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  • feeltheword 1d

    If it works you were brave, if it doesn't you were a fool, so who cares? Just jump! ❤

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    The only difference between bravery and foolishness is the outcome.


  • feeltheword 2d

    A poem from a dear friend. I wanted to share....��

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    It's not even that it's raining tonight

    As the troll reins by

    It's not that odd the sun is shining and the clouds are still dull this mourning


  • feeltheword 5d

    To feel the light of love yet

    Only see complete darkness.


  • feeltheword 5d

    No One

    I asked him if he gets sad around New Years.
    He said yes, "This year I was sad".

    I could feel his sadness.
    I held back my tears all night.
    All I wanted to do was be in his arms at midnight.

    The feeling of wanting to run to him is so overwhelming at times, to know he's so close and yet so far.

    And I wonder, was he sad about us?
    Was he missing me?

    I feel this warm, bright light of love, yet I'm in complete darkness at the same time.

    It just hurts.
    I'm so tired of being in pain.
    All I want to do is love him.

    All I keep saying to myself is, "He's not yours". I have nothing and no right to anything.

    What are we & where are we going?

    Every day I pray for answers.


  • feeltheword 1w

    Don't listen to the many voices

    Listen to one voice

    Your heart


  • feeltheword 1w

    Ours is such a beautiful story of
    love & friendship.
    I hope one day with your hand in mine, we can look back joyfully & smile.


  • feeltheword 2w

    Thoughts right now...

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    We can live without each other.

    But, do we want to?

  • feeltheword 2w

    My prayer for 2022 ��

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    Glass Stars

    May the divine Love born of your breath since the beginning of time hold us close.
    Let it carry us through the storms.

    Let the sky rain glass stars down upon us, shattering rays of warm light and hope for all.


  • feeltheword 3w

    Sweet November
    Songs of the sparrow carried by the wind
    Sun covered by grey

    I thought of you every day -

    Cold November
    Your storm rages in my mind
    Look for me in the sweet blooms of spring
    When the songs of the sparrow come alive again


  • feeltheword 4w

    Being silly.....❣

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    What does the heart know about flaws?
    It doesn't have eyes!
    It doesn't care!

    A blemish, a jelly belly or a patch of silver hair?
    A heart doesn't have eyes, but it must have ears to hear whose heart beats to the same rhythm of love.