacles in course.
    Little early to morning
    quiet late to noon
    I walk past the crowd
    through the constant jibber jabber.
    With a smile sewed on face
    and few tears sponged off
    masking broken patches
    leaving behind whats long gone.

    There awaits a hopeful dawn
    painted in tones of joyous red and orange
    there are hints of bright vibgyor
    right after the thunderstorm
    but shades of gloomy black
    and tints of comfortable white in it
    never gets too old
    of carrying the lost essence.


    ps. Random scribble
    pps. The title means, lack of sight of colours and finding comfort in old black and white shades. Where colours indicate new opportunities and black and white indicates something worn out or old or lost or faded.

    Thank you WN for the kindest repost �� (5)

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  • felix__anima 18w

    Last for a while.
    Till then, adios Amigos :))

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